Day 1: 02/09/2019


As soon as we entered the building we where given a short bonding exercise to get to know people on our table. This was both difficult but rewarding as people came from all different background, all except from me where international students. This tested my communication skills. We shortly discovered that we had unusual collections in common, ranging all the way from rock to bottle collections.

When thinking about concrete at first I mainly focused on the sustainability issues associated with cement product contributing to more than 12% of CO2 production. This sparked ideas looking at concrete being a product to build surfaces into usable spaces but it’s also destroying the world, this is an interesting juxtaposition on modern construction looking at the Bauhaus Monument sparked thoughts of relative futurism. As the actions of individuals can change how material and process are used in the future as shown due to concrete being primarily used in construction.

The 1960s was an interesting time for all types of culture as it was the decade that sparked the sexual revolution due to contraception and the identity of the modern teenager not being like there parents. Crucially for my for idea consumerism was at its highest due to globalisation in the 60s so looking at the products they where trying to brand and market is very different to todays market. Often product where unusable or poorly designed. The idea of convincing marketing is something that interests me as tricks people into thinking they need something that they certainly don’t. This is something that is experienced all the time in our society with the emergence of Apple in the last 20 years. Apple markets based on a lifestyle which is very similar to advertising in the 60s which looked at making life better instead of specifics about the product.

I find the imagery on old cigarette posters amusing with almost having a handsome male figure often with some kind of hat on with a cigarette in their mouth. This isn’t just exclusive to cigarette adverts but also more obscure places like soup adverts. I wanted to inject some comedic relief I found when looking at the advertisement in my ideas. This is also relevant when thinking about comic book comedy at the time. I want people to look at the poster and laugh in a way of confusion.


04/09/2019 + 05/09/2019 Outcome

Day 3: 04/09/2019 Wednesday

04/09/19 Wednesday
We where divided into groups through numbers given to us and asked to think of a scenario 100 years in the future (2119). We started looking a future design to get warmed up such as the use of robotics for the future ( such as the ‘BigDog’ by Boston Dynamics this helped to thing about our foreseeable future and the likely developments that will be taken.


We also took a look at Iris Van Herpen’s work in fashion design with her focus on physics and properties associated with matter and movement. This sparked thoughts new ways to make garments for the future which includes 3-D printed processes’ such as Jessica Rosenkrantz has done with home made 3-D printed garments using Ultimaker 2+ machines.

3d dress.jpg

This gave me a better idea of the kind of options there will be in the future. This was further emphasised with quotes from Valerie Solanas (known for shooting Andy Warhol and the SCUM Manifesto). She was said to be a Radical Feminist, she proposed a future with no men, money and advanced intelligence. This sparked conversation mostly focusing on the logistics of having a society without any men such as how would people reproduce. We then shifted the conversation asking weather or not the world would be better without men, we where giving each other scenarios. One of mine was the fact that there would be little to no sexism due to the fact there’s only women which could make progress of the human race faster.


My group was then given a scenario for this 100 year change. We where given a future with no colour. We initially started to think of two scenarios. The first being the fact there is no colour but there are monochrome colours. This would be interesting as expression of emotion and mood wont be able to be expressed using colour, people would have to describe and explain there emotion instead of saying their “Blue”. The second scenario we where discussing was the fact that the monochrome fades are still colours. This started discussions discussing weather there is a colour spectrum. This would be there no ultraviolet or infrared activity, so would this effect the activity of the sun? Theses are the sort of questions we asked. With this new knowledge we came to the conclusion that people would be blind in a way as colour is associated to light waves and if there are no wavelength then there would be nothing for our eyes to see. This sparked thoughts looking at Darwin’s theory as we would have to adapt to no sight. We came up with ideas of that people would use echolocation to picture their surrounding, much like a bat. We also looked at idea of sensors in every room that would beep when a person is close to an object such like car sensors do when reversing.


Day 5: 09/09/2019


Our first day of our one day exercises look at fashion / textiles design. We did some drawing exercises where we where give 2 mins to perform a blind drawing of someone opposite, generally theses outcome wasn’t strong due to lack of practice on that day, however the day before I was performing drawing tasks on the train. I think the reason I struggled at first was because of the size expected to draw at which is A3 where as I draw A5 on the train.

 Collaborative work was used extensively during the day with exercises entailing individuals around the table finishing off images of subject drawn as we had a small amount of time to complete the images. This created pieces that showed different peoples styles mashed together in one piece.

 The next task looked more at the human form as a whole with patterns that we created using ripped A3 paper to create the idea around the clothing with the subject drawn around the pattern creating an unique piece. My trouser pattern was based on a Gucci like pattern that was seen on a Babushka, while the instructor wanted images with less white space I felt like it made the bottom section look more stylised and spacious where as the top section was much more full with intense flower prints.

 The last section of the day sore is perform a group project much like what would be done in industry. I sore this section more like a life sized collage with Sabrina being the model throughout the process. Using old flower and bandanna prints we coated her body. The old style prints restricted her movement much like the colours restrict fashion extension of the body. Expressing restrictions within the body on what can be bared.

Day 7 Contextual Practice: 11/09/2019

Contextual practice Wednesday week 2
Structure and Form

When thinking of the words form and structure you can look at the more literal sense of the words such as the structure of a building or form of someone’s body. However artists like Roni Horn explore the beauty in structure and difference in form when looking at the work Ant Farm, 1974-75 where an ant farm was exhibited in a gallery setting, with the aim of celebrating the constant change and warping of this active environment.this structure is constantly changing its form.

Other ideas could be looking at society’s structure in the sense of where individuals Aline themselves with. A good example of this is in religious practice where the structure comes from the way we live our lives according to the right and wrong thing, and for many people it’s the fear of a horrible afterlife that drives that structure in their lives.

