Part 3 Secondary Research

Part I / II
Cross-Seasonal vs. Sport Specific

For my secondary research, I have decided to look at the difference  between cross-seasonal products and sport specific products. This will help me decide whether I want to create an object that is specially created for the sole purpose of responding to a need for skiers (as an example), or if I want to create an object that is overarching throughout different sports and that could solve a problem apparent in different areas.  

"Cross-Seasonal Products"

Product: Outdoors Watches Collection (≈ £400)
Company: Suunto

The outdoor watch collection by Suunto is absolutely wonderful. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye but it has a ridiculous amount of features in its watches. It can track where you are at all times for safety (and stalking) purposes. It can tell you your speed, and distance travelled even on skis or on a bike, which the apple products cannot do. Oh, and it also tells the time!

This is one of POC Sport's most well known helmet. It does not have the bluetooth headphones inserted like the other one does, but it does have an additional jaw protection which is essential if you are doing some high-risk sports such as mountain biking, snowboarding or skiing. I also think it is cross-seasonal, which is what I am looking for.

Product: Chips 2.0 (£103)
Company: Outdoor Tech

This is great for any kind of outdoor sports. These bluetooth headphones, even though not ground-breaking, makes it easy for people to listen to music while doing an activity. I would say though, I don't know about safety issues with wearing headphones while doing an extreme sport. I was always told not to because I need to be aware of my surroundings. 

Product: Trace - The Action Sports Tracker (£160)
Company: Trace

Apart from being only £199, Trace is one of the smartest new up and coming pieces of technology I have ever seen. This is great if you do a lot of different outdoor activities because it is connected to a simple account. It can track where you go and how far you've travelled. It also checks how long you were in the air for if you do flips or jumps, and how many calories you have burned with simple calculations. That is sick!! It kind of reminds me a lot of the Go Pro actually, so what would top it of would be if it took pictures!

Product: Receptor BUG Communication (£203)
Company: POC Sports

POC Sports is known for their cool gear but this tops it all! This helmet combines high-quality security for your head while you fly like a bullet down the slopes and bluetooth headphones. You basically sync it to your phone and then you can control it from your helmets. Again, just like the Chips 2.0, I don't know if it's safe to ski and do extreme sports while listening to music or speaking on the phone but I guess if you're careful it's okay.

This looks like a simple flashlight but it is actually much more than that! It's a hand warmer and it can charge you and your friends' phones at the same time. It creates heat for a continuous 12 hours, which is great if you are stranded anywhere. I think this is absolutely brilliant technology and could very much save someone's life.

Product: Peepsnake Scarf (≈ £40)
Company: Peepsnake

This scarf was created by a stay-at-home mom, which I think is great. The case that holds the phone is tactile so you can use it without taking it out of the scarf. Even though it looks a little funky and childish, I do think it has a purpose and people would buy it... just not me.

"Sport-Specific Products"

Product: Pro Soft Shell Mask (£25)
Company: Coldavenger

This is great for extremely cold days or when there is a snow storm. I have definitely felt the need for it since the faster you go, the harsher the wind on your face.

Product: 4-8 Ski / Snowboard Rack (£52)
Company: Rough Rack

The problem with skiing with friends and family is what to do with all the skies when you get home, or back to the hotel?! Well now, we can store everyone's skis at the same time. I also think this would be great for restaurants and places where you relax off the slopes because that was always one of our biggest problems. How do you find your skis amongst the million other ones?

This invention is really cool because it eliminates the need to change your tires if you want to be in the snow with your bike. This is also a one-off product, meaning that the company does not have any other products at the moment. You can see it was invented by someone and they simply wanted to sell it to others.

Product: I-O Ski Mask (£120)
Company: Smiths Optics

When looking at ski gear, masks are always at the top  of the list, and should always be at the top of the list. These fish off the bad UV rays from the sun and offer a removable polarised lens. When skiing, you really, really need a polarised lens, just like when on a boat, because the sun reflects really hard on the crystal white snow on the mountains and it is detrimental to your cornea and receptors. It happened to my whole family.

Product: Boot and Glove Dryer (£95)
Company: Peet

Speaking from experience, this would have been the best present ever! Damp gloves and boots suck, but I don't know if the little hand are really needed to show you where your gloves go. It's a little childish.

Product: Ski and Snowboard Touch Screen Gloves (£80)
Company: E-Glove

Using my phone while I was skiing to take pictures or send a text was a real pain (everywhere). It was always a problem and I had bought gloves with no touch screen abilities on it so this would solve everything! I wish I were using these while I was skiing, I could have taken so many other pictures!

Product: Mono and Tandem Disability Skiing (Quote-based price)
Company: Dualski

Skiing for disabled people has been a real challenge in the past years but this company has really made accessibility to the slopes their priority. I think it's great and I think it shows a development in the minds of people and in the technology used to create gear for the disabled. 

Part II / II
High-Fashion Backpacks vs. Daytime Outdoor Backpacks vs. Hiking Backpacks

As I progressed through this project, I have decided to focus on a cross-seasonal bag that can be used all year round, anywhere. I want to create a bag that makes adventure accessible for people (Urban Explorers) that are willing to explore, discover and try different sports. For that reason, I am looking at creating a fusion of a fashionable, city-looking bag and a very technical, expert-oriented one. That way, people who want to express themselves with a high-quality fashionable product, can do so while also having a well-designed technical object to push themselves out of their comfort zones.

"High-Fashion City Backpacks"

Product: Suede Backpack (£280)
Company: Whistles

Product: Drawstring Leather Backpack (£69)
Company: & Other Stories

Product: Camouflage Backpack (£115)
Company: Ganni

Product: Technical Backpack (£895)
Company: Burberry

Product: Leather Studded Backpack (£1,470)
Company: Gucci

Product: Suede Backpack (£725)
Company: Mansur Gavriel

Product: Embellished Backpack (£1,240)
Company: Prada

Product: Embellished Backpack (£1,560)
Company: Fendi

Product: Padded Leopard Backpack (£50)
Company: Eastpack

Product: Unstructured Leather Backpack (£125)
Company: Cos

"Daytime Outdoor Backpacks"

Product: Flash 18 (£31)
Company: REI Co-op

Product: Virga 26 (£95)
Company: Granite Gear

Product: Talon 22 (£87)
Company: Osprey

Product: Speed Lite 20 (£71)
Company: Deuter

Product: Trail 40 (£87)
Company: REI Co-op

Product: Redwing 32 (£79)
Company: Kelty

Product: Fourteener 24 (£115)
Company: CamelBak

Product: Daybreak (£175)
Company: Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Product: Kompressor Plus 20 (£51)
Company: Marmot

Product: Daylite (£39)
Company: Osprey

Product: Stratos 24 (£103)
Company: Osprey

"Hiking Backpacks"

Product: Khamski 31L (£180)
Company: Arc’teryx

Product: Cirque 35L (£130)
Company: Black Diamond Equiment

Product: Gorilla 40 (£205)
Company: Gossamer Gear

Product: Crown V.C. 60 (£199)
Company: Granite Gear

Product: 2400 Windrider (£300)
Company: Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Product: Exodus 59L (£?)
Company: Mountain Laurel Designs

Product: Exos 48 (£131)
Company: Osprey

Product: Stir 20  (£60)
Company: Thule

Product: Circuit (£235)
Company: Ultralite Adventure Equipment

Product: Arc Blast 42L (£325)
Company: Z Packs


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