Unit 4

Design: Supergraphics




This project involved communicating messages in a 3D environment, promoting a cause of our choice in an experimental format.

My original cause was to annihilate small talk and petty chit chat, but I decided that inversing this into a more positive message would be more effective. I therefore changed my cause to encourage people to philosophise more, to take a few moments to think about the deeper things in life, the things that really matter to us, both as individuals and humanity as a whole.

Upon embarking on this project I was reading "Sophies' World" by Jostein Gaarder, a book written for teenagers spanning three thousand years of Western philosophy, from the Ancient Greeks to the existentialists. I had remembered reading about the Sophists who were a class of itinerant intellectuals gathered in Athens c. 400BC and were particularly interested in the subject of man's innate qualities and characteristics, as opposed to those imposed on us by society. One of the characteristics that came into question was that of modesty.

The nature of modesty is symbolised by the pair of large knickers I made and hung in a public space on a washing line with pegs.



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