Today was our crit for the movement project, I was able to get most of my work done last night however the spray mount I bought didn't work which meant that I couldn't mount my work so I needed to buy some today at the arts shop. When I told the tutor that I was going to buy some she said to use glue instead. This slightly confused me as in the project introduction lecture we were told that we definitely had to use spray mount and nothing else. I've never used spray mount in my life so I was quite nervous to use especially as it was so last minute and meant that if anything went wrong I wouldn't be able to fix it or print a picture out. I carried on using regular glue, it seemed to look clean and easy to use so I was pleased with the outcome.

I really like the layout of these final crits as we get to see everyone's work from all pathways. After lunch we were grouped randomly distributed so that we were with students from different pathways. It was interesting to see how they work, during the project before the crit we were in our specialist pathways which meant I was only able to see what people were doing along the lines of spatial design and architecture, I was always curious to see what everyone else was doing. We began with individual presentations, having around 5 minutes each to present our models, sketchbook and presentation sheets. There was a particular persons work which I liked quite a lot and felt that it was effective and could be successful in the real world. A folding hanger for clothes was created which I felt was effective as it was compact and had a good purpose. Also their presentation sheets were effective as it showed diagrams and showed the product in context which made it clear.

The way in which the movement of people has been altered is probably the most successful aspect of my movement project.  The research that influenced me the most  was the Guggenheim Museum was the most influential as it has the corridors which spiral to the top of the building. I didn't manage to visit any museums or galleries which could have helped me so for the next project so I'll start going. I've used new techniques and materials in the workshop which will help me in the future, for example using acrylic and also learning how to bond each piece together and also molding it to create a particular shape. I got the advice from my progress tutorial to keep my sketches in my sketchbook clean and tidy which is what i attempted to do for this project. I felt that I kept my drawings on my presentation sheets were tidy which meant that they showed what I was trying to portray.

Overall, the most challenging course over the whole of part one was most probably the movement project as I had to think quite a lot about the ideas and also how to actually make the model and creating a context. I've learnt how to work in the workshop with most of the materials and also the processes of the project, learning how to create presentation sheets to a good standard, which I feel is going to be a significant aspect of our future projects. The three main aims that I want to improve on for the next part of the course is the quality of my final model, more primary research and also to visit galleries and museums during the research process.


Today was a long day of making and problem solving in the workshop. I was still contemplating in what material to use for the base of the corridor so I got some advice from the assistants in the workshop.In the end I used wood for the bass of the structure and then used transparent acrylic for the corridors. After waiting a while for support and availability for the jigsaw I began with cutting the main shape of the corridor with the jigsaw. It was very difficult as the surface area was quite small so it was hard to control. I then started moulding the acrylic to create the shapes which would fit into the shapes for the rooms. This was also very difficult as it was hard to bond each piece together, I thought it would’ve been easier but it wasn’t. I didn’t get enough time to finish the whole thing, I wanted to line the whole outside of the shape to create that enclosed feel, I should be able to do it next week as We have the week off.

Overall it was a productive session in the workshop, I was hoping to finish the model however I didn’t leave myself enough time to finish. I think for the next big project I'll leave myself around a week to produce a final model because I know myself that I can produce some very good work if I spend some more time on it. Also as it was that final day of the project it did get very busy in the workshop so that's another reason to go in earlier. But I will come in next week to finish the whole model and also change the base of it as it wasn't as tidy as I hoped it to be.

Tomorrow I’m going to get my presentation sheets done and also photograph my model using architectural figure to create a sense of scale. I’m hoping to do a bit of photoshop work aswell to put the model into context but I don’t think I’ll get everything done by Thursday


Today was all about finalising the strongest idea we had and start to develop it, making a model and also working on our presentation sheet.
We began with a group presentation showing off our presentation sheets that we had and also our sketchbook. We gave feedback categorised in ideas, research and final idea. I felt that the exercise was extremely effective as I was able to see what other people were doing as I was unsure on how much we needed to be done before the crit. I also got some very good feedback from all sectors of my work which really helped as well. They liked the way in which I had presented my research sheet as it was simple and tidy. They also liked the sketches in my sketchbook which gave me confidence to carry on what I was doing and follow it up by doing more sketches on my presentation sheets.

