Week 10

Ockams Razor Dress Rehearsal. (Tipping Point):

The actors used five sticks which hangs on the stand in the performance. It makes me feel like they are playing with the sticks. They make the sticks spinning around any they starts to run and try to catch the sticks. They make 5 sticks flickering around and starts to dodge the sticks. The spinning stick make me feel like they are playing and hiding from time. They also performed some acrobatics which two people spinning around like a clock. This makes me remember some chinese acrobatics. At the end they put back fore sticks and left one stick which hangs in the middle. They spin it and let it to sing around by itself. It has white sand inside and when the stick spins, the sand flow out on the floor which creates a swirl shape. The light was really good and capture the feelings and moods of the performance. The sound makes the sticks alive. I really like the idea of putting sand into the sticks, the swerve shape was really nice and the using of light on it makes is comes out and really 3 dimensional. It makes me think the Time never stops.

workshop with Pete Brooks:

He asked us to see some hollywood films about bank robbery. He want us to represent a bank robbery scene in the white lab. He taught us how to use different filming and editing skills. And also some of our ideas.

Through different music or sound.

Different ways of using editing skills to perform. Slow motion, Backwards, Forwards,Quick Version or suddenly stopped.

Using CCTV to film the performance.

From different perspective to film the bank robbery like filming in the customer's perspective.

As a Mirror.

Only customer or only teller.

In the performance I tried customer, teller and the robber who hitting a customer on the head. I learned a lot in this workshop. I learned different skills of filming and performing. I think for my Unit 3 project or future project. I will use what I learned in this workshop. It's very usefull.

Week 11

Costume measuring workshop:

In this workshop, Jenny taught us how to measuring people in a correct and formal way. I also learned what things should I do and what things should I avoid.

When I'm measuring a person, I should always be friendly and respect to people.

When I'm taking measurment, I should stand on the side of the person.

Take the measure in the correct order, from top to below.

Ask the person kindly to take their shoes or any items from their pocketc. ie. mobile phones, wallets and bulky clothing, ie. jumpers, layers.

Take all the measures even I don't need to. Because it might usefull for the future.

I also need to ask some questions to the person. Like Allergies, Shoe size, Bra size, Collar size and Glove size( in inches).

Ask the person to stand on a piece of paper and draw the shape of his feet. So it's easier for me to choose the shoe size.

I found this workshop really usefull. I think I will use this skills i my future projects.

Peer tutorial with Peter:

This session is about giving feedback for unit 2 part 1. He gave me a very clear feedback and I know what I did bad and what I did well on it. In my work document image I wrote a good first primary research on working with DCL. I didn't write my interest on stage design and I didn't do much research on stage design. I didn't put images on. I didn't have enough secondary research about stage design. For my Unit 2 Part 2, I will work on both primary and secondary research.

Group Meeting:

We had a group meeting in the library, we talk about our developments on time. Then we decide to focuse on waiting and also the body and emotions of people waiting (Waiting Kills).


1. Personal feelings noticed on waiting.

2. Observing other people makes other wait.

3. Clock in a public place.

4. Children tempted with sweets.

5. Notes and reflection.


1. To make the audience experience the feeling of waiting: As a coincidence, someone is late, the audience is quite tired of waiting or get the proess when person A kills person B with something as bow or slingshot " killed by boredom/ Waiting kills".

2. The performing of a feeling being board:

A perfomer has an arro through his bodyand a very said face expression. When someone finally asks him what happened the performer, he says " Waiting Kills". Conditions are pretty much the same.

3. A superhero-look person with a writing "Waiting" on the clothes or paper clothes running aroud the place and killing random people with a bow.

4. Teasing children with sweets. So make them wait.




Week 12

Peer Tutorial with Peter and Pete:

In this session, peter and pete ask us to present a 1 minute presentation of our unit 3 part 1. They give us 45mins to discuss how we gonna use this 1 minute to present. I was discussing to Angela about this presentation, we were goig to talked about our ideas and the experiment we want to do. But after we saw the first group's presentation, we changed our idea. Because the first group was presenting a performance to show their ideas of Time. So we suddenly decide to do the experiment we came up with. We performed our idea about waiting kills. Because we all like the idea of waiting, we concentrate on the emotions and feelings of waiting for somone or someting. Peter gave us some advise. He said try to show this performance to people we don't know, because when I'm performing, my cassmate all starts to laughing at me because they found it  funny. And also I was nervours and I couldn't concentrate. But people get the meanings of our performance. We will keep on developing ideas and keep on experimat ideas.

