This context project involved finding an object in any given museum and researching its' historical and contemporary significance, developing a designed visual outcome related to this with an integrated written commentary on the subject.

I found a naturally preserved Peruvian mummy at the Wellcome Collection, and the final outcome of this was a B-movie horror film poster inspired by those of Hammer Productions.

"What compels our modern civilisation also fascinated the Chimu people  800 years ago: how can we overcome the transience of our existence?"

mummified male body, Chimu people, Peru, c.1200-1400AD

"This obsession with conquering death is inherent in our popular culture, in the domain of art, literature and cinema...

The theme of death is also naturally prevalent in horror films.

What we now perceive as iconic characters of the horror genre are only modern day reinterpretations of mythological creatures of ancient civilisations. "

dracula AD 1972 hammer film poster.jpg

Not enough can be said about this poster.

I was greatly impressed by the design composition; the colour blocks, the use of the contrasting orange and blue and the effective combination of type and imagery. I also loved the choice of typeface for the title as well as the detail of replacing the negative space of the U with a crucifix.The style is distinct and has a strong 60s vibe, it looked like a revamped version of the old Dracula movies and I wanted to recreate this feeling in my own poster.

I wanted to create a more modern aesthetic as opposed to the older Hammer Film posters, which is why I used the unusual colour comlbination of green and purple. After having looked at other posters, I decided that I liked the eerie green and posterised my images to create a stark contrast with the black and purple.

As for the three juxtaposed images on the bottom left, I wanted to indicate a notion of different ways we preserve life in a modern, scientific context, in contrast to the mummy which is centuries old, implying a cyclical resurrection of the past.

Michael Jackson in the oxygen tank was an instantly recognisable image, evoking cryogenics.
The brain in the jar distinctly refers to Frankensteinian sci-fi.
The toe tag would be found in a morgue. A place where we store bodies whilst waiting to bury them.


25 May 2016, 2:37
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