We then had to make an action plan for the rest of the week building up to the day of the crit. This helped as I hadn’t made a plan, it made me realise how much I actually had to do. I've discovered that I need to do quite a few more sheets, over the weekend I wasn't very confident in producing a presentation sheets but with help and constructive feedback from the group I'll be able to do them now.


Following on from this morning session of mainly group work and reflection I then progressed onto my final design. I was able to get some advice on how to make my model as I was quite unsure at first. My tutor suggested to make one floor properly and use my old model of the whole structure to show the overall shape. I created the first floor with cardboard and acetate creating the transparent corridors. I was struggling to find clear acetate at first as there wasn't any in the campus shop which meant that I had to spend around half an hour finding a shop that sells it. I was pretty happy with what I produced as it shows what I envisioned. I can also use it as a initial draft for when I go to the workshop tomorrow as it will enable me to have an outline of what I want it to look like which helps a lot.

Tonight I'm aiming to complete two presentation sheets on ideas and idea development, I can use todays model to show the development of the idea of a continuous corridor. I'm hoping to do some more research into more designers and architects which show similarities in the shape of my model.


We were finally introduced into the idea of using presentation sheets to show our project in more formal way, we were given a presentation by the tutors explaining the differences between the sketchbook and presentation sheets. We were also shown examples from previous years which was really helpful as we got a chance to see who actually did well and who didn't. We were told that we need three types of sheets: Research, Idea development and then the final design which was also helpful as its much easier to categorise the work rather than doing anything. 

We then had the task to create a presentation sheet either showing research or ideas, I decided to do research as I had the materials needed which were the pictures and information. I started to layout the images in a way which I felt looked good and showed the right message, the tutor really liked it and just moved a few things about and said its ready. I was pretty shocked as I felt that there's still so much white space on the page, in A level art I was used to covering the whole page rather than leaving that white space. I was happy with this sheet as it looks tidy and simple, it means that the viewer isn't distracted and can read the annotation easily and clearly.


Today was a day full of idea developments, we started with some presentations within small groups discussing our ideas receiving feedback and improvements for our ideas. I felt that I presented my work very well with confidence and I spoke with a good manner clearly and formally, I noticed that in my last group presentation I spoke very fast which meant that people from other countries which weren't that confident with english couldn't understand. Therefore I decided to speak more clearly and loud so that people could understand. I however was disappointed with my feedback I got back which didn't make me that confident, I was just receiving comments saying it was a good idea thats it. I felt that I was giving a lot of feedback to other people but they weren't giving much back which didn't really feel fair.

We then got onto model making, we were given the task to create a model using the materials we brought in. I learnt from the previous project that bringing in random materials wouldn't help me at all and would just be a mind block making me think further into how I'm going to use it. I decided to buy a thin sheet of cardboard for the model, as its strong but also has its flexible state. I created a structure showing what the one continuous corridor would look like, I went to the art shop to buy some acetate but they didn't have any which means that I didn't really get to complete it. However I felt it was quite successful, I was able to show the over shape of what I wanted the structure to look like, I had to put sticks in to support the corridors, they won't be there in the real thing as I'm hoping when the corridors become 3 dimensional and the rooms are shown it should be able to hold itself up.

We then had a task of brainstorming about different materials, in a group we chose plastic and metal, the task helped me quite a lot as I learnt more process on how to change the materials state and how to use and it and the message behind it. 



Today was the beginning of our new project which is called movement, we began with a group lecture which consisted of a powerpoint which showed different ideas and projects created by artists and designers associated with the word movement. I felt that the powerpoint helped me to an extent as it gave me a slight idea of what to start with and it also gave me a good understanding to the structure of the new project.

Once this was done we were then put into groups and were told to present our research which we should have done at home. I wasn't that confident with my primary research as I did struggle to collect primary images but I did have a good handful of secondary images which are presented in my sketchbook. I felt that the mini presentation went well, I was able to communicate my ideas well and was also able to identify three key words which I would then pursue to investigate further. I chose glide, turn and step. I was fascinated to see how different things such as water and people glide off different surfaces, I also wanted the play with the idea of a turn and how it can produce a change in direction, and finally step, the way in which stairs can be used to create a sense of height and how the overall shape of a staircase can be altered to do this.

We were then told to create quick sketch models for each of the words, I struggled to begin with as I didn't know where to start, whether to create some so direct and literal or to create a model evoking the word and what it could portray. I took each work in a more abstract way looking at the word turn which could mean a change in direction when someone is walking. I looked at the word glide as being elegant and clean so I created a structure which was curved and had smooth edges. I then experimented with the shapes of stairs and how they can be altered using folds in paper. I felt that this overall process was successful and feel that that its the best sketch model investigation I've done yet. 