Artists such as Martha Roster and Barbara Kruger challenge the idea of Structure and Form in very different ways. Roster more in the sense of morphing what the modern woman is, asking if they belong the kitchen in Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975 where she challenged the viewer in a 6 minute to breaking these outdated ideas that woman only belong in the kitchen, this embraced feminism by challenging gender roles. Barbara Kruger takes a very different approach to challenging the words in Untitled (I Shop therefore I am), 1987 where she looks at the idea of commercialism. She asks the audience to look at themselves (reflect on there form) and ask if its materialistic based. What I’ve found in my schooling experience people often associated popularity and respect to people that have the newest and greatest thing. People make comments whenever you buy a new pair of shoes judging the choice, colour, brand and style. This looks at the idea of self worth and human interaction influencing emotion. I think this is a very interesting concept.

The idea of form is expressed very well by Marcel Bauer as he not only looks at the idea of the space used for the product but how that interacts with the space that’s not being used, adding an interesting complexity to his work which transcends a normal piece of furniture but instead creates a new understanding between the user and designer who’s buying the work because of how it looks rather than function. This is where form plays a big part in marketing.

Day 8: 12/09/2019


I really enjoyed how the day was set up with the tutors fully allowing ideas to be formed and materialised for the majority of the day. The words picked where associated with things I was thinking about on the tube. A famous Michael Jackson song “Off The Wall” which obviously made me think about all the all the ‘stacked’ allegations against Michael Jackson name which was associated the image I picked which was a multi stacked burger. This worked well with other words I acquired, which included irregular and scattered. Irregular like his behaviour before and after the allegations where made against him. Scattered is associated with how people feel about him and his work, his work arguably changed the music industry and to many people the greatest artist of all time, this has create conflict amount people causing many debates on weather his art should be effected by the allegations. Personally I find it difficult to listen to some songs that are graphic about love such as “P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)”. This is because I’m not quite clear about his intentions about the music, this uncertainty changes views on him and his art.


I expressed this idea with the use of old dirty driving gloves I brought in which had the intention of looking like his famous diamond encrusted glove originally worn by Cicely Tyson to hide skin issues she had. This was inspired by Rebecca Horn’s use of household object to create art by altering the form of the item, even though I’m not taking it to the same extent I’m still interested in the use of material.. The old glove wasn’t enough so I decided to look at encrusting it with pins with an arrange of coloured tips. To me this represented a clown like persona like how he was represented in the media, he was given the ‘nickname’ “Wacko Jacko” by the tabloids.

After thinking of this I wanted to push the idea further. This sparked ideas looking at how I can alter his famous fedora head wear that better suits the idea I’m presenting. I was initially thinking of buying a second hand fedora and making it look old and shabby. However I dint think this was effective enough as I felt like the idea had to be darker much like Jacksons private life. I then started to think of fall face masks like balaclavas. I though this was a good idea as they are usually associated with illegal activity relating back to Jackson. The balaclava, much like the glove, will have an assortment of multi coloured beads around the face.

Issues I had with the idea is the fact that I wanted the glove and Balaclava to be wearable for a performance I had an idea to do which entailed using the glove famously like Jackson did in dim lighting while performing. The issue I had was the fact the pins where too long and very sharp so they wouldn’t be usable. This wasted time looking for solutions, initially I thought about bending them but this wasn’t doable with the tools I had. A tutor then presented wire cutters to me which could be used to cut off the end. To secure the pins I would use the glue gun. Mostly the solution worked, however the task was long and laborious this meant I wasn’t able to finish in time. This is fine as the idea has been presented.

This day has helped me fully develop an idea over a longer period time that I’ve been used too during the first couple of weeks. The piece being personal to my thoughts has allowed for commentary to be made on popular media that wouldn’t be visualised with any other pathway.


Day 9: 16/09/2019


The task we where given was the lost letter. Which I felt was a good concept in the illustration bracket as it provides one restriction in the piece where the random letter or number had to be incorporated into the piece. This was challenging as there where so many avenues to go down with some being portraiture based and others more concept and story driven.

My letter was two conjoined lower cased f’s which initially to me resembled a broken fence once turned landscape, other ideas included skis and fingers. When in portrait orientation the letters resembled a finger that could’ve been painted. However the design I went with was a scheefed katana sword wilded by a samurai with traditional leg armour and hand armour. I felt like this was most effective because of the use of colours allowing for detail like blood to be incorporated into the blade of the sword as red was a main colour.

This was a main part of the design and the stop animation as I was thinking of way to make the piece look more dynamic so the use of blood spilling fit that thesis very well as the idea of a katana links to the idea of death.

Day 10: 17/09/2019


Textiles work was done today. Like we did in the fashion pathway we where given drawing tasks with the subject of the objects that people brought in. Objects that I brought in included religious membravilia that was given to me by family members, I also brought in things like some of the accolades I acquired over my school carrier, finally I had some toys from popular pop culture at the time such as Pokemon and Go Go Crazy Bones that sparked memories with my friends when I was much younger. The constant theme with the items I brought In is the fact they invoke memories from better times in my life, when things where going right.


I don’t often reflect on the past but items remind me. This was an important factor when drawing the still life as I was attracted to my object because of the personal attachment it it this has caused more detail to be expressed on those objects.

During the process of the drawing tasks I felt like I didn’t focus enough on mark making as I was looking more at angular sections using pen as the main media this caused the work to be uninteresting when focusing on different sections of the drawings. This was resolved party with the use of mix media when working with the asistate to make my marks more interesting while still keeping same underline designs as a part of the piece. This helped in my own personal development in experimentation with using new media to create interesting movements and forms.

