Today I started to research for my next project: LIGHT UP. The research information included photos, brainstorming words, mindmaping, researching  on designers and articles all related to light. 

The photos of light depicts how light works in our daily life. I captured both artifical and natural light. Both light created different effects. For example, natural sunlight made people feel warm and relax, but in the other hand, most artifical light made out of purpose such as direction or alert. 

After taking a series of photographs, I started to brainstorm and do mindmap about light. 

Researching on designers or existing products related to light was the most delightful process because I got to borden my artistic horizon. Peter Zumthor and Tadao Ando were the two architects I have researched.

"Soft light" by Simon Frambach

Secondly,"Soft light" by Simon Frambach and "light for the bottom" were the products that inspired me the most. Soft light pillow is a design for sleeping that can squash, kept warm and stay glowy. The product inspired me on its chosen material and the whole concept of the design idea. The designer used foamed polyurethane as the material and rotation milling as the production technique. The designer considered the funtionality of the design which is to kept users warm while in winter times. Alternatively, the design can also be light for users used at night times. This might ensure good sleeping quality for users with little light on while sleeping. 

"Kangaroo Light" 

"Kangaroo light" is another smart design idea which can light up your bag while putting it underneth. The name of the design is inspired by kagaroo's pouch. The designer uses the material of LED light. I personally think the design is useful in terms of the design helps light up user's bag. Whenever the users are in a dark environment, they can see the stuffs they put inside the bag easily. 

"The Church of Light" by Tadao Ando

"The Church of Light" by Tadao Ando is defined by light entering the space, which created a contrast between light and solid. The theme of this design is the nature of existence. I like how the architect used light as the main source to evoke the feeling of church. The natural light goes into the space perfectly to create the sense of spiritually. 

"Therme Vals" designed by Peter Zumthor

I was amazed by how Peter Zumthor design architecture by considering and making appeals to all senses. Therme Vals was one of the projects I liked. The structure itself has a symbolic relationship to the natural surroundings by using quarried stone. 


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