Creating 10 ideas was the next task using each word, the strongest for me was most probably the word turn. Where I was able to use my model and put it into context. I sketched out the model from a birds eye view, I thought about corridors and how they change direction, each space between the lines would be a room which means that people would have to adapt their route to the shape of the corridors causing them to turn and change direction. I want to start investigating how people can go up and down levels if this was to be in a building, thinking in ways this could be different to using stairs.

12/10/2017- Final day of Surface and Structure

Today was our final day of the project where we going to have a group crit at the end of the day which I wasn't looking forward too as I'm still not as confident in speaking in front of big groups. We began with a group discussion and got an idea of how the crit will run, it was very different to the previous presentation for illuminate so it put my worries to ease slightly.

We were then given the task to go through our project and finish off anything which was incomplete or needed more work. I wanted to get some feedback on my sketchbook work as I felt that I was repeating myself in some of the pages so I asked my tutor if she could have a look. She liked my quick sketches and also my research page, she felt that I had too many images of my final outcome on one page which I also agreed with. I need to start practising different ways in which I can present my work, coming straight out of A-levels means that I'm still kind of used to the ways in which we got taught to present and I need to get out of that habit. She also gave me a tip to improve my drawings even more, she liked the way in which I sketch and said it was very technical however she said to use a thicker pen to outline the shape I'm drawing to create a cleaner overall shape. I've already started practising this technique with my previous sketches to attempt to make them look cleaner. I then wanted some criticism about the overall idea and final model. She liked the idea of having a never ending structure which means that hexagons can be taken away or added. However the purpose was boring, she suggested to think about what else it could be used for, the idea of having an outside theatre, galleries, interactive entertainment was the strongest idea as it also linked with the location which would be in a green space like a popular park. The feedback helped me so much as I was then able to do some more drawings to show what I would include, I also started researching into the different inter-locking systems which would be appropriate for the structure.

The crit consisted of us presenting in small groups which were randomly selected and the one person from each group presented their work to the whole class. I felt my presentation went quite well, the group said I presented my idea well and that all my sketchbook work was up to a standard which evokes the idea. They felt that I needed to put the research in the different inter-locking systems into my sketchbook and also do a bit more secondary research about it. The only reason there wasn't a lot was due to the fact that I only thought of the idea of the locking systems in the morning which meant that I didn't have enough time to finish it. However I'll do it when I'm at home. I was quite impressed in the people's ideas, there were some very strong aspects of their work including their sketchbooks, research and also model making. I was fascinated with one project where a student had created a piece of jewellery which folds away very technically and was very clever. It's inspired me to do more research before the next project to see what else I can produce and create something which is as fascinating as others.

Overall I feel that this was another good project, I was able to go into the workshop for the first time and use the equipment confidently with ease. I was also able to ask for help when needed which was a big factor in making this project the best it could have been, if I didn't ask for advice I wouldn't have the idea at all. The one thing I do need to improve on is the use of different materials, for my next project I want to start using other materials which are out of my comfort zone such as metals and plastics which I have never used before.


Today was extremely productive where I was able to construct my model in the workshop with confidence and ease. In the morning I wasn't as confident as I wasn't sure what materials I'd use to construct the model. I was hesitant to go into the workshop as I hadn't gone there before. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go to the workshop, I asked the helper in the workshop for some advice as I wasn't sure on what material to use and how to bond each piece together. I showed him my initial model to get an idea of the scale and shape I wanted to create. He first of all suggested metal as it can bend easy however we I thought about what I'd want the pavilion to be made out of and it wouldn't be metal. The reason for this is because I want to create a sense that its part of the environment so it wouldn't look out of place. 

We decided to use wood as it was easy to create the hexagonal shape and then was much easier to use the glue gun to connect each hexagon even to create the curved shape. I created a support using just hexagons, keeping to idea of just hexagons and nothing else. The outcome was pretty successful however I would only try and make it cleaner next time by creating a 60 degree angle on each pane so that the joint is flush and that there's no excess glue. There was an option for nails however I didn't want them to be visible also I wouldn't be able to create the curve shape.


