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Science Museum Trip

One of the exhibit in the Science Museum was the '3D printing the future', the scale of the exhibition was not big, but it really covered lots of information, including basic knowledge of 3d printing, the history of this technology and lots of prototypes for people to see and feel. Also there are touch screens for people to find out more about the technology if they are interested.

The exhibition also showed the possible threat of this technology. So I think it is a very educational exhibit.

I like the display of the 3d printed models, I think they are really impressive as there are a huge amount of them placed on the wall, also the variety and possibility of outcomes would really make the audience feel the potential of this 3d printing technology. I also like how the titles and typefaces have been 3d printed, the material and the process are all related to the subject.


The other exhibit is the 'who am I', the exhibition was full of information and interactive installations to help the audience explore the human body, how it is formed, what it is made up of and how it works.

The whole exhibition, including the science museum itself, have used simple, understandable languages to construct the information, so it is very user friendly and especially helpful to younger audiences.

The uses of interactive installations has made the whole exhibition more fun; and it is very educative, the information and knowledge has been passed on more effectively when audience takes part in the activity.

                                             Project related research

- How to levitate


At the beginning of the project I was interested in How to levitate, which lead me into the research about levitation, as a belief, magic or tricks and illusion.  

The History of Levitation - Before the world became scientifically advanced with knowledge, people often believed in strange phenomenons. The ability to “float” or “levitate” has been recognised with great interest throughout the ages. Spectacular stories and even realistic events have been recorded in history. Different classes and races of people have enjoyed the power of levitation, whether it be African tribal leaders, or world famous magicians such as David Blaine and Copperfield.


Through my researches, I think a fun and playful outcome would suit this theme, as there is no way(that we can do everyday) to really levitate. It is possible to make a gif image with edited photos.

                  Research: How to change the world
Readings -  Data flow
            Information is beautiful

The theme How to change the world give me the first impression of; changing the world's history; changing the world map (arrangements), or do something truly amazing that changes the world (unlikely to happen). 

Tutor given me the idea of Pangea transformation, and that is where I got my ideas from originally, I started researching the 7 continents and its transformations.


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