FT2 Foundation - Fashion and Textiles

February 10th ~12th WEEKEND

I got accepted to WOMENSWEAR, yay! Also got a cold over weekend. 
I did't finish the research task so I have to do it next week. I have done some thinking about unit 7 project. I would probably like to specialise in Zero Waste fashion.
I have done some research on futuristic materials and ecological crisis. I wish I could propose a project that will partly solve a problem to some of the main Issues with in the Fashion Industry

P  A  R  T     T  W  O 

February 9th Thursday

Getting tasks to do in order to help us get better ideas on unit 7 . Better understanding on what context of the project could be.
We were showed that even something that is not quiet lovely and pleasant to our eye/ style of art / can look indeed when is related to the body - silhouette. Few tips on how to include charity in our project.
Tutorial on Project Proposal with Pauline. I found it quiet helpful, now I believe I better understand the structure of the Proposal.

Tutorial with Jennifer on how to fix workflow/ layouts etc.
So far, I don' t know what I am going to do for Unit 7.


February the 8th WEDNESDAY

- presentation,  expectations, criteria, themes , context 
I know that there is plenty of time to make this final project going , but I am aware of high expectation on both sides- teacher and students. I believe that as soon as I fix my workflow pages to the point when I am satisfied with, I should get going with brainstorming , mind maps , discussing the possibilities within the topic etc. 
From proposed themes SURROUNDING , SECURITY , SELF ... I prefer either Surroundings or Self.

February 3rd ~ 7th

Trip to Slovakia.
I actually had to take a break a little bit. Spending some time with family and friends, clearing my head in the forest ... I believe that this was the best getaway idea and that it is going to help me to be ready and fresh for Unit 7.

February 2nd THURSDAY

The day of interviews!
Since I have decided to only apply for CSM courses I basically went all in . This was my only chance and opportunity and I know that I can't mess up. 
Early in the morning, we came in to the studio to drop off our portfolios. Then we had about 3 hours off and that is when tutors from BA were going through our portfolios and sketchbooks. Couple of friends and I decided to go for a coffee and go through some questions that are most likely to being asked at the interview. I believe that this action really helped all of us to calm down and to talk about our ideas/ opinions etc. naturally.
Later on , we were invited for an interview in group of more or less 10 people. The questions that tutors asked were simple and fast . 
1. Why do you want to do fashion ?
2. If you have an opportunity to work with some designer from the fashion industry, who would that be? 
I believe that I did my best and that I made a good impression. Even though, I was a little bit nervous (because of many people listening of what I was saying , but also breathing behind my neck ) I answered the questions spontaneously and I think I saw tutors smiling a bit - what an achievement !

February 1st WEDNESDAY

I think I arranged my time quiet well.. I have all of the portfolio sheets done .
Pasting some samples and sewing them into the sheets.
The struggle with external A3 pages of Time Lab and Cultural Swap Project is real! So I have tried several methods of pasting in the pages inn to the sketchbook so they look nice and neat. I have decided to  basically crop the pages a bit so they fit in , and i used white thin duck tape in order to connect each page to another and then sticked them in. 
I have to learn how to sew pages together nicely .
I was going through the portfolio sheets one more time but I am quiet happy with the outcome. Consulting the overall portfolio sheets with Julia - got some good feedback.  Relaxing in the evening, getting ready for a big day .

January 31st TUESDAY

Spray mounting the portfolio sheets at CSM.
I have decided to include The Dress For Europe project in to my portfolio... deciding on layout, fixing details.

January 30th MONDAY

Working on layout of the Cultural Swap. 
Finishing up Time lab.

January 26th ~ 29th

UP preparation- never ending story
Collaging, trimming, deciding on layouts, improving , taking a part, connecting, changing again, shrinking, enlarging, copying...
So... it looked much easier to decide on layouts on tutorial with Alice. The truth is , that it is very time consuming and that I have to better plan everything in advance so I don't leave much stuff for last minute. 
Also , I found out that while working too much on one project layout , I get tired easily and then I am not able to produce effectively. Taking regular breaks. Trying to get enough (more less) sleep.

January 25th WEDNESDAY

Portfolio Tutorial - lots of copying. I think this was super helpful in order to get better understanding on what they are expecting form us to do with the portfolio sheets.
Alice and I pretty much decided on project structure- for the Lace project. 
1. Introduction to the theme/ Research
2. Development of the theme
3. Design Development - 2 sheets including samples
4. Textile - print development 
5. line up ?
6. Final outcome images

January 24th TUESDAY

Productive day.
 Preparation for portfolio tutorial tomorrow with Alice.
LACE  PROJECT: Design and silhouette development , photoshoot , editing the pictures.
Overall: I feel I have to work a bit faster. At this point, I thought I will have much  more work done than I have at the moment
---> leads to self motivation, working under time pressure.
Looking back to my illustration of Lace outcome, I feel it is a successful drawing and that I am going to use it in my portfolio just the way it is... 
Tomorrow- have to ask Alice about how my work is looking so far , pick the best projects and just focus on that for the next week or so. 

January 23rd MONDAY

Organising working place, deciding on selection of work that i am going to use for portfolio . 
However , i feel I need to consult these projects with Alice before my final decision. 

January 21st ~ 22nd WEEKEND

Finishing up the Lace project - illustrations, pictures taken on a model /editing pictures/
I am very curious about the whole UP preparation... everyone seems to be so stressed out. There is not that much time left, that is true. I am eager to do my best and work for 100% all the time.