Development of ideas was the main outcome of today, going into uni today I didn't feel confident in my idea as I didn't really have one yet. We started with a reflective session, where we were told to answer a set of questions which would hopefully help strengthen our main ideas. This was a successful process for me as I was able to identify the context of my proposal, the function and also the user. 

We were then given the task of collecting materials in which I wouldn't normally use, I bought some laminate tiles hoping to be able to construct a structure using them. This was unsuccessful as the laminate kept on bending and wasn't sticking to the other pieces. I then decided to just use cardboard as it's easier to bond and create rigid structures. My idea was to create some sort of pavilion out of just hexagons taking inspiration from HEX-SYS and also the Elytra Filament Pavilion where they have primarily just used hexagons to create a structure. I didn't want to create something too similar so I decided to create a dome like structure which begins on the floor but never reaches the floor on the other side.

I began constructing by creating a straight plane of hexagons, my tutor liked the way in which I did this however he then spoke about how it would be interesting to make it more 3D from other viewpoints. I then created different angles whilst bonding each hexagon, this then created a structure which was never ending where my idea then developed even more.

Today in my opinion was pretty helpful where I was given the opportunity to experiment with different materials understanding what wouldn't work and what actually did. I also was able to finalise my idea making it stronger and more realistic receiving help from peers and tutors along the way. Tonight I'll be doing some research into materials which I could use and see some other designs which use hexagons to see whether I could amend my idea in any way. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get in the workshop for the first time and make my final model. 



Structure and surface is the name of our new project, I'm quite pleased with this as this may be an easier topic to create something architectural or spatial as the previous project was pretty tough. The day firstly consisted of a briefing which introduced us to the project and gave us an idea of how other people created ideas around the topic and artists and designers which link to the topic. Yesterday we were given the task to choose 12 words from the visual dictionary and create two drawings or collect a photo for each. For 6 of the words we then also had to gather 3 images of work by artists/designers linked to them words. My 6 words were:

  • Segmented
  • Modular
  • Folded
  • Structured
  • Tessellated
  • Covered
  • Fragile 
  • Looped
  • Porous
  • Fragile
  • Skeletal 
  • Woven

I struggled to collect drawings for some of the words which meant that I had to take photos which  I didn't what to do as I wanted to get some practice with real life drawing. I then picked 6 of those words to then research further. I picked words which I felt mainly linked with architecture and spatial, the main one which stood out for me was tessellated- the repetition of geometrical shapes.

We were put into groups so that we could discuss each others research, some peoples research was much stronger than mine which means I'll have to put some more effort into it this evening to help me create a base for my idea. We then identified 3 themes which linked our work I chose tessellated, structured and modular, I picked these words as they represented my research the most.

The next task was to create quick paper sketch models, I slightly struggled with this, I wanted to work with the repetition of the hexagonal shape to create a structure, I didn't have enough time to finish it all which meant that it didn't look that good. My other two models were even worse as I didn't have an idea of what I wanted to create which meant I created two models with no meaning and looked really bad. I need to work with my timings as I feel I can sometimes spend too much time on a little thing to make it look perfect. I'll try overcoming this problem by doing some exercises at home working with different materials to create different structures with a time limit. 

Structure and surface

03/10/2017- Final day of illuminate

The final day of project consisted of a group crit which meant that our work was both analysed by our peers and the tutors. Last night I was able to finish taking photographs of the final design and I also produced a short video of a few shots of the lights moving across the buildings, I took inspiration from a video produced by Daniel Buren where they also showed the movement of light through the stained glass windows using close ups and other shots.

The day begun with a quick run through of how the crit would be structured at first I was very nervous as I felt that I didn't do enough work as most peoples models were very big and made with materials much better than my own. However once we started setting up our area I felt that my work was actually quite strong as I put effort in presenting my work in a professional manner. We were told to present the whole area as a group which didn't go to plan in my opinion, everyone had different opinions in the way they thought the tables should be laid out. As our group was playful people felt that we should create a fun way in which the tables should be laid out, at first I agreed. But once everything was done and there were thing hanging from the ceiling and things going from one side of the area to the other I felt it was getting to messy. I attempted to let the group however they were busy doing their own thing so I just did it myself.