Core skills. Storyboard:

Andrea taught us about Storyboard for Film.


Core Skills. Scene Changes:

Michael taught us about Scene change techniques for live performance. He give us some information of stage design through history. He give us a task to describe the methods of changing scene. And he gave us a place to managing the scene changing. In this session I learned a lot of names of technique.

Group Meeting:

We have a group meeting on wednesday. Angela and Linda shows me an app called Pinterest. I found it really useful. We creat a group for our project. In the app, I can find lots of art works about time. Thinking about killing time, I suddenly came up with an idea of one person sitting next to the bid printer and the printer's printing paper with big Time on it. While it's printing, The person take out the printed paper and tearit into piecesthen throw is to the bin. I was thinking to use the shredder at the begining, but we couldn't find it in the loan store and library.  This performance is showing we can't kill time because it's an ongoing thing.

I also thought about the burning matches. I was thinking to use matches or candles as a prop to burn it in exact 5 mins. I want to use it as a symbol of time. Then linda came up with an idea of one person buring matches for 5 mins alone on the street. So we went to buy some matches and we find a Garden next to Euston Road. Linda is the person who's going to burn the matches and I will film at the front, Angela will film aroud her and film some close up to her. So we can have different angels of her. As we walk back to uni, we also took another video about Linda standing infront of the kingscross station. This time I was filming and linda is still burning matches then angela appears on the scene and she hold an umbrella for her. This is only part of our experiment, we will keep developing ideas through the time.

Time and project Managing workshop:

Jenny and christabel gave us a form for us to make our own timetable. We work in our group and make a timetable for Unit3 project.

Group Meeting:

Linda bought some props for our experiment. We went to the whitelab and we starts to do our experiments on "waiting kills". I'm the performer and we had an idea of me play in three roles. We just do what ever we thought to performe. Because it's just one of our experiment. Linda is for taking photoes and Angela is filming me performe.  







Week 13

We had a peer tutorial with Peter and Dermot on monday. they let us to build up the exhibitions of our project. I brought some  story boards, Linda brought her sketchbook and Angela made a powerpoint of the experiments we did. We stick some photos and the storyboards on the wall and place the laptop and setchbook on the table. We also put the props we used on the table and wall. Some students like the interpretation with the blood. ( we used red ribbon as the bood coming out from the body) . Frank suggest us to write some notes on the photo's frame we took to help us think about the process. Peter said he can see we got the idea of killing from the video but not necesserily got the idea of killing by time. The class found the video funny and think we are going to make a comedy film. But we wasn't intensionly going into comedy. It's just came out as a result of it was comedy. Dermot said If you do something badly, people will laugh. If you do something with great comic effect, people will laugh but in a different reason.I think because the videos were just a experiments of our ideas, so I didn't performe seriously. And also because the video was showing to our class mate.

I think this tutorial is helpful and we know what we did bad and also get some feedbacks from the student and teacher.

Contextual studies of Performance Art

Contextual studies of Performance Art

Contextual studies of Performance Art

Group Meeting

Linda brought the script for us to look at, we change some of the scenes and scrips on it and we made a plan on where should we film for each sceneand when are we shooting the film.


Hongru getting bored: At my Place. Because the character hongru needs to be similar to real life hongru. And my place is quite modernised.

Hongru getting bored in Grandmother's house: In Angela's place. Because her room is quite small and the mood of her room is like chinese grandmother's home. It feels warm and cozy.

Hongru went to meet the Fortune Teller: In the tent witch we will make. We need to borrow some fabrics from costume store. Angela and me made a small wood chair when we had the wood workshop induction. We think it can be the small table inside the tent.