January 19th THURSDAY

A 2 illustration for the final outcome
- Have to finish 2x A2 design development sheets by assesment
Crit: Have got some good feedback on presentation, fabric choices , an dthe whole idea... I was advised to put more analytical comments into the sketchbook. I am aware of lack of design development pages - I will do that over the weekend. 

January 18th WEDNESDAY

- fabric hunting 
- sewing final outcome for LACE project
until late night
- playing around the mannequin with shapes , twisting , photo documentation

-planning on presentation/ crit tomorrow 

January 17th TUESDAY

- tutorial / presentation on design development 
- print design development 
- research 
- samples scaled to body size
- facial development

January 16th MONDAY

So I haven't received any feedback on my previous projects. However I talked to Alice about my Lace project and she adviced me to start draping . 
I have done some draping and some design development... I am still considering the colour palette for this project.

January 14th ~ 15th WEEKEND

Weekend dedicated to finish up all of my previous part 2 projects. 
I am going to have a tutorial with Alice on Monday. Hopefully, she can give me some feedback on Lace project as well..

January 13th FRIDAY

Exhibition- Royal Academy Of fine Arts - James Ensor.  
Very inspirational experience. It was like to experience a parallel universe. His theatrical painting had a strange influence on audience. Memento mori. IRONY. His critical message to society . Somehow, I see connection to my Cultural swap project- colour palette .
I loved it!  

January 12th THURSDAY

Working in sketchbook.
- I am still not happy with Time Lab project. Working on more design development/separate sheets/.

January 11th WEDNESDAY

Working in sketchbook:
- Developing technique of connecting materials together without using stitches or other conventional methods.
- Updating research page

January 10th TUESDAY

Workshops with Danielle and Petra.
We were advised to use every advantage that we have in this project. I am going to drape and sew the whole Lace outcome.
Really enjoyed the workshop about fast collage/ print with Petra. I made some reactions on my research , mapping etc....
Also, a blue paint colour exploded all over me so it effected some of my drawing... I quiet liked it so I took a picture and i am going to use it in the further development. I started to create some small samples/paper and textile/ based on the idea of space and connection 


Draping workshop

January the 9th MONDAY

- printing out research images
- collages, assemblage 
- observing shapes, extracting 


January 7th~8th WEEKEND

- the exhibition day
I went to the Science Museum- which was super crowded/small children/ but I found many useful things related to my project.
I was going through the exhibition of astronauts and space , and I got some images of Earth at night
Another lovely exhibition about collecting peoples data- how they are used, it is quiet terriffing . Also the fact that peoples data are changing and forming the world. I should do more research on mapping and security
Uploading images of research I made today on workflow.  Drawing some traditional lace structures. I feel that I have to print out some of my research imagery and start to collage and start to get material ideas/ manipulations/ out of my research. 

January the 5th THURSADAY

Coming back to CSM after the long Christmas break ... 
getting briefed on the Lace Project.
Obviously, when they want us to work on lace, they don't mean to go very traditional way , but to explore a wide range and possibilities with Lace. We have done some exercises in order to get better and clearer ideas on our Lace concept.
After watching the video of myself talking about lace and the research I have done so far, I realised that is crappy and I don't see any potential in it. My initial research was way too broad, without innovative ways of looking at lace and without any certain direction of interests. I am probably  going to use the research at some point because it was very much based on characteristics of lace and the association of lace to myself. 
Sometimes, it is better to reconsider the choices before going ' the wrong direction'.



January 3rd TUESDAY

Despite of a terrible stomach flu I have , I am trying to think of the upcoming Lace project . I am not very happy about my research. I will see what tutors tell us on Thursday. 
I feel that the whole January is going to be very intense. 
In order to finish both PART 2 projects plus new Lace project I have to work much more .
I am definitely self motivated! /UPs are coming in no time/

December 28th WEDNESDAY

Illustrations on Cultural swap.
Time lab project still in process... 
Working on development sheets and on print ideas for Time Lab.
Enriching research pages on both projects. Writing analytical comments.

December 23rd FRIDAY

-Draping Cultural swap on my mom.
-Creating textile structures.
-Working in sketchbook - the question is ... how am I going to push my ideas further? How to develop it further?  Lots of drawings went straight to rubbish bin- more than a half. 
I realize that sometimes I tend to be very critical and tough on me. I don't think that that is necessarily a bad thing, I just have to find a balance when to stop working and label it ' done' . I am definitely not there yet with Cultural Swap .

December 20th TUESDAY

Thinking of characteristics of LACE. Gathering images. I am not quiet sure how am I going to approach this project . 
No access to thoughtful resources, only google and magazines.... trying to figure out the mood board of the whole project .
Very difficult to focus on school work when I am home over Christmas break- frustrations

December 18th SUNDAY

- fixing up the Cultural swap projects - RESEARCH PART 
- watching the Cremaster by Mathew Barney, or at  least a part of it .. At the beginning , I was not sure if I really like this cycle. It is definitely controversial piece. Pushing the boundaries of what is art ... it is rather you love it or hate it. I feel that this is a perfect reference to my Cultural swap project and that I am going to link it to lunatic mind -in a good way of course. Pretty much everyone with wild imagination / dreaming/can be considered as lunatic these days. It is always about the boundaries.

