This structure has a solid form and appears to be very strong. I like how a human hand is used in large scale to create a chair. The copper finish makes it look expensive.

I was amazed by this spiral staircase at CitizenM Hotel. The first thought I had was that the solid structure was a beautiful mix with a delicate silhoutte. Materials used are metal, concrete and wood. As the structure curves so does the wood.

This decorate poodle was so interesting to me because of how its shell encompases moss material to create shape. The cage structure is made of metal rods.

This knotted rope necklace is made from one pirce of rope with loops and ties. The actual rope is made of small strings. The processes used make this necklace bulky and bold.

This linear iron rod gate has a clean and classic design. I like the simplicity to it with the added iron zig zagged between some of the rods. The pattern is symetrical.


This piece features overlapping geometrical shapes made from metal wire. The structure and frame is stable even though the cubes appear to be balancing on eachother, creating an uneasy feeling. 

Froissé Mirror by Mathias Kiss

Made from flat mirror surfaces arranged in prism shapes to create jagged edges. These broken shards of glass still allow the viewer to see their reflection, as well as creates reflection of the light and surroundings. This manmade structure is made up of geometric objects.

EARTHQUAKE 5.9 COLLECTION by Patricia Urquiola for Budri

Created from fragments rescued from the earthquake that hit the Northern Region of Italy in 2012. I like how this piece creates organisation through geometric shapes, combined with the use of colour , patterns, marble and onyx. I have always found myself attracted to the natural 

The texture of this silver indigo fox fur is fuzzy and warm. Its underfur is extremely full and dense and its guard hairs have a sleek softness. I love the feel and warmth of genuine fur. The colouration of this died fur gives the surface of the fur more depth.

The surface of this wood board still shows the natural pattern of the wood and its grain even with a thin layer of pain. The surface is rough and I like the natural scraped surface and the new texture it creates.

The particles in this cement patch are still visible through its painted surface. I like that this gives its appearance more texture.

I really like the look of cracked paint. This surface is made up of distressed paint crumbling off a corroded surface. 

This living leaf has a beautiful natural surface full of veins and linear patterns. Leaves have a fragile surface that can be easily torn. I like how the surface of a leaf will change over time as it growns and is completely organic.



  • decorate with recurring design
  • decorated, ornamented, fancy, adorned, embellished
  • give a regular or intelligible form to
  • shape, influence, model, fashion, mold, style, control
  • artistic or decorative design
  • having colourful patterns


Key words influenced by pattern: hexagon, extends into more than just a shape, repeated pattern, clean lines.

Bohemian Fabric

Key words influenced by this pattern: floral, leaves, petals, colourful, paisley, variety of sizes, boldlines.



looking forward

looking up at an angle

elevated looking straight

eye level at bottom of building



looking down - Psychoactive by Miha Pavlin

looking at different angles - Leon Auditorium by Mansilla + Tunon Architects

looking up at an angle

geometric depth - French Mood Cube

crouched view of looking straight - Jessica Reiss Photography

This natural bamboo structure changes from straight to curly. The symbolism behind bamboo is zen like and gives me a feeling of positivity. I am very attracted to bamboo because it is sleek and ridged with vibrant colouring.

These hanging lanterns are geometrical, as is the atrium that they hang in. Both their structures follow the same linear shape.

This book shelf at CitizenM Hotel was from floor to ceiling and made the entire space magical. With a close look at the shelves you can see that tall of the shelves are made by stacking smaller boxes into the one large box that covers the wall.

The architectural structure of the windows in the atrium at The British Museum is a geometrical linear pattern. I like how the natural light creates a reflection of the linear frame as a shadow onto the inside building. To me the pattern reminds me of a web structure.

Letters made from copper wire are simple with clean lines. I like how the geometric shape of the letter is mirrored to create a 3D structure.



This wearable structure is made from paper. Using geometric shapes it is folded and layered to create a larger shape entirely. I love how the shapes change depending on how they are folded.

architect Ville Hara + designer Linda Bergroth - prefab shed-meets-sleeping-cabin

This classic structured house has a skelatol frame with transparent glass surfaces between basic clean lines. I love how this structure is transparent allowing the beauty of its interior to be seen from the outside, as well as the beautiful natural scenery to be seen from inside. This structure allows minimal solid frame work, allowing as much windows as possible.



I stumbled upon these glass blocks on the sidwalk. These foggy glass blocks were built into the ground with pieces broken and discolouration over time. I loved how the colours ranged and are clouded.

This natural leather is an animal bi-product that has gone through the tanning process. Its texture is rough and still holds its natural ridged feel. The leather is strong and durable. I love the natural patterns and texture that leather has because each swatch will be unique.

Multiple small balls and crystals are grouped together to cover a large surface. The textured bottoms of these furniture pieces feel rough and miniscuile. I like the way the small pieces look over a large area.

The natural wear on man made material creates ridges, pores, and sunken areas. I like how the surface decays overtime creating a visually interesting surface which allows different colours and materials to be exposed.



Sculptural Paintings of Jason Martin

Acryclic and oil gel paintings stimulate the viewers sight and tough. This piece looks very sleek as the surface reflects light giving the texture more depth. I love how the painting has a 3D effect and appears liquid and solid.

Lucio Fontana

This work of art was created by slitting a canvas surface to create a dynamic material. I like how this almost blank surface is made more interesting by adding the slits.


This surface is made up from a geometric pattern made of various materials. The surface is simple and has beautiful colour tones. I love that it incorporates shiny, marbled and mirrored surfaces.



"A geometric shape is the geometric information which remains when location,scaleorientation and reflection are removed from the description of a geometric object.[1] That is, the result of moving a shape around, enlarging it, rotating it, or reflecting it in a mirror is the same shape as the original, and not a distinct shape.

Objects that have the same shape as each other are said to be similar. If they also have the same scale as each other, they are said to be congruent.

Many two-dimensional geometric shapes can be defined by a set of points orvertices and lines connecting the points in a closed chain, as well as the resulting interior points. Such shapes are called polygons and include trianglessquares, and pentagons. Other shapes may be bounded by curves such as the circle or theellipse.

Many three-dimensional geometric shapes can be defined by a set of vertices, lines connecting the vertices, and two-dimensional faces enclosed by those lines, as well as the resulting interior points. Such shapes are called polyhedrons and include cubes as well aspyramids such astetrahedrons. Other three-dimensional shapes may be bounded by curved surfaces, such as the ellipsoid and thesphere.

A shape is said to be convexif all of the points on a line segment between any two of its points are also part of the shape."

- Geometric Shape Wikipedia


Key words influenced by this pattern: diamonds, triangles, linear, shapes inside shapes, diagonals.


Key words influenced by this pattern: rectangular, linear, symetrical, thin lines, simple shape, clean lines, overlapping.

looking up at an angle

looking forward up an elevator

depth of architectural buildings

looking forward

looking at eye level

main focal point - Perspective Chair by Artem Zigert

looking forward to end focal point

linear focal points + dimension - Estructura1 by Elena Guilar

looking straight at architectural depth - Interference by Peter Writer

mirrored perspective


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