I have looked to the artwork of this brand and it is made by Isamaya Ffrench's hands. I was focusing on the eyeliner drawing and and the eyeshadow of the models in this collection. It inspired me to use eyeliner to create some interesting and attractive pattern on face and the eye contact of the models. I like the last images as I think it is interesting with different blocks and lines on face. I like the pattern arranged as that pattern as I think it can easily catch the eyeball of the audiences. I still think if I can apply the makeup on the front head, eyes, mouth or cheek. Which would be work better? I still think about the colour of the eyeliners, should I used black or other colour? However I think it would be better if i use black as the colour doesn't match with my concept.


Vlada Haggerty

She started her professional makeup carrier in 2011 when she took a professional makeup artist course at one of the best pencil technique makeup schools in Eastern Europe “Natalia Nayda Makeup School”, graduating with the highest score in the class.Her famous work is the Liquid Gold lips and I have look into the composition of the liquid on lips. It located on the middle of the lips and I also look to the eyes make up and I think I can use the method of sticking something on the eyeshadow part. I appreciate to the liquid gold lips as I think the liquid idea in new and trendy and she is the first one to create this idea. I think I can tried the composition and the texture of the makeup she did. For example try to use the smoke to replace the liquid idea and the eyeshadow part.

credit: http://www.thefashionlaw.com/home/vlady-haggerty-is-taking-lvmh-make-up-for-ever-to-court-over-lips-logo


Pat McGrath

I like the colour range of her works. It is colourful but a bit like creepy element on it. I want to use the orange, red and peach red colour to do the eyeshadow and highlight the area of eyes to create a fire pattern. I also get inspiration by the artwork of the rihanna one as it got a great pretty piece of work apply on face, which inspired me to make a 3D art piece and apply on the eyes area. As I like that artworK , I think it match with my title of the project, lost in you eyes, I think the smoke would blurry the eyes of the smokers which makes them look like a bit lost.




Val Garland

I like the first image that it contains the smoke from the model's mouth and I was wondering if I use the smoke to cover the mouth area or the face and make it looks like semi- transparent. For the second image, I think it contains a creepy and devil element when I look at the image. I like the third images they sticks the glitter powder that I think this method inspired me to stick something on face asI think it is quite interesting as I want to use cigarette to stick on the eyebrows or lips or the eyeshadow area.


Article: The Chinese Opium War


I have looked to the details of the development and the history, the opinion toward the Chinese Opium War. I think the details toward that the addiction of opium and the habit toward to opium war. I have picked the elements in this article and did some research on the the Chinese Opium War.

External media

Jonas Leriche



Leriche began his personal journey into Fine Art photography after years as a fashion photographer. His work explores emotions, intentional or unconscious ideas and transforms them into gripping images. Leriche constructs his photographs layer by layer, with meticulous attention to detail. I like the structure of his works and the contrast of colors. It gave a creepy, strong and attractive to audiences, which inspired me to create a quiet , clean in visual images. Also, most of his works are portraits. I like the TRANSCENDENCE (ORIGINAL EDITION) as it use the fish pattern and print it on body. I like the idea but I think it is not suitable for this project.


Artist research

When we burn the opium , smoke would be produced. So I want to find some artist who did the theme of smoke, therefore, I found this artist as he has used smoke to do a kind of drawing. For his work, he had used meticulously layers , maybe two or more on the top of each other to create scenes , face or landscapes. For the third and the fourth images , it has create scenes and the images has told the audience stories . As the characteristic of smoke is momentary and looks so fancy. I think it is a sad story and it is related to the concept of the addition as we know the characteristic of smoke and it is not able to catch. I like to mood of the story that the images has gave to me.

External media

The photographers' Gallery

External media


I have been to TATE MODERN and I have seen different type of artwork. I want to focus on the colour and the texture of the images after I have visited this site. I have gain a lot and I woudl like to combine different type of style into my project, such as the dark element, lazy in order to create a dim, negative mood.For the yarn, It inspired me to put it into the hair part, for example, make the hair looks so messy or full of texture.

Alex Prager

Her ability to make viewers see the world for its busy but dressed-up glory. She does so by setting a scene, something similar to daily life but eerily unfamiliar, which makes the world looks like stopped. For the stage setting, it makes you feel like you are walking into the environment, a bus stop or a cinema crowd cast full of friends, family and the famous. For this, I like the moment being captured. With the colours, it kindly put the lonely and happy elements in it.


Vedi Djokich

I want to put high contrast and monochrome color on my final outcome so I have found a photographer- VEDI DJOKICH, I like his work as it contain high contrast and it is quiet on visual. I like the visual language of these series of photograph as it is clear . So I want to put the element on the final outcome. I like the mood of the photograph, It looks a bit creepy and horror. After I have watched this series of photograph, I think I can use monochrome as the project needs us to tuned it into black and white. I want to do some experiment of laser pointer and the photography. For example, the contrast of the photograph, the composition of photos. 