December 15th THURSDAY

After two days of packing and resting I am finally back in Slovakia ready to value my Progress tutorial and things that went good and the other things that didn' t turned out quiet well.
I had a nice chat with Alice while tutorial, and she advised me to :

- do more draping on body for the Cultural swap
- make design development sheets for both Cultural swap and Time lab project
- introduce fabric samples/ textile experimentation for both , Cultural swap and Time lab
- improve the research on both projects.... more sources and more analytical comments

With my Reflection, there is no problem at all, I just have to keep writing .
I feel that I really have to work over Christmas break.
It seems that I am missing many important things that have to be done for my Portfolio review and assessment.

December 12th MONDAY

- videos about colours , effects of colour on us, colour psychology ...
- trying to get the personal statement done , desperate to find the right words
- fixing my project pages, visually

December 10~11th WEEKEND

-UCAS application
-personal statement -stuck
-presentation of EUROPE project for Chris
- Workshop with Helen Bullock
- design development and print ideas for Time Lab project
Frustrated about my Personal statement. I definitely have to book a tutorial with Pauline to solve this.
I know that I won't have enough time to present an actual sample/ part of a garment on Tuesday so I will keep working on the project over Christmas break.
I had such a great time at illustration class with Helen on Saturday. I was impressed by a progress I have made only on 2,5 hours. I got more relaxed but my observational skills improved. Very grateful for this opportunity .
HIGHLIGHTS- changing medias, working fast but precious, changing techniques, getting familiar wth model's pose, being dynamic while drawing, trying unconventional materials...

December 9th FRIDAY

Photoshoot for Paris-London project
I am actually very satisfied with results of this project, considering time pressure and the fact that I had to work on Foundation projects at the same time as well. I wanted to do performance with the dress , however I have progress tutorial next Tuesday and I have to finish my time lab project by then, or at least to get more design development ideas done.
Photos of my final outcome >  EUROPE page

December 8th THURSDAY

WHITE SHOW, preparation since early morning, lovely spirit and atmosphere in the backstage
In my opinion, some of the white show garments were very outstanding and inspiring . It is important to have a good presentation- choosing a model that is going to present your work as good as possible. Some of the models didn' t know hoe to walk properly or they were fixing the /falling/ parts of a garment while walking which shouldn't happen in my opinion.  

December 7th WEDNESAY

Research on universities, programmes they offer
- starting UCAS application , mind maps, content...
- finishing up project for EUROPE , planning photoshoot for Friday .

December the 6th TUESDAY

3 workshops a day 
A) DRAPING - basic rules while draping , terminology within draping and sewing, respecting character of chosen fabric- a stiff fabric will hold the shape, loose fabric won't . I used this workshop to get some draping for Time lab project done... I was looking for different structural possibilities with fabric . Got some ideas on garment .
B)COLLAGE - fast working, spontaneous,  EFFECTIVE ,lovely outcomes responding to my shape research, developing silhouette , creating print for garment, completely new approach of project, 
I am definitely going to use this technique in next project...
C) COLOUR- why this colour? association with colours, colour wheel, meaning of colours, Importance of opposite colours, tones, pastel colours... This workshop made me to realised that my colour palette for Time LaB project was not working too well. I was focusing too much on monochrome colours, thinking of 'soviet occupation' as a negative event. SOLUTION: The connection between this and the other research imagery is going to be COLOUR.

December 3rd & 4th WEEKEND

- gathering more images for Time Lab Project 
- defining form and shape for European Project.
- Design Museum visit- temporary exhibition on What is a good design, design development in technologies, importance and future of handcrafted design, FUNCTION, provoking of EMOTIONAL RESPONSE,  RESPONSIBLE for ENRICHING OUR LIVES, CONSIDERING CUSTOMERS NEED

December 2nd FRIDAY

-white show crit: I was asked by my friend Andrea to model for her in White Show Project. I agreed even though I don't really have experiences walking the catwalk that much I was always in her position. Designer . However I found it it could be fun and an essential experience as well. 

During the criticism
I realised: it is important to represent your work as good as you can .

do not be ashamed of the work , be proud and don't flip out when teachers are asking you questions that you are not comfortable with,

try to explain your decisions wisely.

Small sketchbooks are not that attractive.

Quality over quantity.

It is important to choose fabric because of its characters.

Later tonight I started to reproduce the fingerprint for European project on fabric.

December 1st THUSRSDAY

-studio work
-collaging , looking for a shape and silhouette, mark-making ...
Idea: In this project I will focus on repetition and how everyone looked the same because of lack of goods and the fact that kids were forced to look just the same from the kinder garden by communist/pioneers/.They were not actually forced but everyone was EXPECTED to do so.
I will do some more research on military uniforms and spartakiad.
Spartakiad: mass gymnastic events organised by Communist .Men and women of all ages practiced their exercising routines for the event. Appearance was mandatory for soldiers and students.

November 30th WEDNESDAY

I asked my aunt to send me some pictures of her and my dads childhood to get authentic source.
Synthetic materials made in Soviet Union only , lack of clothes, hand knitted sweaters, uniforms for pioneers, badges 
Everything was under the control of political system. Everyone who doesn't follow the rules had to fear consequences .
No freedom of speech. Human rights repression. Violation. Fear. Self-conscious. Anything from West was forbidden.
No long hair for men. Restrictions in literature, art, music, fashion ...