The use of the projector created a different view of the patterns with combination with others work it made an interesting piece. The highlighting bit of the pattern to me is the dried water stains which where highlighted using thick grey pens, i felt theses imperfections made the piece more interesting especially when applied to a piece of clothing or furniture. Working in this group was advantageous as the portfolio of patterns where greater but the defining factor, i believe, was the fact we could collaborate on the best view for the projector.

17/09/2019 Final Pattern

Day 11: 19/09/2019


Painting aspect was different to what I expected, as explained, most of the day was associated collage with smaller aspects catered to the act of painting. Most of my images gained for the day where sourced from magazines, posters and newspapers as I believed the picture to be more exiting than my own. During the process the thought to use unfamiliar pictures to my personal life to convey feeling and emotions I have creates more of a personal compassion. This is something i have been seeing in John Stezaker as his work work tricks the audience in seeing something in the combined image which you wouldn’t be able to see without the combination of the images.

The first compassion took an old image from a magazine which shows a concept image of a new world tallest building, when looking at this image i was thinking of hallway image when looked at from a landscape view. Using a UAL poster with imagery of people walking down a hall. There’s two aspects that make this piece interesting, the colour combination of blue and yellow. The second aspect was the perspective of the walking figures with some in the foreground bigger and more clear than the ones in the background. This was perfect when it comes to making the effect on the building of people moving away from the foreground. After looking at Barbara Kruger’s work i wanted to incorporate some sort of wordplay to indicate how I’m feeling about the piece. I altered the famous Led Zeppelin song ‘Stairway To Heaven’ to ‘Stairway To Nowhere’ with the idea being human follow the notion that there is something after we die (Heaven or Hell) so people live their whole lives with fear or faith to something they don’t know exists, i think this is a interesting idea to try and illustrate with collage while erasing the thought of religion.   

23/09/2019 Critical Analysis

At the end of the experience I preferred the starting idea where we made a wearable structure, I felt like it looked more professional and the structural form I felt worked well with the body as it wasn’t perfect. Resembling natural movement of the body, possibly imperfections. However the outcome we did come out with was effective I felt it was a little bit tacky.

Day 12: 24/09/2019


Today we where introduced to the 4D fine art pathway. The aspects that I enjoyed where the fact that we had to work in groups for most of the day, this made it easier to pitch ideas due to the abnormality of the task allowing for crazy ideas to be pitched so we where given complete creative freedom. The idea of picking from set ideas is something I didn’t enjoy as I feel is skewed ideas making it harder to come up with many ideas.

My group opted to think of ideas of how to feel a space. Mert came up with a very inventive idea of using the phone camera to duplicate each person filling up a space. We began testing this idea using the ‘Pano’ feature on the iPhone camera which was partially successful with only a few situations where the subjects body was duplicated which wasn’t the plan. We ran the same tests in different setting with the same result. The idea was unsuccessful.

I feel the team dynamic was successful as we where all enthusiastic about the idea but as it didn’t come to life in the way we wanted it we found it difficult to think of ideas which could replace it. This made it difficult to move forward and replace the unsuccessful idea with an idea which could be more successful. This could be due to a lack of communication between the group.

Later in the day (after lunch) we had to think of verbs for the next task. This instantly made me gravitate to words associated with love such as; conjoin, combine, kiss, hug, touch, cry, look, stay, wait, scream, shout, grow, disappear, emerge. The three that stuck out to me was conjoin, touch and grow. They all stuck out to me as they imply togetherness which is important for love and progression in that love. When I think of the word ‘grow’ I think of the phrase ‘growing apart’, this could be to do with various issues. I decided to think of only ones that apply to touch and conjoin, a lack of affection come to mind or a large distance between the individuals in love. This sparked ideas of heightening each of those thoughts, this is where we had Anna and myself conjoined together using a chain, but the restriction was that we couldn’t touch each other without a glove on. This was challenging as we had to convey a love story without the use of affection to indicate to the audience what the story is about.

Day 14: 26/09/2019


The experience of conversing with an anonymous number was difficult because of my own awkward approach to conversation, finding it hard to ask the right questions. It didn’t help the fact that one of the reciprocates couldn’t articulate in clear English so it was hard to gage what was being said clearly. Fortunately I had a group of three which meant I had more to work with.

Conversation about fear was generally, only talking about irrational fears. The reoccurring conversation was mainly about snakes, however as we shifted topics to more global fears such as politics. With the difference between governments being expressed; one of the key places talked about was the difference between the Pakistan government and British government. The main points that was interesting to me was once phrase which was “corruption and stuff” as a short point talking about the issues with the Pakistani government. I thought this was interesting because I feel like it’s so casual as “...and stuff” just disregards the seriousness of corruption.

After talking to people around my table about which phrase I should pick already had the phrase mentioned before in my mind as I was thinking of ideas about corruption in westernised places. I first started to think of Wall Street corruption, which was highlighted in the true adaptation “wolf of Wall Street” (talk about it) so my initial idea was to go to a charity shop to buy suit shoes representing white male corruption in big industry’s. The phase can be expressed under the shoe showing this hidden corruption. When it came to lunch to find the shoes they where too expensive to buy plus I don’t think it conveyed the messages very. So when walking around these charity shops I cane across a burgundy suitcase; this made me think of corruption in the drug industry, especially in the uk where A grade drugs where allowed across boarders in the 1980’s so they could be tracked and busted by the police. This corruption causes so many issues with the location that sees these drugs.

My aim by the end of working with graphics I aim to have the piece expressed in a setting that better creates the sense of corruption; ideas that have sprung to mind and discussed with Lizzy and Sylvia was having an ominous figure placed in a public space where they look out of place branding this suitcase indicating the activity the figure is taking part in. Including the outfit of a totem pole trench with a trilby to add a comedic twist with this ominous figure, creating a juxtaposition between the message and character.

