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Through developments I have finally decided to do 'how to change the world', I have been given advice from tutors that I could start with a very basic understanding of this concept; so I decided to work with maps, as they are a visual representation of the world. 


I started looking at the Pangea transformation, how the continents and lands on earth has moved through time, And my initial idea is to predict how the world will look like in the future.. however I am no good in Geography and considering the time given for this project, I have to drop this idea. 

I then came up with another idea, is to rearrange the world map into some sort of order, so that the audience could look at the map from a new perspective; so I started researching facts and information about the 7 continents, and sorting them into orders.

For the final outcome of this project I want to try to create a stop-frame animation, and I want this to be relaxing and educational, which my target audience are kids. So I decided to use vivid colours and a fun background music. 

Because I want to experiment with stop frame animation, I have to make the 'crops'

I decided to make paper cuttings of maps, using colourful paper for a better visual experience. I did a lot of researches on the 7 continents, including its shapes, and I have gathered information about them in order to help me rearranging my 'new world map.'

The cutting and making took a long time, especially when I am cutting out the letters for little titles.

One of the best thing from this project is that I had a chance to try and learn about Imovie a bit more, I have also selected a piece of sound track that I think is suitable for my animation, putting all these together didn't take that long, but I spent a lot of time googling tips and asking classmates who have experience using imovie.

After the crit my project has been pointed out that it did not respond to the brief strong enough, which I think is very true, I have been focusing too much on the facts and orders of the continents, instead of the actual 'changing' part that should have been highlighted in the brief. 

However I received good feedbacks as well, which is the use of colours and the quality of the video, so I am quite happy about the production.


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