November 29th TUESDAY

Morning tutorial with Chris about Eurostar project.
Idea: the dress I am going to make are going to be interactive with audience , people will choose colours depending on which continent they are coming from and will touch the dress and donate their fingerprints.
The outcome is going to be a dress and a small book showing the process , illustrations and the dress photographed. I was advised to do more research on materials changing after touch.
I expanded my research on Time Lab project , including pictures from AVANT GARDE FROM CZECHOSLOVAKIA, capturing the post war/ communist era. I was looking for a muse that would totally represent emotions behind my theme .
I really like this project however, I am getting ill so I am a bit frustrated that I am not that productive ...

November 28th MONDAY

Introduction to new brief >TIME LAB , 2weeks project
I found some books about Votes for women :''Political movement towards women's suffrage began during the war and in 1918, the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed an act granting the vote to: women over the age of 30 who were householders, the wives of householders, occupiers of property with an annual rent of £5, and graduates of British universities.''
It might be a little bit cliche and it is a well known topic so decided to look again and to find a new topic. I found the book called BEHIND THE WALL which describes and the situation in Eastern Europe after the Berlin Wall was constructed.  I was always interested in post war era and this theme is very close to me since that is when my parents were born in 1968, few months after Soviet invasion /occupation/ happened in Slovakia.

November 26th SATURDAY

-got some rubber /leather/ plastic samples from IKEA 

November 25th FRIDAY

I went to CSM for fitting  for the White show I am going to model for my friend Andrea. The atmosphere in Fashion studios was hectic , apparently it is lots to do in no time.
Afterwards I went to the library to get some informations about Korean contemporary artists.
Really interested in Lee BUL artist and her artwork/utopian concept, femininity, performance , reflective art / 
I like that she is playing with audience and that her art is always large scale masterpiece!

I also found artist named Gilwoo Lee and really liked. The technique that she uses looked so alive , using dots an warm colour palette that it caught my eyes straight away. Then I looked up to the description of her work and I couldn't be more surprised.
She uses fire in a technical method by using hot burning incense and a soldering iron to burn permeated screens of Hanji,
a Korean traditional paper
''Through a technical image in the ideology of transmigration of souls of all things with life in ashes after their deaths, I produce new images through the repeated burning of Korean traditional papers, one by one.''

November 24th THURSDAY

-finishing up, setting up the room for presentation, group crit
I was quiet happy with the outcome of this project.. 
I felt that my research was deep and that I did point out all the interesting facts about Korean culture. However, I wasn't able to find books about Korean contemporary artists, i will do later on this week. 
I did't like the way I presented my work this time that much , I wanted to have the postcards hanging from the ceiling , but I did't have enough time so I just got some envelopes and set the whole presentation /sketchbook and postcards/ on a table.
I think that I was confused at the beginning of this week because I din't really know what to do, I was focusing on my final outcome a lot because I wanted to know which direction should I focus my research on. But then everything got better when I kept working on a research and the ideas somehow just appeared.

Feedback I got:

well interpreted research
maybe I can space up my further drawing in to more pages /so they are not squeezed/

November 23d WEDNESDAY

As I realised while collaging , I want to create an outcome that would really represent Korean culture and its traditions and heritage. I want to attract all of the senses to get a unique experience : touch , smell, sight, taste , hearing.
I have decided to create a collection of postcards inspired by Martin Parr because postcards are the first contact with a foreign culture without necessity of visiting .

November 22nd TUESDAY

Increasing research- secondary research on Korean Culture- Korean food, music, religion,costumes...
Collaging images, creating mood boards, and getting some ideas on concept and approach
I was amazed by old family pictures from Korea... I really loved dramatic background on the pictures /reminded me of Baroque Rembrandt's paintings/
Also there are always flowers in a background so they look like they are almost a part of a garment.

November 21st MONDAY

-discussion about our cultures in groups
- swapping images , getting KOREAN CULTURE

 Sorim provided my with different range of images considering Korean culture, paintings, architecture, typical Korean dress and Shamanism. She decided to look at traditional menswear in Korea since she would like to continue in BA Menswear later on. I really like the colour palette of Korean shaman dress. and headpieces.  I have to look up closer to the meaning of colours in Korea. Sorim received my cultural images of Slovak culture which were more wide I think. I focused on food, embroidery and folk costumes, architecture, product design,,,providing different ideas on structures.
I think our way of looking up at research was quiet similar. In a future, I would consider printing more images of costume related to body .

November 18th FRIDAY

Putting my interactive poster for European project on the CSM street. Basically, I have decided to get face paint in different colours and assign each colour for certain continent.
 Poster had instruction included.
 1.Pick which  continent are you coming from.
2. Touch and donate your fingerprint
3. become a part of the project.
The thing is , having someone else's fingerprints it something that defines her/his identity. Many people might not feel comfortable and secure with that.

November 17th THURSDAY

Research in the library
I focused on European project, having better supportive documents to my concept of creating a  Dress For Europe.
Found the book called The Visible Self Global Perspectives on Dress, Culture and Society
Quote: 'FASHION is a part of life, no matter what your form of dress'








P  A  R  T    O  N  E 

November 12~13 WEEKEND

-finishing up and preparation for Assessment, printing in library , discussing layout and whole work presentation with my friend

- choosing Fashion Design as a next pathway:

Exploring different fashion and textile design processes has confirmed that I am most passionate when working in relation to the 3D body.
I am excited to utilize my knowledge of design development, pattern making, and sewing to continue cultivating my potential.

