Research Task Brief

This task requires you to carry out broad and in-depth research, which will form the basis of a project to be undertaken in the studio next week. Your tutor will put you into groups of 5 or 6. As a group, you are asked to choose one PRACTITIONER, one MATERIAL and one PROCESS from your groups slot on the list provided. Each group will be allocated a one-hour time slot to use the CSM library on Friday 9th September or Monday 12th September (see timetable). In the library you will work as a group to collect and pool research relevant to your topics.


Today's task was to go out around the college and find plastic. With such an open brief, my group and I didn't really know what to look for, so we wandered in the area and tried to find as many different kinds as we could. Firstly, I acknowledged the different criteria that this material could fall into; transparent or opaque, maleable or hard, smooth or grainy. From there on I tried to sketch and take pictures of very different plastics, so I could have a better imput in our group discussion that was following.


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