R A D I C A L  T R I B E S

My group and I thought that our women at CSM were that themselves but we wanted to explain from their point of view to the society and mostly man that even with this extremes looks these women were the new generation of the "modern lady". That even though the break the society standart looks with their coloured hair and their crazy outfits they were still women. Maybe not the ones that are expected to stay home and cook for their husbands but the ones who have something to say. In this magazine we wanted to give them a voice. 

The layout for both magazine and app were explored in many different ways and perhaps it wasn't cohesive. After the crit and changing some aspects in the magazine I tried listening to the advices given and combine text and image better making it look more like a magazine and not a look book. 

After the crit I made my layout more consistent and clear. Tried to make the text and image more integrated  between each other. More impact with the titles and some quotes. 


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