I have experiences from fashion industry since I have already presented my previous collections at runway at Bratislava Fashion Days (2015) and NYFW (2016).

The womenswear and knitwear pathways are the most promising for me to accomplish my goal of becoming a successful fashion designer.

November 11th FRIDAY

Looking back at Tactile structure project , finishing up photo documentation and evaluation.
For my final outcome of this project, I have made an installation of table covered in my samples. Inspired by Matt Wingfiled's 'English furniture for life' - collection of recycled card tables that blur the distinction between table and tablecloth
My interpretation of Tactile Structure Project is playing with idea of using found recycled objects, and placing them in to public space with elements of strong architectural background. All of the materials I used were recycled and they were  mainly paper, plastic ,fabric or glass based. My installation is called ' English Breakfast ' and it represents connection between 3D objects and architectural environment which they are placed in. 
Box of cereals, milk, mandarine ,package of smoked salmon or Italian proccuitto , pack of eggs..all covered and wrapped in my textile experiment, creating harmony with surface-tablecloth- they are placed on-becoming one huge sample- 
As a result of this project, I am presenting playful interesting installation that  is breaking boundaries between typical usage of textile and its relationship with environment. Bright colours and mixture of different medias made the final installation interesting and eye catching. I am also very happy with pictures that I took while sample manipulation and rotation , modulation on a model's body.

November 10th THURSDAY

Finishing up our samples, photocopies of my 3D samples turned out very well and got me another ideas of making another samples.
We had photo session in Barbican where we experiment with space and our samples/structures in it. It was almost like our outcome came back to the starting point when we were only observing Barbican. I have tried to experiment with light and shadow, and with saturation as well.
I couldn't help my self, and I had to take some pictures with my friends posing for me and using samples as a piece of garment. It gave me some ideas how could I develop it in future. Love the idea that model became a part of architecture while wearing it.

November 9th WEDNESDAY

Despite of having loads of things to finish by tomorrow, I have decided to go to Tate Modern
There was this special event going on , when Marina Abramovic /goddess of performance design and one of the most successful female artist of this century /herself was signing up copies of her new memoir called Walking Through the Walls. I have been interested in her artwork since last year and the fact that I was able to meet her in person was amazing. There is something about her art that I cant explain with words... either way, I think it is very reflective and somehow narrative by itself. She uses audience as a medium a lot.
I have also done short tour around the permanent exhibitions, even though I saw all of it many times before. Suddenly, I found Steel Table sculpture by Anthony Caro that really impressed me. How come I have never stopped by before?
Later on, I got back to my sample making and I have seen everything form a different perspective. Sometimes it is better to have a short break when you don' t know how to continue and approach ideas from your head.

November 8th TUESDAY

Super intense day with Patricia.
Today's process:
-developing ideas on our samples
-developing sense for colours, finding colour palette and balance
-developing structure for our textile samples, from 2D to 3D
-material experiments
-learning how to edit our artwork - SUBTRACTION & ADDITION
- selective process
-developing hand stitches /not classical ones/
-working very fast /without thinking too much/ and being spontaneous might bring fresh ideas on developing your design
-working manually is fun /even under time pressure/and might cause brainstorming
-thinking out of box, how to approach things differently?
-ALWAYS look to your starting point/or previous development/ while design developing
I thing I should have brought in more different materials today to work with. After few samples, I felt that all of my samples are very similar . On the other hand there was a strong connection between them so you could totally tell that they are from one collection.
My strengths: drawing, sewing and manual work, critical and conceptual thinking
My weaknesses: difficulties while verbal presentation of my ideas and work, too many ideas /mess in my head/ and struggling with being selective and picking only one/the best / idea.

November 7th MONDAY

Day 1 of TEXTILE PROJECT inspired by Brutalist Architecture.
- location BARBICAN 
- observation and quick sketches of structure , shapes, space, environment
- selective process 
- design development- repetition- various interpretation of structure and shapes
- collection of future fabric samples using mark making, collage and assemblage
 - finding colour palette .
I have made super last minute decision to apply for Fashion East contest and become a part of the next London Fashion Week. We will see...

November 5th SATURDAY

I spent a day at Kings Cross today since we have had a skype session for the Europe project
-Discussion about Europe and its problems.
primary research on Brutalist Architecture in London / observational drawings/
I like the contrast between concrete and see through glass windows.

November 4th FRIDAY

Molly Goddard exhibition-  loved the atmosphere in the Now Gallery. 
As well as idea of interactive embroidery installation of  6 long tulle dresses. 
Come and try to embroider something on a dress and become a part of creative process. lovely.

November 3d THURSDAY

Final day of Public Art Project
- drawings of  structure,  
-trying various fashion illustration styles with Chris,
I have received nice feedback about my drawings /illustrations/ and working in small scale /structure 1/ was appreciated as well.

November 2nd WEDNESDAY

The Ucas lecture was helpful, however time consuming .
I have been working under time pressure later in the afternoon until late night.
For my final structure , I have decided to try some experiments. Using fragments of observational line drawing, I was trying to imitate line using short length stitches in contrast colour.
The other structure was capturing negative space of ' my public art sculpture'/transparent version/.
For the last final structure, I have decided to use black neoprene because of its good folding character and its thickness, I think it is an ideal material for quilting. Plus I didn't have to hem anything.