Hongru got killed by the waiting character: Haven't decide. Need to be a empty and enough place to film.

Hongru miss the flower by her pursuer: Haven't decide. We need to find the place where siut the flower scene. And the weather needs to be sunny.

Hongru missed the money on the floor: Haven't decide.

Hongru had a tripple egg yolk: At my place.

Hongru saw a shooting star: At my place but need to make some stars and also need to think about how and where we gona shoot this scene. Also need some music for this scene. Linda has a friend who's a singer. She will ask her if we can use her songs as the back music for this scene.

Hongru became an angel after she got killed: We were thinking about to use the flying and we don't think we can use it. So we decide to film it on the floor, we will make some clouds and stars for this scene.


We decide to film hongru feels bored at my place first. So we booked the video camera and tripod for the film. Angela and Linda went to my place the day after. We have four shot scenes that needs to be filmed at my place:

Hongru eatting and looking at the laptop feel bored

Hongru has a tripple egg yolk in one egg

Hongru cleaning shoes.

Hongru mediating.

We start with the egg scene, we used almost 20 eggs for this scene. My cooker is beside the oven and we can't place the camera next to the cooker and we also don't think the views of it looks nice also the light is not bright enough. So we decide to place the pan on the table. I need to make the pan really hot and place it on onto the table quickly and crak the egg quickly so the egg can be cooked well. Our first idea is to put the extra egg yolk in a bowl and when I crak the egg and as the egg went into the pan, linda will put the extra egg yolk into the pan as well, but we can see her hand in the camera. We failed about 3 times then I had another idea to place the egg into a flat plate. Although we can't see Linda's hand anymore, but the egg yolk always break. And once we were practising so long so the pan went cold and we waste another three eggs. But finally we have the good and well cooked scene of the egg. We used almost two hours for this scene. When we finish the egg scene, we start to film the Hongru eatting amd looking at the laptop feels bored scene. It was pretty quick and we only film three or four times of it. Then we film the cleaning shoes and hongru mediating scenes. We get more and more practical and faster for each scene.





Get Ready for The Egg Scene

Filming Triple yolk Scene

Grandmother's Scene

Because I was performing the Grandmother and Hongru. And I know how does chinese Grandmother's room looks like. So I'm in charge with the settings and props for decorating the room. I did a mistake, I didn't bring the wig to angea's home and we can't film the grandmother's scene.But at that time we don't really have the props to decorate the room so we had more time to think about what we nned to buy for the room. I bought some flower seeds , Dried sausages, pipers and peanut from china town. I tie the sausages and pipers on. I also brought some sweets, calendar and good fortune posters to angela's place. Angela has some Chinese writings. So we sticks all the things on the wall and place some of them on the table.Because the scene was Grandmother bringing me some tea to drink, then I changed it to dumplings because dumpling is a troditional chinese food. So I bought some dumplings in China town. I wrote the script for this scene, and it's in chinese. We decide to speak chinese in this scene because we want the audience feels that we are really in china. We only use two hours for filming the whole scene and we feel so happy about it. Although we have some problem with lighting, position the camera and the makeups for grandmother. We didn't have the lighting induction so we can't book the light equipment in the loan store. The make up is difficult. Angela did the make uo for me. We all think The make ups looks nice with the light. We didn't record the sound because we think we might record the noise from other people.

Filming hongru's scene in Grandmother's house

Script for Grandmother's scene

Angel and Fortunr teller Scene

Me and Angela went to the loading bay to get some card board for the clouds and stars. We came to Pdp Studio in the morning and start to make the clouds and stars.  I booked the Black lab for the Angel scene and Fortunr teller's scene on Friday and Satuarday.  Linda borrow a ladder from the loan store so Angela can film the Angle on the ladder. Linda brought her own black fabric and I also brought a piece of black fabric as well. We place the fabrics on the floor and palce the clouds stars and wings on it. I brought my white dress and then we start to film he angel scene. It's quite difficult to film because of the light. We can see the shadows of the clouds and me. We tried to move the ladder to other place but the ladder's shadow appers on the camera. So we move back again. When I was flying on the fabric, I suddenly have an idea of me eatting marshmallow on the cloud and I told Angela and Linda. They both agree with it and They went to buy the marshmallows from waitrose. They didn't find the marshmallows in waitrose but they found some similar sweets so it's fine.

