When I came across Sarah Sze's installation, I was really amazed. First of all they are incredibly build and seem like they are floating in the room and or standing free because everything is very structured but appears really busy at the same time. Secondly I feel like the installations are telling a whole story and you need to discover every little piece of it. You don't really know where to start and slowly make your way through it.

Since I am thinking of taking my project into another direction I looked at Isa Genzken's work because I really like the way how she builds up her objects and installations. I might collect several objects which I find on the streets or in the environment and install them to create a mood and message in terms of Anthropocene to the audience. 

Jared Steffenson

When I look at Jared Steffenson's work, I get the idea that not we are clumbing on nature, it is more that nature is preventig our interaction and growing on our feet. Therefore the shoes become much more delicate because nature is holding us back to step too heavily. 


17 August 2018, 4:20
Hello. And Bye.
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