November 1st TUESDAY

Day 2 / PUBLIC ART Project
Lovely lecture with Jo Simpson today, we got quiet handy information about upcoming Ucas and applications for BA .
So far, I am considering knitwear or womenswear ...
- developing a large scale 3D structure from yesterday,
- bringing in more elements of toile
- considering function of my structure
- observational drawing, ideas coming out of collaging
- deciding on fabric/material that should be used for an outcome and the process as well based on chosen public art character. I am looking at different building materials to create illusion of concrete, wood , metal ...

October 31st MONDAY

Day 1 of making PUBLIC ART project at CSM.
We started with discussion about the public art we have chosen for this projects (and why), pitching ideas and concepts to our group members. The process of getting ideas on shape and form were pretty much same as with 'my surrounding project' .

- creating small scale 3D forms out of 2D shapes
- observational drawing , structure, material, monochrome
- large scale 3D form, experimenting structure related to different parts of body
- documentation-drawings-design development 
However, I was considering my concept using street performers and musicians as important elements of public art /and community as well/ I have decided to stick with rough art pieces by Richard Wilson and Esther Stocker as my main inspiration for shapes. In the afternoon, I have done some observation of different interesting fragments of garment and I will use the sophisticated details in a future for my final outcome.


October 30th SUNDAY

Today I was working on my Task 2 of Europe project. At the beginning it was a bit difficult to process all of the received information.
My Paris partner Claudia did focus her research on idea of travelling around the Europe for as little money ad possible in short period of time.
After all, I realized, I am struggling with writing down 500 words about my deduction to her topic.
Maybe I should start reading more books in English.

October 27th THURSDAY

We were finally devided in to groups and I got Pubic Art.
I spent my day walking around Shoreditch and sketching some graffiti and sculptures without knowing who made them. I am not sure if that is not very cliche for a concept idea . I found Normadic Community Gardens- I want to stop by on Monday and do some more sketches/depends on feedback I will get from my piers and tutors/
 I also find Richard Wilsons's Square the Block on the corner of Kingsway. What a lovely artwork. I have done some research on him lately and I admire how he works with architecture in public space. so lovely.

October 26th WEDNESDAY

My friend Julka an d I went to Saatchi gallery today for the first time. The current exhibition Champagne life had so much to show.
I was especially interested in Henri Barande's artwork. Painting small fields and placing them right next to each other cause the effect of 'digital painting
'For fifty years Barande kept his practice out of the public eye, so that his achievements remain largely unknown to the art establishment. His works are all unsigned, undated and untitled, and they are not for sale. This freedom from commercial considerations has allowed him to pursue his artistic goals without compromise, to disappear behind his work. David Galloway persuaded Barande to share his vision with others - first through publications, then through exhibitions. Barande will only show his work once in any single country.' 

October 25th TUESDAY

I went to library to see if I can do some research of both Public Art and Brutalist Architecture as well. Unfortunately, most of the books were taken so I decided to do the research later on .
In idea that music is public art as well, I went to concert of Glass Animals. Maybe I could do some research on music in fashion. I know that Sonya Delaunay with her husband tried to capture music in to large scale canvas paintings.

October 24th MONDAY

Today I returned from my trip from Slovakia , heading straight to do some research.
I have decided to visit 180 Strand, as there is an exhibition THE INFINITE MIX- contemporary sound and image.  In all these works the interplay between moving and image and sound is crucial. What you hear is as much important as what you see that is why most of the ertist have composed, commissioned or remix the soundracks for their artwork.I have to say I didn' t predict it is going to be that interesting at all. However, I spend 4 hours in there, because I just love the atmosphere in that building /very industrial/ , at some place, it doesn' t even look like gallery.  Can we consider this as a public art as well? It is easy accessible, it is free entry and it suppose to attract people walking around it on a street to stop by. What about  musicians , dancers and performance artist on a street?

October 21st FRIDAY

-Research on Esther Stocker 
-checking the brief and making some notes on 2 project we got: Brutalist Architecture and Public Art
I wish I could be put in the Public Art group since I feel like I haven' t used it as my inspiration so far in my art work.

October 20th THURSDAY

My trip to Slovakia made me go to Esther Stocker exhibition that I was totally hypnotized by .
The whole concept of Kunsthalle ( the space where it as exhibited) is to bring art to public. Using big scale see through windows make people to stop by and have a closer look , even though it is located in a very busy city centre. 
When I entered Stocker's exhibition, I felt like I became a part of her installation... a small fragment in her painting. Black massive frames were almost levitating ruing my idea of gravity and creating amazing illusion

October 19th WEDNESAY

Fixing up my reflection and working on my sketchbook.

October 18th TUESDAY

Today I had my progress tutorial with Katie. 
It went very well and she got me some tips on improving my reflection. She was very satisfied with all the work I have produced so far , including my research and final outcomes. However, form now on, I am going back to typing my reflection instead of handwriting. Katie mentioned that I should use bullet points or keywords to help my tutors look through my work without getting lost in it.
I am also going to put more documentation pictures of the process .