26/09/2019 Outcome

26/09/2019 Final Photography

26/09/2019 Experimentation and Analysing

At the time of construction of the work I was thinking about filling in the letters with flower or just white paint but suggestions from my piers and tutors indicated that the piece was effective as it was. People generally liked the fact the pen lines wasn’t perfect which emphasises the point. However the single thin line creates issues with pictures as the phrase is hard to see. I suppose that goes well with the word ‘corruption’ as its usually a taboo subject that’s not often talked about, or seen for that matter.

Experimenting with Ideas


This was the experiment I conducted with the help of Lizzy (Photographer) and our friend Amelia to see if we could make a two person Totem pole with the jacket hiding most of my body, giving the illusion of one long person. However this wasn’t possible due to the length of the jacket according to the length of Amelia’s legs. I do think the image of Amelia and the case on its own is effective too but if we could’ve pulled this off this would’ve been very successful I feel. 

Day 16: 01/10/2019


Fashion Communication and Photography.

Today we where looking at different ways to style, photograph and position each person in association with each theme. We where thinking in more plain colours throughout the day with the expectation to create a look from existing close but made interesting with the layering of materials. This combined the idea of existing practises and designs with new renditions to create a shuttle change which, I felt, drastically changes the look and purpose of the piece of clothing.

This was used to create effect with both ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ theme as the bases for both images/looks where the use of a long coat, this provides an important link between the light and dark side as they both can’t exist without each other, they compliment whole juxtaposing each other. The contrast was mostly expressed with colour but the idea of death is dark which was explored in our work with the use of a black felt bag over the subjects head indicating suffocation and discomfort which are important aspects of darkness. For light we looked at the idea of emitting light, this shows the relevancy of the lamp shade. This was clearly represented with the hybrid of the two as the lamp shade was featured again. The look showed more of a dark atmosphere with mostly dark shades used but I believe the composition is effective especially as the few light shades really drew the viewers eye, especially when looking At the woven wool in the fishnet top. I feel like this piece expressed a idea of femininity within the male figure which maybe represents an inner light coming from expression of true character.


Moving to ‘Pattern’ and ‘Block Colours’ we started to think of the idea of simplicity with block colours and immersion and complexity with pattern. The pattern shoot was interesting as I feel like the styling crated a monstrous image with an intense hunch back and distorted features (mostly with upper body features). I feel the composition created an interesting look where the body couldn’t be seen properly, we done this with the model lying backwards on metal stairs which had arms pretrooding out of seemingly never ending material with no legs in view. This monstrous composition was effective however the setting with the building I feel was lacking in the sense that it didn’t fit with the overall aesthetic that we where going for as it was too simple and clean. Our hybrid tried to bring the monstrous to a more standardised look with patterns being represented by suit items which are looked at as fairly normal. The block colour ball in the original look was shown as being the new monstrous figure by being an extension of the face.


With the last two words, ‘Oversized’ and ‘Fitted’, we looked at the idea of possibly recycling ideas using blazers and fishnet, but we felt that would be counter intuitive so we looked at the use of single material to represent both words but done in a very different way. The oversized look was done with a shinny single piece of material that was free flowing which covered the whole body and draped over limbs showing each fold quite beautifully. Contrasted the fitted look has the same use of material but with the use of wool the material was restricted against the body changing the dynamic of the piece addressing the aesthetic of a straight jacket which is used to restrain people which have to be made tight to work well. This is something for me (the model) was put under great discomfort as I was unable to use my hands, also I had an acetate mask on to squash my face to add to this fitted idea. Fitted could be seen as a constraint to identify with being uncomfortable.

We where unable to work on the hybrid style for Oversized and Fitted due to time constraints. If I was to think about the look now I would say the use of constraints with the use of wool would work with the black satin sheet allowing for sections of free movement contrasting with areas of constraint, which would be mostly in sections near the torso. The use of orange and black work well making sure the idea of a fitted constraint is seen very easily. The setting for me that would be strong is having the model in a door way. I think this because of the idea of what a door and a door frame is to be fitted, they fit like a jigsaw in one another. This is associated with oversized as a door frame always leads its way to a room bigger than itself, often becoming a subsection of a room. The model would be leaning against the door frame, possibly sliding down the side with the large room on show in all the negative areas.

At the start of the day my group of four was enthusiastic about the day ahead but as the day went on we found it difficult to keep up with the intense speed of work which resulted in drawing of the models being done after class. This did damage the emersion of the experience and we wear the able to work from life after each event. I really enjoyed the photography aspect of the day as I feel the styling was only strong with a good compositional image with strong editing, while it’s something I need to work on I did enjoy this aspect as well as the styling the most.


Wear It

Prep work before the event

Before starting the extension week I wanted to explore specific ideas associated with texture and body morphing. When working on this digital work I felt like it resembled body experimentation that mostly conducted during WW2, with the idea of testing harmful substances to then be used on the battlefield. In the 60’s all experimenting using harmful substances were band so there was less harmful things done to the human body causing growths from unnatural areas.

All the rendering and structures where done on Autodesk Fusion 360 and MeshMixer.

Day 1: 14/10/2019


The day consisted of my looking at ideas associated with research that was completed before the day in response to the brief looking at old ideas and making them stronger and more applicable to these tasks.

 My background mostly looked at change. Change in terms when it’s noticeable, the best way u can describe it is by looking at the caterpillar change into a butterfly. The caterpillar has gone under many steps of feeding but this is only noticeable after its emergence from the cocoon into a butterfly. All the caterpillars energy has gone into one stretch of tome to change, these noticeable immediate changes is what I’m interested in. Looking not only at traditional body alterations such as neck stretching but also more ethically driven changes such as experimentation in life forms much like ‘The Two Headed Dog’ which was performed by Vladimir P. Dimikhov.