We come on saturday to film the fortune teller's scene. But we had a problem of doubble booking for the black lab. We waist an hour for resolve this problem. We used the studio theatre at the end. I brought some masks I made before and I think it's suit for the tent. Linda brought some small props for decorating the tent and two lamps. Angela was filming us and we had some problem with the light, Because the scenes in the camera is different with the real scene. We moves the light and adding tissues on the light to make the light smoother. The tent was small and our leg got numbed. But the tent really has the mood of mystery. Exbecially the make ups for Linda. She did the make up by herself and we all like her makeups and think it's really suit for the fortune teller. Before we were asking Sonia to be the Fortune Teller and we all think she is really suit for the character. We ask her but she doesn't have time so Linda became the Fortune Teller. It's end up really well.

Filming Fortune Teller's Scene

Presenting Ideas Studio Crit

We had a crit on thursday, we show some short cut of the film, because we are still editing the film and we didn't put the sound on it. And we still have one scene to film. We get some feed backs about our project. Peter and Dermot ask us why there aren't sound on the film, we said because we want to do vioce over on it, but peter said we need to think about how does the norator will be like. He also said it's really different between vioce over and story telling. There are different types of story telling like documentry like a news report or a disney kind of story telling. See how much the story tells itself don't over tell it.

Story :

There is a girl(Hongru) that she's really bored of her life. She always expecting something good happens to her without doing anything. So she was really depressed and then she went to her grandmother's house. She lying on her grandmother's bed and nitting, then her grandmother got worried. She talked to this girl(Hongru) to see Aunty Lin which is a Fortune Teller. So she went and meet the Fortune teller. The fortune teller pridicted that there will be something amazing happening in her life. Hongru was really happy about the pridiction so she kept that in mind. There was small lucky things happening to her. But she never notise it. At the end all the lucky things run out and then she got killed. And become an angel.  

Choosing places for Flower Scene

Choosing places for Flower Scene

Choosing places for Flower Scene

Film Killing Scene

We went to Linda's place for the Killing Scene. There is a really big park next to her place and we went there. We went to the temple place that Linda showed us before. But we don't think it looks nice and suitable for the killing scene. Then we walked aroud in the park and we found a tree and there wasn't buildings aoud it and it has grass field around it. The weather was windy and cloudy and we all think this weather is suitable for the killing scene. Because I need to act two characters in the same time, one is Hongru and another is the kiling person. I suddenly had an Idea of how to film me in one shot. It's like to film hongru first and turn the camera around slowly so I have time to get change and run from the oppsite of the camera to the place where Hongru got killed. We tried around five times and he final one was the best one. Angela and me was talking about the costume for the killing character in the undergroud and I suddenly had an idea of tie a piece of fabric or paper around my head and write Waiting on it. When we met Linda and we told her about the idea we had and she agree with us and Angea writ done the Waiting on the paper and tie it around my head. Angela tie the paper around my eyes for fun and we all think that it actually looks better than the head. So we decide to tie it around my Eyes. For the costumes Me and Angela was thinking about write Waiting on the white T-shirt but we had the waiting on the eyes. Then Linda and us decide to draw an Golden Arrow on the T--shirt. Finally we got all the scenes for the film and now is to edit them all together. We all think we will be so busy on Monday to edit and finish the film.

The day before Showing Day

We went to find the spaces on the street where has socket on. We wanted to use the Green Nest but we tried the socket on it and it wasn't connected with electricity. We went to find Steve and he said we need to contact CTR. Then we went to student center and get the phone number of CTR. He said we need ask a staff to go and collect the cable in order to make the socket on the Nest works. We went to ask Andrea and she send an email to CTR. While we 're waiting, we went back to Library and start to editing the film, we still have some film to put in and also need to put the subtitles on. I download the risk assessment form and start to write it. For the space on the street, we want to place one screen monitor infant of the loan store and we ask the permission for it. We also want to place one in front of the art shop but the staff won't let us. Then we ask the Voting group can we place a screen monitor in front of the wall where apposite the caravan. They said they won't be there tomorrow. So we can place one at there. The projector will be placed in the middle of the street where opposite the canteen. We will put three benches behind the projector so people can sit.