October 17th MONDAY

October 13 ~ 15 th

October 12th WEDNESDAY

October 11th TUESDAY

October 10th MONDAY

October 6th THURSDAY

October 5th Wednesday

October 4th TUEDAY

October 4th TUEDAY

October 3rd MONDAY

October 3rd MONDAY

October 1st SATURDAY

September 30th FRIDAY

September 29th THURSDAY

September 28th WEDNESDAY

-Independent study and preparation for the exhibition on Thursday.
-Lack of sleep
-I really like the jacket project, however I am trying to do my best in not much time.

September 27th TUESDAY

1.-Observation, getting idea from draping and paring different jackets together, exloring shapes and possibly used structures.

How have you used selective process to identify inspiration from primary work?

taking detailed pictures and being selective means to find and to select only what inspires us and what we can use in our creative process.
How does working collaboratively inform your practice?

Getting new ideas from someone else is very effective when we get stuck in our ideas ad we don't know where to continue. Always a good idea to get feedback /possitive ad negative ass well/
from people around.
How does deconstruction inform reconstruction? 

I found very inspirational to deconstruct my jacket. Except I have obtained knowledge about pattern and used technology, looking through lining and exploring textures helped me to develop shapes and structure for my final outcome.

Septemer 26th MONDAY


1.-technical drawing, exploring structures of jackets, 3D forms related to body and space, design ideas..>

What are technical drawing used for in design process?

-detailed, neat drawing without abstract or dynamic aspects
-capturing the whole garment/ or certain details/ in order to to get better ideas about the construction and
used technology of garment/object/
-good idea to combine technical and observational drawing plus fashion illustration

September 23d FRIDAY

Inductions -3D workshop

September 22nd THURSDAY

The final day of YOUR PROJECT.
Combination of everything we have learnt so far.
Fashion illustration improvement . Creating the final outcome of this project. 

September 20th TUESDAY

Day 2> Your data

Exploring the process behind of textile design.
We have started day with defining our personal items we brought in and we were piling them into various groups , depending on their size, colour, value/emotional or price/ , function, age , while looking for relation these objects had between each other... we were creating collections.
I have found very useful to do some quick drawing as well. I feel much more confident about my drawing style because it is very free and abstract in certain way, even though we drew from life.

Importance of developing your own individual style...
I consider the developing of my personal style as one of the most important thing for artist in general.
I would like to focus my studies at CSM especially on experimental and open minded projects which could help me to obtain confidence and after all, knowledge of my individual style.
It is important not to look at the ' others' work, because basically, every single person that we look for does influence us in certain way. My individual style is still in process however doing observation /research/ and then reinterpretation in my way does help a lot.

Idea of designing through the abstraction of observational drawing...
This was the first time I have ever experienced such a diverse and interesting process of pattern designing in order to get the most courageous and developed ideas.

Difference in process between fashion and textiles...
Fashion>observation-structures-development-3D experiments-development-observational drawing/variations/
-development-defining the final piece..>
Textiles>observation- abstraction-development- experiments 2D & 3D- development and problem solving- defining the final piece..>
Fashion Design & Textile Design have strong connection between each other. DO collaborate and communicate
with the other department whether you are doing fashion design or textile design.

Using scale and repetition to design...
Helps to explore and express more.
DO keep changing formats, different medias but also don't forget to look back to your first ideas, repeat them and develop them eventually.

September 21st WEDNESDAY


Septemer 19th MONDAY

 'Your' project > 3 days project consist of 3 different assignments to do until Wednesday.
Day 1 > exploring surroundings 
Questions I have faces today: 
What is structure? Why am I attracted to this structure? What media should I use for sharing my opinion     about the chosen structure? How can I develop my shape? How to turn it in to a 3D form? How to bring my 2 shapes in to 3d from without using any glue, thread or tape? What I want people to think about my drawings when they review them? What is the emotion beyond it? How can I develop my develop my design?

Process of turning a 2D shape in to a 3D form...

1.chose of structure, defining 2D shapes , drawing, developing, observation
2.considering relationship between chosen shapes, creating small paper experimental prototype, developing
3.cutting out defined shapes, cooperating them together using method of folding, twisting,
respecting the original shape, finding interesting structure and relations.
4.applying the structure while developing design of garment

How does changing the scale and proportion of a form inspire design?
It is an important part of creative process to change scale and proportion of a form. Incorporating and varying shapes /forms/ explores how far can we get with this design without creating completely another one. We use
different methods in order to get the best results.
Working on 3D structure of garment> It helps to try out different variations of 3D structure on different parts of body/ to move them around/, draw them in to the sketchbook and keep developing it.

Why do we draw? Why is it important to draw from life?

Drawing is an essential tool of every artist.
Sometimes, we experience brainstorm with amazing ideas and drawing is the 1st part of the process in order to make our ideas come true. To draw means> to define shapes, to look for solutions, to research and then express our attitude...
Despite of drawing from pictures it is important to use real 3D objects /products, structures, portraits../
Drawing from life means to be focused on what's approach of the drawing/ignoring useless details/ and to
explore the real proportions, shapes, highlights and shadows of the drawn object.

September 15th THURSDAY

I have started my course on September the 14th, researching , photocopying and obtaining as many information at the library as possible. Unfortunately, I was not able to come for my first week of semester, because I was presenting my last fashion collection at the New York Fashion Week. I have received a brief for 1st assignment via email on Tuesday and as soon as I came to class for presentation on Thursday, I knew that I didn't really get what was our project about. However, my Idea Factory project was all about fashion and I was' t able to present my ideas, I have really enjoyed working in my team in order to win 'best idea concept'. 

