DANIEL EATOCK is an British artist trained in graphic design. His work 'Olympic Rings' was his own take/response to the original and iconic interlocking olympic rings logo designed by Pierre de Coubertin. Essentially, Eatock has simply ordered the rings into one another, which also looks similar to the RAF Roundel which is quintessentially very British, which jeopardises the idea of the Olympic rings representing all continents -  I find this to be a very interesting juxtaposition, it makes you think whether the artist done this piece of work out of patriotism or genuine preferability, i believe it is a mix of both. 

When looking at this piece, it looks like there are more than 5 colours, (even though there isn't) it looks bigger and bolder than the traditional olympic rings and very obviously more contemporary. It is almost like an optical illusion.. which could possibly be done on purpose by the artist to get his opinion on the Olympics out in an artistic way. 

If i were to change this piece myself, i would make all the rings the same colour -  in response to the world today's obsession with equality. 


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