 When it came to ideas my original plans looked mostly at features associated with the face. I think this is the most noticeable features so changes can be well documented especially in the amount that people look at themselves in the mirror/phone. Ideas I like incorporated the mouth in some way. One idea looked at using the mouth as a stabiliser which had extensions blinding the front view of the participant. Over time the eyes would deform and move outwards so the peripheral vision would become the primary way of seeing. Looking at fish with eyes at the side of the head as a reference. The philosophy behind this looks at the idea of image with having a smaller nose being more desirable. Instead of actually making the nose smaller using plastic surgery, the nose is given more space leaving the illusion of being smaller on the face much like the neck rings would do when it pushes ribs and shoulder blades lower.

 I went into the workshops to visualise this in a 3-D space but I quickly changed my ideas for more of a stylistic approach looking at limiting the use of features. The feature I was looking at limiting was the mouth with a bordering use of steel wire stopping intimate activity of the lips limiting what the user can perform. The wire wraps around the cheek bones and secures onto the ears (much like a glasses would) showing the desired view for cheek bones, over time of use the wire will alter how face looks much like a corset would. Taking this design forward to really limit the use of the lips was to use chicken wire to completely section off the lips from the rest of the face with it not being able to be used in most scenarios. This looks at the idea of idealised beauty being associated with looking more sleek and slim.

At this point the design is associated with the theoretical aspect by encouraging people to eat less. To the point where a gradual change turns into a drastic change all in the name for desirability much like a butterfly as mentioned before. I want to ask the question of is this ethically or morally correct, if this an ancient technique to controlling food and drink consumption would it be ignored or studied in history?

 Moving to the later stages of the day I was not satisfied with the way the chicken wire looked with the rest of the wire work so I decided to remove it. From the research I’ve been doing with Resin Jewellery I wanted to incorporate this element into my work, this quickly sparked ideas with big red lips to be infused into the metal wiring with a little opening still limiting what can be consumed. This would be more of an obvious representation of limitation much like what I liked about the chicken wire idea. A mould has to be made for the resin using wood.  

14/10/2019 Critical Analysis

Critically analyse

After visualising a few ideas and then going in the workshop. Development of the design had me looking at adding chicken wire which resembled the mask from the movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’. Moving forward with the design I quickly grew to dislike the look, I asked others for their opinion and they had the same grievances I had. I decided to remove it but I still feel the design needs another element to not only make it more interesting but to illustrate my ideas and thoughts better. Adding resin sections as mentioned in my research before I feel would be very effective in making the lips stand out and more limiting to the user.

My Critique

When looking back at the piece I’ve made I’m happy with them way its turned out, however i found it difficult to follow one idea but show the development from one idea to the next, this has been represented in my sketchbook with sharp changes in style and stimulus I was working from. You can clearly see association with the mouth throughout the project but the similarity’s doesn’t really carry on from there. But i think this can be seen as positive as the shift in my idea was organic in the sense that it was done entirely when working in the workshop. I found something that I thought worked and carried my idea from there.

The peer crit had some suggestions to create more restrictions to the body and face. I will try and represent this using computer programmes such as Autodesk Fusion 360 to get a better idea of how it would look in the 3D space.

Due to my new found passion for Photography and moving image I wanted to represent my work in a short video. One with the product in use and the other being just still images of the design looking at ways it can be represented. THE SHORT FILM WILL BE IN DIGITAL OUTCOME SECTION.

Video assistance for green screen

Final Outcome presentation of photography

The first two videos are ones that I wasn't happy with:

Final Outcome:

Responding to Critique

One main critique of mine was brought to light by Lizzy. Lizzy stated that she felt that the piece could be visualised as a full on face mask in response to the idea that people are not comfortable anymore with there own appearance. So instead this mask hides key facial features all the time. This is not only a change with the design itself but it’s also enhances the idea that you want to hide what you done think is beautiful.




Draft 1

02/09/2019 Research idea that was taken foward

Day 2: 03/09/2019


The day started very different from the previous as we wearing given a lot of information but instead encouraged to think more creatively starting out with some simple drawing tasks which all included continuous line drawing as the primary process. We where encouraged to draw out idea but instead I used the first few exercises to warm up, so I drew what was in front of me. By the third expertise I started to visualise by idea in the format of the poster with the words ‘Concrete Scissors’ as the bold point of my design. I also started started to visualise old 60s cars. Lizzy sitting next to me commented on the piece saying it resembles a screen from ‘Good Fellas’. This gave the idea more of gangster vibe. After various drawing tasks with experimentation with material we where encouraged to share the idea with another person who would then visualise what their idea was to them. This was interesting as I was able to get a understanding of how deep and literal another person has evaluated the words he was given, helping me to gage how I should be looking at my own ideas. We where then asked to visualise our idea using collage. As I was thinking about comic books I started to draft out how each page would look using pen. Using a mixture of Oli pastels and old rubbish I started to visualise how the book would look with old white tissue making up the pages

Day 3: 04/09/2019

Art and Design as a proposition/provocation

Writer: The Unabomber

Artist: Keith Brown

500 Word Essay

Firstly I want to make something clear, I do not stand by the means that Theodore J. Kaczynski (better known as the Unabomber) shared his message and views of society. However I do believe he had a unlike view on the world, looking at people doing the same mundane task everyday with the same result, end goal and income. He wanted people to break the system and crucially he was in favour of no government to encourage people to live of the land. This carry’s weight when thinking about current environmental issues around 20 years after the manifesto was published, Kaczynski predicted that the human race would hit a figurative ‘speed bump’ where overpopulation would mean the depletion of natural resources would be quicker than expected. His work interests me due to strive for individuality he expresses by removing judgmental people from situations. This is someone I experienced during my a Level years where I felt like an outcast due to my interest in art in design like no one else in my school. In a way I felt like an outsider, shunned and often the butt of jokes. However even after my first week at University I feel something different, people feel like individuals with their own style. The atmosphere is equal. The individual I feel has been embraced due to shared interest in art. However this message was conveyed horribly by the Unabomber.


