Feed Project

FEED Project Option 2 - ‘Feed, Nourish & Preserve’ Project Research Task:

1. Research how we carry, preserve and consume food. Observe and record people eating and interacting with different types of food. Present this primary research over at least 6 pages in your A3 sketchbook using photography and observational drawing. 2. Explore how food and its consumption differ across a diverse range of cultures. Are there any rituals connected to how we serve food to one another? Present this secondary research over 4 pages in your A3 sketchbook. 3. Look at the vessels and utensils that are used for serving and eating food. Consider the materials used in tableware, examining their functionality, tactility and surface qualities. Integrate this into your sketchbook pages. 4. Select key images and drawings from your research. Bring printed copies with you on Mon 31st Oct. We will use them in class to produce an ‘A2 Presentation Sheet’ that summarises and communicates your research clearly. This will illustrate your own personal response to the research task.

FEED Project Option 2 - ‘Feed, Nourish & Preserve’ Project Description:

We transport food via specific tools and containers every day. This can be intimate and direct, using a spoon, fork or fingers. Or, for practical reasons, it may involve a simple vessel or a lunchbox. When feeding ourselves we use tools that enable us to manipulate and pick up food in the most functional, efficient way. However, these tools can also encourage a deeper engagement with the food’s characteristics. Utensils can bring entertainment as well as functionality. We use food containers in order to serve, feed and preserve. The materials these containers are made of can prolong the life of food. The structure and form of these containers can display the food and provide the consumer with a practical and sometimes pleasurable experience. This project requests you to design a tool or container to eat with or store a specific food or meal in. It can be an expressive and experimental vessel, an object or implement to contain, display, serve or handle food. Work in the materials of your choice making models and samples. Produce illustrative visualisations to communicate ideas. Your design should be inventive and original.

Primary Research

How We Consume Food

How We Carry Food

How We Preserve Food

Dinner In France Vs. USA

Dinner In Dubai Vs. Japan

Final Product

Final Product (Hollow Pot + Plates)

A2 Research Sheet

A2 Big Question Sheet

A2 Final Product Sheet

A2 How Does It Work Sheet

Secondary Research

Marianne Brandt

Philippe Starck (MY FAV)

Yanko Design Studio

Joseph Joseph (Clever? I think not!)

Philippe Malouin


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