Chipperfield if very successful in the repetition of geometrical patterns, this is particularly relevant to my project as I will use passive noise reduction, achieved with the repetition of shapes on a surface in order to scatter and disperse sound.

This structure acts like a sort of filter for its surroundings.

The shape of this structure would suit very well my project as it creates a space which is placed on a different level, although its just a few metres off the ground, the environment inside this space is completely different from it's surroundings.












To reach this structure you may have to walk on a pathway, maybe across the woods, surrounded by nature, once you climb inside you are in an artificial environment surrounded by concrete, completely different from its previous one. In the jungle this structure could separate you from snakes, tigers and throned plants, in a similar way I want to separate who eats from the loud, chaotic surroundings of the city.

A bit like John Pawon, David Chipperfield here uses light to mark and define features of his work.


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