Library Research Task Brief

Over the course of this project, you will come up with a proposal for a piece of work, giving consideration to its conceptual basis, the material(s) it is made from and the process(es) involved in making it. You will accumulate a body of research during a library research session and in your own self-directed study time. You will use this research to generate ideas and develop them into a set of possible outcomes. You will engage in practical and conceptual problemsolving. You will not have to make the work, so you do not need to be inhibited by practical considerations (availability of material, scale of work, cost of production etc.) However, through drawing and annotation you will need to be able to communicate everything about your planned work to the rest of the group. For this project, the emphasis is on the background to making a piece of work (the research, the thinking, the idea development, the testing and experimentation). It is not on the final outcome. You are encouraged to think broadly and ambitiously, experiment freely and to allow your proposal to evolve over the course of the project.


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