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2014  US

Beautiful, wild, funny, and lost, Katie Kampenfelt takes a year off before college to find herself, all the while chronicling her adventures in an anonymous blog into which she pours her innermost secrets. Eventually, Katie's fearless narrative begins to crack, and dark pieces of her past emerge.

I thought this was just a typical love story. But the story of the movie was very negative and helpless. Also the ending of the movie was pretty shocking. I like this kind of film, and I like this movie, but I felt little uncomfortable.

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The only person who knows the truth is the main character girl. She wrote a blog about her life, and it is 90 percent truth, and highly depends on her real life. However, there is a few exaggeration. No one can not tell who is telling the truth, and who is not except her.

This bitter truth is my favorite quote from the movie. When I listen to this quote, I thought this is harsh but true. For some people, this quote is nonsense, but for me this make sense. I understand that think like this will not make life better, and hopefully my attitude change a bit.

10 bitter truths

1. Complete honesty is a complete lie. 

2. Marriage is sacred only to those who have never been married. 

3. Money is more integral to happiness than romantic love. 

4. Every human being is a contradiction. Some hide it better than others. 

5. Never underestimate the tendency of human beings to act contrary to their own best interests. 

6. Were it not for the fear of getting caught, most of us would behave like savages. 

7. All sex has consequences, most of them dire. 

8. The older you get, the faster time flies until months pass like days. 

9. There's no such thing as living happily ever after. 

10. Everything gets worse.

Wish I was here

 Aidan Bloom, a 35-year-old struggling actor, father and husband is still trying to find his identity, a purpose for his life. He winds up trying to home school his two children when his father can no longer afford to pay for private education and the only available public school is on its last legs. Through teaching them about life his way, Aidan gradually discovers some of the parts of himself he couldn't find.

Amazing movie. The movie is describing from 2 aspects, one is from kids, and the other is from adults. All of them in the movie characters found their identities, and keep moving on through death of their father or grandfather.

My favorite part was one of the main character girl asked her uncle to come to see her father. Both of the actor's act is amazing, and made me emphasize with the scene.

The other favorite part was the grandfather is keeping all the contact lenses that he wear in a jar because it is everything he saw.  I thought this was such a brilliant and amazing idea. Since he saw through the lenses, these lenses have memory or what he saw through the lenses. Most people just throw away contact lenses, but we should keep them as visible memories. 


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