Profile of Isabell Schaupp

Isabell Schaupp is a German Jewelry Designer.She engaged in a wide range of occupations,such as carpenter,nurse...and she also studied Art Science.Her works mix of traditional materials (such as wood,paper,iron wine...) and traditional jewelry making techniques.

Also explored the relationship between human and materials.

She tried to use jewelry to make a kind of connection between human and space and this ideology made her works endowed with sic-fi.

Profile of Julia deVille

Julia deVille comes from New Zealand.She has a more profound understanding than others.She uses silver,gold,wood,coal and even animal specimens to explain the nature of death.Her inspiration comes from 15-18th century style''Memento Mori''and Victorian Mourning style.

Due to the effect of the Art Science,most of her works look like some undiscovered plants and animals and these works are composed by funnel,the images of satellite,tentacles.Schaupp's works explored the relationship between human and information.

Combine wood and enamel together,endowed this piece a different feeling.

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My favorite thing of her works is the way and the materials she used for her jewelry piece.She used a traditional making techniques to make her work and usually used more than two different materials.The connection between different materials really interests me.

Although Julia deVille ' works saturated the stinking gorgeous,but not the slightest evil,it intends to awaken us indulge in the heart of the future,to feel the beauty of the real world.


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