Once everything was completed we were then told to go to another group which was shadow play and analyse their work giving feedback on their project, and then were told to pick out one in particular to present to the whole class. We picked one which we thought needed a better explanation of where the product would be located and how it would be made. Once that was done we was able to look at the feedback given to us about our work, mine was mostly positive they said it was a good idea and was well presented. I felt the feedback wasn't very constructive though which was disappointing. We then went through each group as a class and looked at everyones work, it was good to see how people work and the way in which they work, I was fascinated to go through peoples sketchbooks to see how they work and compare it to my own ways.

Overall I felt that it was a pretty good project, I feel that I worked well in the final stages where I was able to construct the piece in a way which looked professional but also quickly. I feel I still need to improve on the ideas brainstorm sessions as I was struggling with that, having the research done before hand will definitely help me overcome this difficulty.


Following on from last week we carried on working to finish off our final product for the presentation crit tomorrow. ON the weekend I was able to finish of the main structure of the tunnel and had also constructed a few buildings out of foam board. I felt that I made them successfully, I had the opportunity to experience making models with architects in the summer so I had the key skills in making a good building keeping to the right angles and minimising any access glue. Today I carried on making the buildings, however I encountered when I ran out of glue which was good to use for foam board. I then had to use a glue gun to construct the other buildings, they didn't come out as tidy as the others but I was able to remove most of the excess glue with ease.

Once I finished everything I wanted to get my tutors opinion as I did feel it was a very simple idea and also visually looked very minimal. He reassured me as he said that it was a very good idea as the tunnel can be use to its full potential in the daytime and also night which made it very effective. He liked the way in which I kept everything simple as the main attention should be on the tunnel and how it projects different colours. He told me to make sure I captured the moments in which the tunnel would set in both sunlight and nighttime as if it was real life. I felt that I had a successful day as I was able to finish everything with ease which means that all I need to do tomorrow is create a setup for my model and create a presentation which looks clean and professional.

I wasn't able to take any pictures at uni as it was too light which meant that the colours weren't visible. Tonight I'm going to take pictures and create a montage of close ups to show how the light moves direction and colours. 


Today was mainly a development day where we had to use our  initial idea to create a final outcome, we were placed back into our groups which we chose. I chose playful, the main reason for this was mainly due to the array use of colour. I felt that my idea was very interactive and I could see this being somewhere where people would enjoy themselves and be amazed. My idea changed from yesterday due to research I did last night. I liked the idea in how the colours were creating a tunnel on the wall and I wanted to play with that idea. I decided to create a tunnel like structure which would run through the city or even just a busy main road, on the roof and sides of the tunnel would be stained glass windows. In the day time the sunlight would shine through the glass creating different colours inside the tunnel however at night the lights from cars and other vehicles would cause light to pass through and project different colours on the building surrounding the tunnel.

I felt that my idea was strong but felt like it was very simple so I decided to speak to my tutor, she liked the fact that it was playful and could actually be quite fun. She wanted me to create a scene with the tunnel and buildings surrounding with the torch or even a car passing through to make it more realistic.

I'll be using foam board for the buildings, I was able to finish most of the tunnel today using card for the main structure and coloured sheets for the stained glass windows, I used these materials as they were easily accessible but also because they're flexible so they can create a tunnel like structure.


Today mainly consisted of creating ideas according to the word illuminate. We used our primary and secondary research as guidance and inspiration to draw out and also add some annotation to each sketch. At first I was able to think of quite a few ideas however after a while I struggled, I spoke to the tutor and she told me to not think so literal about the final idea, this helped me slightly but i still found it hard to create an outcome. By the end of the initial ideas process I felt that I had a set of strong outcomes which I could pursue and start investigating further. My strongest idea consisted of stained glass windows, I wanted to experiment with different colours and observe how light is effected when passed through. 

I created a building which has a coned shape roof so that there's a maximum amount of sunlight which can be used. I cut out shards which spiral from the top down to the bottom to create an aesthetic look. Once produced and ready I then received some advice from my tutor, she said to try it without the main structure and play with the different shapes which could be created with the roof. This was a successful experiment as when I shone a light through the cone it created a tunnel like shape on the wall. It was similar to an illusion as it felt like a journey through the shape. 

I'm currently still thinking about how I'm going to overcome the problems faced and also how I can show the different colours so that other people can see it, I want to experiment with the different forms and shapes which can be created. I'll be doing some more research this evening to see if there's any modern day artists or designers who use stained glass.