Keith Brown is a professor who is the Director of Art and Digital Technologies. His work mainly showcases new and fresh ideas using 3-d printers to covey material structure and colour that isn’t necessarily represented by the material loaded in the 3-d printer. This looks further in-depth to future design and what we can do with new materials such as PLA. PLA is a fully recyclable material that’s made from corn starch which makes it carbon neutral. This embraces thoughts that Kaczynski was expressing that looks at new means to live sustainably. While it’s not as extreme Browns’ work embraces the same themes. Keith Brown has also looked at themes at individualism, especially during his TEDx Talk, A New Order of Object, where he started to look back at his old sculptural work and shows how it has developed. He has strived to use new materials and programs to create objects with obscure and fluid shapes. The objects often look like there never ending. Keith Brown had to adapt, change and stay relevant in an industry that’s always changing.

keith brown.jpgkeith brown 3.jpgkeith brown 2.jpg

The idea of using newly relevant materials in conjunction with program design interest me immensely due to the constant freshness of new ideas and complex model making that wouldn’t be possible without the use of the programs. This unlike manipulation of material embraces individualism to better the human race. While Keith Brown’s work is more fine art orientated, I would like to explore the design aspect of the free flowing designs and see what application they can be applied to in every day events.

Day 4: 05/09/2019 Crit

05/09/2019 The first couple of hours in the morning where catered to grit on the final piece associated with the ideas factory outcome. Using ‘Autodesk Sketchbook’ I illustrated an ideal comic book branding cover/ poster to market the product that’s are Concrete Scissors. I also had illustration using pen and watercolour of what size the book will be which is A4 also showing how the comic pages will be presented with illustrations of the sort of images will be presented. The idea show, as mentioned before, imagery of a pattern cutter/ designer working with the concrete but obviously struggling with word pretending from the visuals such as ‘CRACK’ and ‘CRUNCH’ much like what Roy Lichtenstein does in his piece called ‘WHAM’.


When finding our groups we had to be with people we haven’t talked to much to get an unbiased opinion of the work. It also allowed the speaker to see how well they are at explaining their work fully.

There where 6 people in each group. Out of the 6 I felt like Jorgi presentation was very successful due to the way she marketed the product. Her idea was a futuristic device that would fit over the head, it would allow for the user to change colour, style and length of their hair to whatever they like. The presentation was clear and she gave scenarios where it could be used such as before a night out (saves time), suggesting application of the product helps to visualise where else it could be used which I felt was really effective. One Issue I had with the work was the way it was presented, it was too simple for a complex idea.

Once I presented my work, I firstly explained the work in a way that branded the product as a product. So I was trying to sell the product much like the poster does. I explained my interest in 60s marketing and consumerism as the driving force behind expanding the idea to become a comic book series. I did struggle to explain why concrete scissors. I just talked about then word I had as direct association with the idea. However I did try to expand upon comedic aspect of the design with explaining the imagery of someone trying to use the creation from the designer but being unable because of the material choice.

I was praised for how I took a simple idea which are concrete scissors and made it more by associating with 60s popular media also by adding a comedic identity to the work. Which made the idea seem more complex than what it is. One critique of the work was that fact I didn’t have any visuals of anyone using the product and struggling with the function of the concrete creation.

Day 6: 10/09/2019


The product design pathway sore us designing a product that would hold one, three and five lemons and baby tomatoes, the difference in size, weight and shape presented different design opportunities and restrictions which made the designing process difficult which limited the way we could design especially when holding one object.

When looking at the tomatoes I went for the route at looking at the form of the object and sections surrounding the idea of the object, this lead me to look at the form of the shadow with overlapping shadows showing sections of more depth than others. To me it resampled a vase which could be constructed to good the single tomato. This presented opportunity’s and restrictions as some materials that I intended to use such as card wouldn’t fold to the shape specified. This meant different more malleable materials such as wire was used to create the same effect. This I felt was successful as it was used from a single material so there was no waste associated. The material also gave the encasing a minimalistic aesthetic.


When looking at how I could encase the five tomatoes I wanted to look at real world application of the product. I started to look at events that it could be used in. This led me to look at trays that waiters use during events. This led me to experiment with how a handle could be incorporated into the tray design, this quickly evolved into a tennis racket looking object that could be held with our hand. I was thinking this could be used in the Wimbledon members area as a playful way to serve food.

Moving onto the same task but except with lemons I snuggles. It was difficult to create ideas that where strong enough to hold the weight of the lemon while being able to facilitate the odd shape. Initial ideas looked at recycling the same work I did in the start of the day which was looking at the shape of shadows that I could see but I dint want to use same ideas that I have already done. I then decided to look at the idea of hanging fruit which is associated with a lemon tree, however I couldn’t execute the idea as the lemon was too heavy.

However the final section of the day had the group of five working together to facilitate the melon which was difficult because of the size and weight of the melon this meant the use of paper wasn’t wise, this sparked designs looking at using sting and roles of tape to hold the base and top of the melon which proved effective. During the process I started to draft from my own ideas looking at card being the driving force for strength. The group collaborated well with everyone contributing to the final outcome.