Performance Day

Our film is at half eleven. We came to uni around ten o'clock so we have time to prepare. We had some problems with connecting the charger into the socket on the street. Our plan was place two screen monitors on the street, one is infront of the loan store and another is in the middle of the wall opposite canteen. And the projector is under the nest opposite the caravan. But when we want to use the socket on the street, we found out that we need to have a clenner's adapter inoder to use it. We decide to set up the monitor infront of the loan store first because the socket at there is useable. When we finished set up this mornitor. We went to the clourful wall for setting up the projector. Because we went to the street before for looking at the spaces where we can put all the things on. We found a white space  in the clourful wall. So we decide this wall is for our back up plan. Angela and Linda was setting up the projector. So I went to set up the other monitor. Because the socket on the street is not working, I decide to place the two monitors together and place six headphones on the table so they can all sit together. But while I'm setting up the monitors, Angela told me the laptop is not working and the place is too bright even we use the projector, we still can't see clearly on the projections. So we decide to move the other monitor to the white wall and connect a speaker on it so people can look at it all together. When we connect the speaker on to the monitor, it didn't work. We saw a guy working and listening to music by a big speker opposite us. We went to ask him if we can borrow his speaker and he said yes. We end up with two monitors, one with headphones on and the other with speakers on. We think some people would like to use headphones because it's really different with the speakers. And it's feel like you looking at the film individually by the headphone and the experience are different.

Feedback from students and teachers:

It's really dramatic because in the film Hongru does die like waitting. It's sad and dramatic but like the whole movie is humor. Really like the contracts. 

There is one scene hongru sitting by the window and this scene makes people expecting something exciting to happen but it's just hongru expressionless and nothing happened and it's funny.

The movie is very engaging and convencing.


Where it's placed? What would you do with this sort of work? Where will you put it? Is it something you can go and listen? Who is the audience and where is the audience?

Questions to myself

What will I do if I have more time?

If I have more time, I will research deeper and make the film more interesting.

I will make a real tent.

I will choose bigger fabrics for the tent so we can show the outside look of the tent in the film.

I will learn how to do the make ups for grandmother.

I will find a better place for angle scene. If We can use the flying, we will hang the clouds on and I will fly.

Our plan was there will be a crying girl running out from the Fortune teller's tent. But we didn't have enough time.

We will edit the film more good quality.

We will record the original sound and to compare with the voice over to see which one suits the film.

What will I do if I can do this project again?

I will book the equipment a week or two week before the showing day.

I will make sure all the things work properly before the showing day.

I will perform better.

I will record the original sound.

I will use the Nest for the showing day so we can project the film in it and the audience will have enough space to sit and look.

I will also put more monitors next to the wall on the street and put headphones on so people can look at the film by their self.  

1 minute presentation

Beyond Google:

In this workshop I learned a lot of skills of how to research using online resourses and in library. I found this workshop really useful, because before i only know how to find books online but don't know how to use library online resourse. I fund it easy and quick to get the information I want. I will use it for any of my project in the future and also for the project I'm working with now.

Burning matches

Shredder ( Killing Time By Time)

Storyboard for film

Making Tent

Angela and me went to the wood workshop on friday and we start to build the ten for the fortune teller scene. We both drew done some ideas the day before. And we talk throygh our ideas of the ten and starts to build it. The tent should big enough to put a small table in and also for two people to sit inside. So we sit opposit to eachother and measure the height width and length for the tent. The tent was made by te scrap wood boards. We measure the wood and cut it. We didn't have enough time to finish the tent  so we leave our wood boards in the workshop. We came back and Linda wants to help us to finish the tent quicker. At the begining was bit messy about who is cuting borads and who's measuring boards. But latter on we starts to work quickly and work well with eachother.

