I decided to focus on 'Pillow Talk' for this project, as I thought it was something that would both be interesting to research, but also to raise awareness of. From my research I began to realize that it isn't discussed much. I wanted to create a publication that both explains its benefits, raises awareness and is gender neutral, specifically to appeal to a male audience. This was because, from my research, it seemed Pillow Talk was deemed much more important for a woman than a man. 

The front and back cover designs for my publication were inspired by the scientific diagram for Oxytocin, the hormone released after sex, that is also named 'The Cuddle Hormone'. This hormone induces many different behaviours, both physically and psychologically. It is said to increase the trust you feel towards your partner, making you more likely to disclose information or share intimate feelings with one another.

Although both men and women experience this rush of Oxytocin after climax, it has been found that the existing testosterone in a man’s body lessens the effects slightly.  Oxytocin also has a much more profound effect when combined with estrogen. This is why it is said that women, as opposed to men, would regard ‘pillow talk’, or after play, much higher as an important activity post-sex. Men are much more concerned with their performance both before and during the sex itself. 



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