Day 7 Contextual Practice: 11/09/2019 Essay

250 min – 500 max words:
The idea of sculpture interested me greatly due to the freedom it brought, to me there wasn’t any structure of form to my thinking, emotions and feeling at the specific time of making. The artist that I was looking at that really emphasised this was Lindsey Mendick with her piece ‘The Ex Files’ where she expressed her emotions and thought at the time about her Ex’s, she clearly went under heart break and was deep in thought about it, but what I like about the piece is that fact that it was made. Taking this form of heart break and creating it to a piece gives a snapshot into they artist head about how the artist is feeling at that moment in time, she’s clearly thinking very pessimistic with the process of making these alien like beings fired in a kiln which has made the objects very stinky. This idea of heart break is something I can relate to in a similar sense, so this way of expressing this and putting the past behind is something I think is interesting and inventive.


After viewing the work sculpture to me is a way to use the whole body to create a thought or idea. I say this because the idea of using your mind to think of an idea is only a thought, the creation of the idea in the 3D space is where the thought is expressed into something that can be digested not only by the viewer but the artist. Visualising in a 3D space is much more effective in my opinion as its interactive in the sense of seeing the idea in a perspective with shadow and lighting. This also allows for more avenues to be created where photography works in a way that compliments the sculpture, this makes it a multifaceted art form with a lot of collaboration which is something I enjoy and it provokes idea, camaraderie and competition which are all vital for development.

Krauss stated in Sculpture in the Expanded Field ‘The logic of sculpture, it would seem, is inseparable from the logic of momentum’. With this statement I agree with the idea that a sculpture and monument can be seen as inseparable especially when thinking about post modern cities and the characteristics associated with them. The main point that backs this up is the building type and design. Often the skyline changes with different designers and artist working on each building creating a dynamic and ever-changing skyline, this is seen clearly in London with buildings like the ‘The Gherkin’ being drastically different to the ‘Walkie Talkie’ but are located close to each other. Theses are amazing feet’s of designs and engineering but express very different characteristics such as each artist would when creating a piece art. Sculpture is art due to the feeling it creates, I don’t believe a building is creating the same kind of feeling.

The main aspect I would go into would be the fine art aspect which has always interested me but I would like to have structure to my work in the future, so the idea of being independent for that long of a period of my career sound tiering.

20/09/2019 Digital Outcome


Day 12: 23/09/2019


During the architecture section I found myself responding well with the 3D work, this could be an indicator that my spacial awareness is up to scratch. I enjoyed the fact that we where about to work in a group to collaborate on one idea; during the day we didn’t have a concrete idea but except we had one recurring identity to the piece which where triangular base pyramids which gave the piece a union geometric shape which never repeated in terms of movement. The pyramids acted as spines to build up on, much like a brain does as it builds connections to points of interest. The group dynamic made the process of building an elaborate piece quick, initially we looked at the geometric shapes as a possible wearable instillation piece for an individuals protection from the weather, this expanded to multiple people eventually.

As the day progressed we started to thing of Zaha Hadid’s work with geometric shapes on the pavilion which is used by many people also a big interest was the use of material on the roof. This still allows for light to enter the building without exposing any point of the roof. We started to add larger pieces onto the piece with the hope to make it more of a conceptual idea that’s not to scale. Where as before we looked at a large structure instead of an actual sized model. We decided on ideas of places of worship as it looks like a unique structure much like religious buildings are. However it didn’t resemble any other place of worship so we combined them all under one roof.
This radically changed the perspective that we where looking the work under in terms of scale.

Ideas we had that was crucial to the work was the symbol used to represent our place of worship we used blue, red and yellow triangular shapes which not only mimic the aesthetic of the building itself but the colours also represent individualism due to the use of primary colours allowing for so many avenues of colour, therefore suggesting anyone is welcome.

Much like a church would have stain glass windows representing saints we had the same effect using tissue paper and neon pens which was effective against intense light. If we had more time we wouldn’t work more on the use of visualising where sections of the building would be and the use of stain glass would’ve been multiplied.

23/09/2019 Stained Glass

24/09/2019 Example of being Conjoined

Karmel's Approach to a Love Themed Album Cover

26/09/2019 Out of School Work

Thinking Behind the shoot

I wanted to make the idea of the piece be expressed in a setting where I could see it be used, having the figure in a outfit which isn’t revealing and having the figures face barely visible which makes the figure look like some sort of spectre. The suitcase with the message of ‘Corruption and Stuff’ gives some identity and explanation to the viewer about what’s going on in the image, however this wasn't the original idea.


Day 15: 30/09/2019



Suspend, support and surround. Individually these three words where used to inform my designs and design thinking. The reoccurring aspects in my design seemed to be the use of thin steady material to create the designs, this maybe because of the ease of moment and freedom the wire seems to have. The minimalistic aesthetic of the material also appeals to me visually as it’s not harsh on the viewer. However when taking my design forward I shifted my thinking to a more stylised approach by using some kind of accessory to the wire to no only connect them permanently but also to make the piece stand out more as a staple piece so it’s more visually pleasing.

The idea I established mainly looked at the ‘Surround’ aspect is the three words as I was exploring the idea of personal space. Something I find difficult to manage as I feel people are too close to me when we talk, this effects me as I feel awkward. I wanted to look at something that explores at addressing those issues in a very deliberate way so it’s clear to the recipricantt that I like my own personal space.

I looked at the idea of giving someone a set limit to work with, showing them the perfect distance for me to talk. I tested this by talking to Lizzy in different distances from each other, to close and it resulted in either or both of us laughing nervously. The tests where successful with the perfect distance for me being one arm length, this is the least intimidating.


