Secondary Research

1-100 Project

Studio Glithero

Phil Cuttance

Andrew Wicks

Ian McIntyre

"Furo" & "Senta"
Fernando Brizio

"Bike Chalk Trail Kit"
Uncommon Goods

"Boon Glo Nightlight"
Uncommon Goods 

"Construction Plate & Utensils"
Uncommon Goods 

"Erupting Volcano Tissue Box Holder"
Ken Sobel 

Uncommon Goods

"Night Rocket Tissue Box Holder"
Ken Sobel

"Root-Vue Farm"
HSP Nature Toys

"Tobbles Neo"

"Shark Bite Pouch"
Mary Pow 

"Soft Sidekick"
Laura Berger

"The Good Egg On A Couch"
Bed Toppings 

"Antler Stool"
Minho Lee 

"Hanji Pastic Chair"
Design Taiho Shin

"Stool For Child"
Kim Kyunglae

"Klässbols Linneväveris Product Packaging"
Rasmus Erixon & Tobia Möller

"Thistle Console"
Ethan Anderson

"The Spine Wallet"
Barclay & Co.

"Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet"
Taylor Stitch

"Ridge Wallet"
Daniel & Paul Kane

Max Lamb



Guillaume Delvigne & Ionna Vautrin

Gitta Gschwendtner

Secondary Research

Child Project

"Balloon Dog Night Light"
Uncommon Goods

"Blank Canvas Bib"
Uncommon Goods

"Color The Earth Kit"
Uncommon Goods

"Cat Claw Footprint Flip Flops"

"Leak Proof Water Blob"
By A Mom Called Leisha 

"My Great Beanbag Toss"
Blanca Gomez 

"Pink Flamingo Mobile"
Gulnara Kydyrmyshova

"RingStix Pro"

"Sleep Dust"
Bed Toppings

"Sleepy Chocolate"
Bed Toppings


"Tortilla Baby"
Katherine Harlan Owens

Secondary Research

Small Change Project

"Ta-Rea Lighting"
Design Virus


"Natural Furniture"
HT & D

"Pivot Pop"
Nikki & Jon Jason

"Rock Paper Robot"
Jessica Banks

"Cleaver Bean"
The Hardy Boys & TBH Disturbance

Secondary Research

Utility Project

"Chinch Wallet"
Portsmiths Company

"Signature Series Wood Wallet V2"

"Slim Wallet Black"
Supr Good Co.

"Ti5 Slim Wallet"
Machine Era

Rachel Whiteread

Billy Lloyd

Reiko Kaneko

Sevak Zargarian

Terence Woodgate

Studio Job

Sue Pryke

Jamie Hayon

"Animal Footprint Flip Flops"
Uncommon Goods

"Car Tools"
Floris Hovers 

"Bike Chalk Trail Kit"
Uncommon Goods

"Garden Plate & Utensils"
Uncommon Goods 

"Un Safari Coloré"

"Open Side Dolls' House (1963)"
Roger Limbrick 

"Plush Organs"
Uncommon Goods

"Straws & Connectors"

"Sandwich Stacking Games"
Melissa & Doug 

"Portable Table Tennis Set"
Umbra Pongo 

"Zic-Zag (1980)"
Fredun Shapur 

"Zoo Pillows"
Ionna Vautrin

"Calico Wallpaper"
Nicolas Cope & Rachel Mosler


"Tension Bentwood Chair"
Dohoon Kim

"Paper Lampshade"
Tiny Miracles

"The Urbanite Home Chair"
Phil Davidson

"Brew Clip Original"
Brew Clip

"Slim 2 Wallet"
Supr Good Co.

"Leather Clamshell Wallet"


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