Today was the beginning of our first long project, the topic or word is illuminate. On the weekend I began the research process of the project and collected some information about the word. I firstly looked at the different types of lighting and how it moves through the air, i noticed that there were some interesting ways in which light travels through glass and other materials with different opacities. I then researched on different artists, architects and designers which use light as a main element of their work.

Today we followed on from this researched and were given the task to do some quick real life sketches of the area surrounding Kings cross station, emphasising the form, light and movement in each of the sketches. I highly enjoyed this task, as we were given the freedom to draw what we want wherever we wanted to, having this freedom gave me a chance to excel in the use of line and tonal drawings using just a fine liner. This is a medium which can show the depth with just a few thick lines and also the tone which is why its my favourite medium to use. However there were times in which I struggled to convey the tone in some of the drawings as using just a black pen is not always the best to use when showing light and dark. In the future I would have used not only a fine liner but also a yellow pen to emphasise the lighting and maybe some other colours to convey the atmosphere the light is creating.

After this we were able to reflect upon our sketches in a big group discussion where we brainstormed different ideas and words which we could relate to the word illuminate. This was a useful task as we were then able to describe our work with these certain words which for me suggested what my main strengths were and also what emotion is being evoked in the sketches. The main word for me was energetic, I felt that when drawing I felt a sense of energy with the hustle and bustle so i wanted to show that in my sketch without drawing the people. The strong, bold lines somewhat show this and also the tone used shows that there was an energetic atmosphere. We can see the difference in atmosphere as the first drawing I did was of the canal which was pretty peaceful so i decided to keep a subtle tone throughout the drawing. 

Tomorrow is the development process where we start looking at different ideas, we also were told to bring a light source in so I'm bringing in my torch. However for my main project I want to use natural lighting as i want to try design something for outside use.


Todays project title was called "use it", exploring the different types of chairs in history was very interesting as I knew every chair presented but i didn't know the history and names which helped me. Our task was o develop a design idea of the original Robin Day chair and create a prototype of the adaptions. However first we were given a research task of exploring the ways in which people sit on chairs, we sketched out about 20 images which definitely helped me to create a final idea.

This was an effective task as I noticed that the majority of people didn't have anything to lean on whilst drawing so they were using their legs or something else but they didn't seem very comfortable.I decided to create a chair which had a table that then turns to create two arm rests when the table is not in use. Whilst researching I thought about how the chair has to be accessible at all times possible which is why I add the rotating arms. American schools have a lot of chairs which have tables attached to them, I used this design as inspiration but added my own features.

To develop our idea we were told to sketch the chair design adding the features with effective brainstorming using customisation, comfort and function as different aspects. I felt that this was the task where i struggled the most not only due to the ability of sketching the chair and person but also because of the simplicity of the design.

The making of the prototype was most probably the easiest task of the day, I was confident in making the main structure and I was also able to keep it stable as it was made out of paper so i added more strength using wooden sticks at the legs of the chair. I felt that I could have made the chair look much nicer however the lack of materials meant that I was limited, nevertheless I was able to create the main feature of the moving arm rests to create a table. 

I feel that i've been given a good understanding of product design, the idea of problem solving, improving what you've done to make it better really interests me. This may be a future pathway for me however at the moment it's most likely going to be architecture and spatial design.


Today was all bout wearing something, working with different materials so that you could surround yourself support yourself or even suspending. We firstly brainstormed on each of these words giving our own interpretation of productions which could link to these key words. To begin with I struggled as I'm not very confident in drawing the human body which made it hard for me as I not only had to think about what to design but I also had to overcome the challenge of drawing the human model first. I was able to sketch five ideas for each word, I was beginning to realise that I was created products which had a purpose for the human body rather than wearing it. I struggled quite a lot with this task, I'd jewellery and fashion are not my strongest aspects of 3D design and I'll most likely b going down the architecture pathway. We then had to discuss our ideas with peers and present to them our three ideas which we thought were the best. We also gave suggestions and ideas to make the product better. My final idea was to create a support in which when you sit down you have two arm rests attached either side of you. I used to idea of support as I felt that everything else I had sketched was very unrealistic to make out of the materials provided. We were then given the task to make our products, at first it was very difficult, the materials given were very limited and were not the best for creating things to support. I used cardboard and other materials which were strong to create stable arm rests. My product was not the best, looking at everyone else's work gave me a better understanding of the brief as they had more fashion based products and I felt mine was more product design.