What makes a good pitch ?
catchy, innovative, creative, positive, problem solving, considering customers/society that is presented to , good oral presentation... Think always 2 steps ahead. The idea is the most important thing, problem solving comes with teamwork and further study, analysing ...

1. presenting your own ideas the best as you can
2. choosing the best idea -to listen the others and consider your own advantages and disadvantages. Choose the best idea rational.
3. developing the best idea - think about function, construction, materials, improvement
4. final presentation to tutors/customers/judges - make people remember you, think abut conclusion of the project as well.

How would I approach this project if I had it again?
I would have chosen some other fields of the arts to source /not only fashion/ and I would think more 'outside of box'












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































- positive feedback
- preparation for progress tutorials
- layout , analysis , sketchbook
- BARBICAN CENTRE-Vulgar Fashion Exhibition
















































- Experimenting with texture of skin
- experiment with latex and artificial skin samples





SKIN TEXTURE: Materials- net, latex acrylic colour, human's hair, wax
Process: rubbing folding , stuffing, stamping/using small piece of leather / , creating women's curves
- I am aware that I should work on my reflective comments
- I was ill last week--didn't do research properly-effected my work-it is difficult to get back to something later on since there is more work to come








































- struggling with ideas
-looking at body modification
-recreating breast prints?
- what is considered as beautiful and why?
-how are women looking at their bodies and why?






- on antibiotics - frustrated that I can't work
while researching
-trust your instinct -general association with something is better than long time consuming reading and panicking in a library .
-first idea is IMPORTANT-develop it!
-think of your advantages and try to improve your weaknesses.








-I am looking at connection between reactions-emotions-thoughts of people after observing J.KOons's ' Made in Heaven' collection and the idea of beauty














































1. describing


















































- quiet satisfied with my outcome
Critical thinking:
What would I do differently ?
1.developing ideas of REVEALING BEAUTY 
2. different presentation of final outcome






































The Practitioner Project meant to get myself out of my comfort zone
- using colours I am not used to work with that often
-experiments with colour palette even though I prefer monochrome or neutrals
Thinking through drawing tutorial, research tutorial:
-drawing exercises:  thinking about emotions while drawing, expressing structure and weight of obscured objects
-creating mind maps might help to improve ideas and to visualise them easily
-being purposeful and open
-purpose to notice doesn't limit us

















 -studio work- project development
 -discussion about our ideas
 -acetate and projection - in love with this technique and I am definitely going to use it again
-I have learnt that LESS IS MORE
 -trying to find balance in my sketchbook, it is important to know when to stop adding things into my sketchbook
 --repetitive process,changing scale, size, mediums
 -my observational drawing skills have improved
 PROBLEMS AND BLOCKS-the best problem solving process is to talk with classmates/tutors about it and get a different point of view. They might add some ideas on improvement as well. Do accept negative feedback as much as positive one. I find research and Independent study very effective as well. Sometimes it is better to stop working, go for a walk or have a coffee and suddenly, new problem solving idea appears!
In order to record all stages of my project I do take many many pictures/closeups. I can use them for collage later on, or they could give me better understanding of obscured texture.I am trying to write my workflow regularly. I analyse and reflect on my research. I explore possibilities with materials and their form,.I might try to work with latex , as my friend Antonio did last year at Advanced Fashion Design Course at CSM.I want to obtain a specific textile transparent/kind of/ structure. It might be way too time consuming though.




















 -Presentation by Rottingdean Bazaar
-observation of our items we brought in, looking at relations between them
- choosing one process - diffusion  
-idea of transforming something beautiful into something gross and the opposite direction as well.

 CONCEPT 1: Hidden Beauty
-transforming chewing gum experiment
-cotton pads - reminds me of flowers- I have saved all of the used make up removal cotton pads from my friends over the weekend/after partying/ so I could use it for this project. 
-forks, spoons,knives- moulding experiment
-leather/skin/- inspired by Yves Klein performance - live brushes- using my own body as a medium- finger prints, breast prints
It is a bit difficult to be selective.



















-using everyday objects
-reactions of people when they entered the Made in Heaven zone- they were curious but almost ashamed to look at series of photographies with sexual context.
- I wanted to see more of J. Koons' s artwork, gallery was a bit small.
-CUBE GALLERY- Anthony Gormley and Virginia Overton
-silhouette construction -Gormley 
- research on artists I have found interesting today









 -looking around, looking for potential objects that might inspire me
 -chewing gums- pretty object before contact with human being/mouth/ , process-chewing, spitting - stepping on them
 -Rottingdean Bazaar research- L. Brooks& J. Buck -playful , using various medias such as balloons, badges, flowers or waste material
 -exciting about this project




















-decision of getting a notebook in order to keep my workflow updated and to use my spare time while travelling home as well
-small exhibition of our JACKET PROJCET
- I learnt I should think more outside the box and try new things without knowing the result of it. I find it quiet challenging , since I was trying to define my own personal style/back in Slovakia/ and now I feel there is nothing such a thing and I should explore every area that is possible. Maybe I will discover that my 'style' is something completely different that I thought so.
- I am satisfied with my Jacket outcome, I used twisting and hand stitching, chopsticks for my construction base...
I have received nice feedback about my presentation, using video and photography to support impression of my jacket.


next resolution- be inventive and openminded

































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