The concept behind and meaning of Gonzalez-Torres' work is very deep and heart felt which makes the art piece less fun and more thought-provoking. I like that fact that the mass of the candy means something makes the interaction process more meaningful. 

The use of candy could represent how the person represented in the candy made the artist feel, the comparison to the artists lover.



I found Martin Creed's idea and concept really, really interesting because of how the audience were to interact and how he made them feel whilst engaging with his piece.

I also like the white of the balloons because he's dealing with white space it gives the illusion of there room being filled with nothing. Also the idea of balloons being filled with nothing but space/ a pressurized air.


I think the way Creed has interacted with the audience is really intelligent because it brings a nostalgic feelings to the audience giving then something to remember from their childhood.

This kind of art piece makes everyone have a clear reaction whether it be positive or negative.


i like the way Anthony Gormley uses interacting with the audience to create cool art pieces/exhibitions. Using the sense in a display makes the piece more of an experience rather than just being the passive receiver

I like the fact that Gormley subverted the main function of what people do at an art gallery by putting them in a space whereby they cannot see. 



Alys pushes a block of ice through the streets of Mexico City until it melts; serving as a way to mark time and measure existence. 

The idea of interaction is interesting because its the artist the one doing the interaction rather than the audience.

I find the symbol of the ice rather cool as it starts of as something but eventually becomes nothing when interacted with. 

This design piece is very interactive requiring the audience to shape their own chair considering all the ergonomics of an actual chair and how it works. It also requires strength and motivation.

I do like how interactive this piece is and how it is all down to the audience to create the actual art piece itself. 

The minimal tools/materials used makes the instructions straight forward and easy to understand/use. 


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