I feel that I have a good understanding of JFFA, however I don't want to pursue it as I didn't enjoy the project as much as the architecture project. Fashion and jewellery are not in my best interests however I do still keep up with the trends in society nevertheless its not a passion of mine.


Today was the beginning of our one day projects, we started with the theme "Build it" which was about creating a structure made from wooden sticks and binging it with tape and other materials. We firstly created a structure which was extremely random and had no plan and thought process, we felt that this was the best way to do it as we did't know what we wanted to create but also because we didn't want to limit our ideas. Once we had our main structure we were then told to merge with another groups structure. At first it was difficult to process and attempt to combine the two models as everyone had different opinions and ideas to what we should do however we overcame that and finally got on with the task. Working in a large group was good as we were able to get quite a lot done within a short time period which helped a lot. Our last task was to add some different materials to not only cover the structure but to add some dynamic features to create both an exterior and interior. Once again at first it was difficult to get some effective ideas as everyone was throwing ideas around and it wasn't very planned, but once we delegated tasks to each person we worked much better.

Today's project was extremely enjoyable and useful as its help me get an idea of what I'd be doing if I did do architecture in the future, architecture has always been an aspiration of mine and I'm still hoping on doing Architecture and spatial design in the future. I feel that this pathway is most likely the pathway I will be following as I feel this is where my strengths are.

Action Plan:

  • Upload pictures of model onto workflow
  • Print out pictures and work into them in sketchbook
  • Improve in contour drawing 
  • Print off brief for tomorrow



Today was the final day of the project by which we were given the task of creating a group of ideas by which at the day should have a final idea which can be shown to the rest of the class. We were also able to work with the rest of my group which helped me when I was stuck and needed some constructive critisicm.
To begin with I had a few good ideas however after a while I struggled however with the help of group members and my tutor who went through some other strategies of creating an idea use the words I came up with my final idea.
My final idea was to transform the River Thames into a park by which there would be many concepts such as farmland (linking with the word wool) and parks which would be used by the public. The inspiration mainly came from a recent trip to Valencia where they have a park running through the whole city which actually used to be a river aswell but had dried up. I loved the fact that it was open all day everyday for the public and looked extremely natural. The park will have lakes and other natural sources which are good for the enviroment. During the research process I found out that creationism is also about working with nature and making the world a better place which is why I want to do this transformation. There's a lot of pollution being outfitted not only into the atmosphere but also into the water which is why I want to transform it.
I was able to communicate this idea to my fellow group members which I felt was successful as they understood it and also felt that it was a strong idea.
This project has not only made me aware on the the research and reflection concept but has also made me more confident in presenting and also creating ideas and then going on with them to create s final idea. I feel that I need to improve on my sketching skills and also working under pressure to create different worthy ideas in a given time.


Today was our first library session by which we were able to have an explore in the different sections of the library and how it works. We were told to research our three key words using the various books throughout the library and also other sources.
To begin with we were shown how to locate the books through the computer system, it was was difficult to use st first not only due to the fact that it was slow and time comsuming but also because we weren't able to locate the certain books we wanted. Once we got to the certain section where the book was located it took a while until we finally located it. Most of the books were mainly text based but we wanted to have images as we need to take pictures of them which therefore meant we had to search even more. Once we found the books we were looking for we took pictures of what we felt linked to to the words that we were given.
This library session was extremely useful and I've now gained the experience to use the library independently for future projects.
Tomorrow we will be creating ideas and then presenting our final idea to the class receiving criticism along the way.


Today was mainly an introduction to our course, our teachers told us about how the course will run and what we would be doing. We also got a chance to communicate with the rest of our group through the use of a group exercise which helped us to socialise better with one another. We were then introduced to the first task of the week. We were put into groups of three and then given three words. We were allotted one -Ism, one material and also one process. We were given CREATIONISM, WOOL and TWIST. We then used our own knowledge and brainstormed different ideas and links which could be made between each word.

The brief was very broad and took me a while to understand however once we were given the words it became more understanding as at first I was slightly anxious about whether or not I would be familiar with the ism word however it's now fine.

Working in a group is useful as we were able to put forward different ideas and suggestions of what the certain word means and where it comes. Also we were from different parts of the world which therefore meant that they had knowledge from their own country which was extremely useful whilst brainstorming. However being in a group with an international student meant that there were some language barriers, however we overcame them through the use of a translator app which helped our group member communicate his ideas.


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