I love how the opposite color mix together but compatible in this artwork. Normally if we uses opposite colour together, the image will looks too strong, but this artwork makes me feel smooth. The flowing texture also gives the calm impact to the audience. However, the colour mach still keeping gorgeous.The reason of the image can be looks compatible  for me is because this artwork is not only using pure colour, it is using the negative space that made by black colour to give rest in between the colours.


For this artist, I found that her works make people feel powerless, and weak but unswerving. Also, I have found that her works looks clean and full of emotion. When I look at the works, I feel a bit stress and negative. As my concept is about addiction( maybe object or emotion), so I want to make my outcome looks lonely and look so firm with target. 


I look to the composition of the artist work and it helps me to organise the image for my first making action. The colour of red can create the contrast with the main image, which inspired me to look into the red colour. I tried to use this composition to arrange the images. I found that it is really interesting. Try to use background and combine the images that I have.

Peter Philips

His works have used the sticking and  the painting method to do the makeup. For example,

Alexander McQueen- Makeup Artist Magazine, he used the feather to cover the face and hyou can see the texture of the feather and attractive to the audience. Another his work is for Chanel, he used the sparkling powder to do the eyebrows part which inspired me to use the cigarette to apply on face and tried to put in on different area on face, such as eyes , skin,cheek on lips.






Zhao is a artist who was good at making fine art work by using mixture of pigment and creating fantastic affect and using various materials to make unique stroke.You can see that his work keep some traditional Chinese elements, but he was not limited by the common way. He tried a lot of experiments about the color and pigment , so you can feel that these pictures look not very messy but colorful , and it also would give audience  deep impression. To me,I like the way he express his work, it is a kind of a bit messy but it makes people feel calm. His art works are amazing with the magnificent frame and the mix color.



Naoki Ono & Yuki Yamamoto


Naoki Ono & Yuki Yamamoto   PEEL   2012

This is a wall light that looks as if a corner of a wall were peeling and light was leaking therefrom. OLED is used to make the light source as thin as possible and the electric cable is let to stay along a corner of walls so that it doesn’t stand out. I like how this is surreal when the light on. It seems like there are another space after I peeled, whether there are nothing but the wall. I want to use the same theory to show the concept of addition on something unreal.


A drawing of water wave but shows obvious passion by the colour and the combination between heavy and light lines.This artist made the water wave into a most spectacular scene. I love how she draws undulate lines to create smooth but strong image.I found the totally different colour also can become to the environmental colour and combine in to the main colours. I like the texture of the water mix together.

Margo Ovcharenko

 'Country of Women' 2017

In her works she discovers and celebrates primacy of sexuality, intimacy, and empowerment through femininity.
In her latest body of work she photographs queer women in the former USSR. This series of black and white pictures points at the sensation of disillusionment for a large group of people of Margo’s generation who believed in a possibility that their nations would embrace queerness as such and the hostility towards it will gradually come to an end.

I want to use monochrome colour to take photos or video as I think mono colour can directly show the mood and the emotions. I like the poses of the series of photography as the movement looks so soft and show the weakness of women.


As addiction on drugs and opium would leads to illusion and I want to find some artist or artwork which is showing the images just like the space has been twisted and it creat e the space on visual. It is a kind of collage and looks like the space recreation.

Yamamoto Takato


As my project is about closer examination reveals a degree of finesse and imagination that elevates his work away from the porn ghetto into the rarified realm of Decadence. I want to talk about the dark side things. However, I want to use indirect way to present the dark side things. I like the images has involved some creepy element in it.Then there’s the curious details of severed heads, claws, sundry bones and eyeballs which decorate the otherwise florid arrangements supporting the figures.


The shadow that created by the light looks like we are trapped and It is similar to projection. The shadow of the wall looks so creepy and surreal, I found that it is another way to display and project the concept of smoke. Maybe I can use light to project my art pieces and create the shadow looks like a trap. By shifting the light, the shadow can be different. When I take the video it seems like spreading.

Dinah Raphaelle

I have found a hairstyle and make up artist - Dinah Raphaelle. I have noticed the series of photography and I have picked up the spacious images and the dark, dim images. I was wondering that if I use a dark or small space to be a place for shooting or taking video. A dense place can represent the inner side of a person. 


This artist has inspired me to do some fashion collage images which is my first making action. I want to use the mouth and the eyes to create the collage images. I like the expression for the facial collage on the model's face.


I was looking for the creepy dark images so I found this kind o f images. I want to use the texture of the trees and branches to be the poster background as it looks like the nerves which can symbolise the mental health of the smokers.So I have combine with  vedi's works and overlap them together.


This artist has use the colourful butterflies to do the  creepy objects, such as head bone. I have done some research on the colour of blue and it makes me think about the inane of a person emotions.


i want to look to the creepy art and help em to think about the mood of my final outcome such as the atmosphere of the place where I took the shooting as I want to use black background to do the shooting in order to emphasis the headset and the colour of my final( white, black, metal colour) I have look to the illustration of LostFish.