The original idea was to have this piece made from wire which would be flimsy. I then started to think of a more stylised item which could be considered as a sculptural piece when not used. This resulted in square section soft aluminium to be used, not only because it’s easy to model but it’s aesthetically pleasing. The two sections where easy to model but a permanent fixing for either was a set back as I didn’t want to use masking tape. This resulted in wool being used to rap the pieces together which I feel was successful as the pierces where permanently fixed, the most successful aspect was the aesthetics of the accessory. The item also worked well as intended and got mentioned on the 3DDA foundation Instagram.

The item could’ve been improved with the use of bending the piece of metal that touch the recipricantt to be less garish and more beautiful. Also the idea that this is an item that requires two peoples pressure to operate is something I love but the material strength can’t support that. Overall I think it’s effective.

Measuring according to Shoulders

Original idea



The original idea features one continuous piece of wires to configure the whole idea, however as the day went on this quickly came apparent that the tensile strength of the wire wouldn’t be high enough to support any wait of another person, therefore it wouldn’t of worked. 

Day 18: 03/10/2019

Your surroundings


The day consisted of using various pattern found from buildings scattered around the local environment. As the day went on I slowly understood that the day was all about abstract shape manipulation to be attached on to the body creating a new identity for the shapes. Some of my shapes included old style street lamps, decretive pillars and legs from benches. These shapes don’t sound very interesting but when connected together when scaled up to A3 and attached to each other to create a new 3D shape.

This sparked ideas as the drawing of the lamps had extensions that looked very sexualised creating the thought that they should be placed near the chest area to insinuate that idea. When attached to the body it was difficult to get a idea of how it may look as the model was too small. I persisted with the idea and I’m glad I did, as the results on A1 paper I feel was very effective due to the placement of the garment acting like a chest piece creating the sexual identity I wanted for it. We also tried different orientations for the chest piece but ultimately I felt the planned idea was the most effective.

At the time I wish I had the model with both the prototype and final outcome, I think that would’ve been a very effective fit showing the restriction of the original idea and the sexual identity of the final outcome would’ve complimented each other greatly.

I see this outcome being made from perhaps moulded poly propylene. It would be moulded to the shape of the body performing like a protected chest plate. The arm tag would be made from wool which would provide a tight grip onto the arm but being made from wool means the grip isn’t uncomfortable.

If I was to do this project again I would’ve been more adventurous with shapes and the placement of shapes on the body, instead of having to fit inside the 3D shape I would’ve had it as an extension off the body or located in a more obscure location.

14/10/2019 Drawing the mould

Day 2: 15/10/2019


Today I continued what I planned to do the night before which was to create the mould for the resin to be poured into to then be attach onto the rest of the frame. The mould was made from wood using mostly filling to create the desired shape, I wanted it to be perfect so I spent a lot of time on this. When completing this task I moved onto the resin, I care across problems as I didn’t realise how transparent the resin was even with a couple drops of dye. The red dye gives the piece character but I’m still skeptical about how it will turn out when dried, especially as the frame I made to hold the design just above the bottom of the mould wasn’t perfectly balanced. If it’s not to a standard or aesthetic that I’m happy with I’ll coat the resin in layers of high gloss red paint as illustrated when looking at the projected view of the lips that was made digitally using Autodesk Sketchbook.

The ideas have slightly morphed. Instead of being inspired directly about the research I have done, in terms of practice, I’m now more interested in how can I present my own example of a gradual body modification, with a focus of time as the leading factor for this change with an eventual new identity much like a catopilar has when it turns into a butterfly. For my project the new identity is the form of getting slimmer to the point of it being unhealthy.

Looking at the identity of the neck rings they where used in tribal society for the purpose to make the woman body look more body. Today we look at social media as being the hub of desirable beauty. People morphing and changing themselves to look better online. This device caterers to the modern idea of beauty creating a slimmer image for an online persona, with the promotion of unhealthy living.

Day 4: 17/10/2019


This was a good day. I felt like all the work I have been working hard to produce has finally come to the conclusion I wanted. The presentation of the work was done with the use of a similar colours to the materials both featured on the device and in my sketchbook, I felt like this was fitting for the overall presentation of the piece as there was a certain amount of uniformity between the different aspects of the project (outcome and prep work). If i had more time to develop a way of presenting the outcome I would’ve had it suspended on a wire plinth to fit the whole aesthetic of the design but also so the outcome would stand out more on the table.

When first coming up with the idea of using resin lips I wanted the resin to be glossy, but when it came out of the mould slightly textured i really liked how it blended in with blemishes on the face, slightly resembling cracked/dry lips, this emphasises the pursuit of perfection but still struggling to reach it, reminding people who they really are, not perfect. Perfection is something i tried to reach with the project, which was pointed out during my critique as a negative thing but to me i saw it as a positive as the device looks at change to become more perfect but still not being able to reach that desired perfection, this is represented with the issues when it came to mould and suspending the device above the resin. There was an issue with the wire moving towards the top of the mould which wasn’t my original intention. I really wanted the wire central to the the resin, but the resin being so liquid didn’t give enough resistance so the wire moved towards the top of the resin. However this proved to be beneficial as the device doesn’t cause issues to the nose when worn. This also promotes the idea of imperfections in the execution of the making of the design, which is associated with the ethos of the device being to try and eliminate these imperfections. The fact that I couldn’t reach perfection with the device highlights that this is an impossible feet. This is also emphasised with the material choice not having the intended aesthetic that I planned the resin to have as I wanted it to not be translucent however it resembles sterling Ruby’s ideas of having something suspended in a space that would otherwise be mobile highlighting how the face feels with the device on, and ultimately how trapped people feel with these body expectations

Final Outcome presentation example

Loose representation of visualisation using Autodesk Sketchbook and Fusion 360


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