Making Tent for Fortune Teller's Scene

Making Tent for Fortune Teller's Scene

Costumes and Fabrics For the tent, Grandmother and Fortune teller.

We went to the costume store to borrow some fabrics for the tent, we choose back and grey colours of the fabric. Because we want the tent looks creepy and mysterious. We had some problems with choose the costumes for the grandmother. The grandmother is from china because hongru is a chinese girl, I know how does a chinese grandmother looks like so does Angela. Linda was choosin the costumes for the grandmother aswell and the costume she choose was really British and not looks like a chinese grandmother. In China, some of the old people likes colourful cloth but some others likes dark and simple colours. The old people don't wear legging and skirts. My grandmother likes comfortable and relax clothes. But at the end, we choose the suitable costume for the grandmother. Linda choose the costume for the fortune teller and it's really nice. We also thought about the costumes for the angel, but I have a white dressso we didn't borrow it from the costume store. Linda was looking for the wings for the angel from a party shop near her place and shen couldn't find a good one, so she came back to the costume store and found a really beautiful wing for the angel. she borrowed some jewelry aswell. She also went to a shop on Oxford Street and buy a head pieces for the fortune teller.

Filming Hongru's scene in Grandmother's house

Filming hongru's scene in Grandmother's house

Playing with sausages

Sound Studio, Voice Over

We booked the soud studio on wednesday afternoon. We ask the technician to teach us how to set up the things and then we start to record the vioce. It has two seperated room and with a window in the middle. On the recording room it has a screen on it, so we can record the vioce while watching the film. It's really difficult to say exactly the same with the film. We tried a lot of time. It's a really good experience for us, we can use this for our future projects. We didn't finish all the voice over because we have other part that we didn't film yea. So we booked the sound studio for next week as well.

Making Voice over

Making Clouds and stars

Flower scene

We had a group meeting after the studio crit. We decided to film the killing scene on the nextday. Because we are free in the morning and we booked the sound studio in the afternoon. Angela and me need to go to Linda's place for the killing scene and it's quite far from where we live. We decide to go together but we end up waiting for eachother in different places and when we finally met eachother, it's already late. So we decide to film the flower scene instead of the killing secen. Angela and me went aroud at the kingscross station and we found a place which was quite nice and we want to see how it look like in the film so we use phone to see if it's ok. We want to find some other place for this scene and we found a really nice place for the scene. The weather was sunny and really nice but a bit windy. We went to Waitrose to buy the flowers and we start to film. We actually filmed in two placed near the river to see which place is nicer. The weather is quite windy, so the sun goes away quickly. We meed wait untill the sun went back inoder to film.

Choosing places for Flower Scene

Choosing places for Flower Scene

Choosing places for Flower Scene

Sound Studio, Voice Over

When we finished the flower scene, we went to the sound studio to do the vioce over. The technician taught us a nother way of recording sound. He taught us how to record sound with the film together. So it's much more easier and quicker than only recording the sound then edit it onto the film. We added some sound for eatting dumplings and nitting. We also add some sounds for the fortune teller's scene. This time we were really quick and we finished earlier tahn we expected. We went to the Library after that. Angela and Linda edit al the big scenes for the film and I was editing some phony sound onto the film. It's really hard to edit and I didn't know how to edit film before. I found it really helpful.

Making Voice over

Having Fun with Killing scene

Choosing places

Risk Assessment

What I learned

I learned a lot in this project:

Write a timetable so we won't run out of time

Ways to setting up an exhibition.

How to use the sound studio and record sound.

How to record sound with the film.

How to use premier pro to edit videos and sounds.

Different ways of film.

Share out the work and help one another. Like making tent, clouds, stars, borrowing fabrics, costumes, Booking equicpment and buying stuffs for gradmother's scene.

Book all the equipment before the last day.

Practise for the show and also try the equipment to see if it works well.

If using the nest, need to ask tutor to book a cable connecter.

Need ask tutor to book a cleaner's adpter in order to use the socket on the street.

Book the rooms like black lab. white lab or sound studio a week before or earlier.

Ways to present the film.

Practising performence.

Find suitable places for each scene.

Sharing ideas with group members.

Give opinions to group members.





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