For the last project I feel like I want to push the boundaries of communication. I read an article online that explained how art without a strong concept was in other words pointless, that art should be used to say things that you can't say in the real world. That it should tackle aspects that people don't or wouldn't talk about, that the concepts should be challenging otherwise there is no need to make the art if your concept is something you can easily just talk about or tell people. This, I found really interesting, in the past I have tried to do this and tackle concepts that people wouldn't so freely discuss now or in the past. I think by reading this it has opened my mind to push ideas even more and confront more serious subjects. In my foundation course I have previously looked at the government and their involvement with drug laundering and giving guns to rebels. I've watched a few true films lately, one was about a reporter and how he was printing information in a newspaper on the government how they were involved with this kind of thing, what he printed was true, but the government didn't want to admit it to the world, they ended up making the reporter seem like a liar and made up stories about him, his life was also threatened. I thought I could think about this more and how the people in the world like to think we have 'free' speech, but we hypothetically don't. I know that for this unit I want to use mixed media, or play about with the materials I use to find the best purposes for them. I like working messily or with messy materials so I want it to look deranged.


Having submitted the work online (PPP). I can now begin to think about what I will be doing during reading week, the studios are closed so it will be a great opportunity to gather information and explore artists and works that I planned to do. This can involve going to Kings Cross Library to explore books, I'm not sure that I will find any academic books of use, but I can definitely explore the art books designated in the Fine Art sections. I want to find artwork that will inspire and question me, I like art that I can't get a grasp of or understand, thats what I find curious. Understanding the materials,techniques the artist has used, and question what their art piece is about. I want to find modern pieces of art, that uses colour, something that wows me and gets my attention.

16/02/15 (READING WEEK)


By going to Kings Cross Library I found very useful books. I took pictures of the texts and photos that I found particularly interesting. I was excited to find so many books that I would find valuable to the progress of my work, and thinking process. During the week I have to create a selection of work that corresponds to the gathered research. I found a book called ' exposures' it contained lots of colourful and dysfunctional images. It contained image stills of performance, I could tell the concepts were strange behind the work, as it reflected in the use of materials and the way it was demonstrates the thought gone into the piece. The way normalities were taken out of context and displayed in an abnormal function. The purposes of humans were altered to give a higher significance of add an effect in conjunction. An image of a man, his face painted white had red coloured eyes, he had simple alterations to his appearance but these small touches made me think how it had a big significance, how a face can be changed so much in appearance, to change a soft face, to a scary almost demonic replica. The man had blood on his face which suggests implications of death. Some images created a salonist space. I am interested in this and think it is something I can explore in my own work. The aspects of death, I can use in response to the research I will be doing relating to the corruption of the CIA, and the killing of 'useless eaters' which I have yet to explore. The images in the book, humans were depicted in a new light and shown to be a subject, sculpture or animalistic, never in their original context. This will be interesting to experiment with to see how I can change the appearance of a human and change the emotions behind the work I create. 

I found another book called 'Punk, No one is innocent'. This statement can be explored further within my own context and ideas I want to analyse. Punk was about rebellion and standing out, finding power which is what dominates the minds of many. The period contained strong symbolism and desired abolishment of the mainstream 'normalities' and desired change and value to be wanted.

The text: 'see no evil' states a wanting, desiring (almost lust) towards objects. Something you want and must have. Similarly to research I have conducted exploring the desires of the government and The CIA, they are so confident and determined in their desires, they believe no one can stop them, some aspects are open, others hidden.



I enjoyed going to these galleries there was a mix of style I enjoyed seeing more traditional art pieces as well as contemporary. I noticed how the modern pieces were full of vibrant colour whereas the older pieces were not and had duller hues. I saw the work of Grayson Perry also and this was interesting to see as he had muddled up several of his pieces around the gallery, and you had to search for them and try to establish which were his and which ones weren't. All the ones I thought looked more modern were his. It was interesting to see the interpretation of people and how others had painted and presented them to the viewers.





For the Sci fi effect on the model I used gel and wax for the hair to create an unnatural, greasy,wet texture and sharp look. I used my hands to blend the gold spray on the hair onto the forehead and added glitter also to the face. Gold eye shadow gave an iciness to the lips. Silver eyeshadow was brushed onto the eyelids and a touch of silver was worked onto the eyebrows. A blue pencil was used to outline the lips. I placed the wire helmet onto the head. I made a structured dress out of aluminium foil using sellotape and water bottles to give the dress shape and volume.

I constructed a wire helmet which appears to be protective but has holes in it which indicates a certain vulnerability. Similarly the government control and brainwashing on society through media and film. I wanted to create a film like scene to correspond this idea. Humans are controlled, we like to show and demonstrate the power we have through rebellion but there are always consequences that cannot be got away from, it is a government controlled state. I was inspired through the research I did looking at Cady Noland and Richard Prince, the psychotic elements in their work I feel I have achieved this. There is a sense of nostalgia and a wanting of existence that cannot be subsidised. The artists work I have explored so far are strange, and weird, something that cannot be understood easily, I feel I want to push myself further in my work and these ideas, to create a piece that appears even weirder to the eye. I want my work to create tension between the piece and the viewer. The concept needs to reflect the seriousness of my ideas I am exploring. I am happy of my outcome for this work, but I feel I need to challenge my use of materials further and create something I have not done before. The lighting and closeups of the images work well, but the images that show a scene, I find more interesting as more is going on than just an image of an 'alien'. I also experimented with the colour, changing the tone of the skin to green and manipulating the emotion of the scene by using various contrasts. I need to think about what I will do next. I want my work and the development, to be deranged, to explore anything and everything I want to, to find what works best with what I'm trying to achieve whether it be the medium or materials.

The photos were taken in a garage to simulate a dusty, dirty environment were tools were used.


The character that was created was inspired from the 1980s and from Queen’s pop song: ‘Another one bites the dust.’ I was inspired by the sound, style and rough hair. By looking at music and how high standards are upheld to create the perfect image, perfect sound and perfect environment. I experimented with this idea, by creating the ‘perfect’ image and being surrounded by an environment that is not so pleasing, to experiments with the ideals of ‘ugly’ and ‘beauty’.  There is a start contrast between the models bright, fashionable outfit and a dirty garage. I wanted to contradict the ‘full package’ that exists in this industry by placing an ‘upper class’ in a ‘lower class’ environment to remove judgement from a place or environment you come. I was also inspired by the manner of sexualisation that I have explored in my research within the media including newspapers and especially television. I am interested in this but also why there is so much of it, there has to be a hidden purpose, which goes deeper than it first appears. I want to explore the plans of the government, elite, higher power, for example the need for a break down in families, and what were not being told ( a hidden agenda).




I have added to my research pages, also to my sketchbook. I am happy with my development and how far I have come so far. I have experimented with various ideas and materials. I have thought and examined contentious ideologies. I have discovered a lot and about 'lies' and 'deception' in the government, the power of money, the influences fed on children. I watched the popular film 'ghost' , percific parts reminded me of parts of the research I have done and sections from the bible. How when you did the spirit leaves the body, in the film the bad people were taken away by demons and bad spirits, the people that had led a good life were allowed to live on the earth and do good before being taken away by good spirits. The bad people were tormented by demons which would be for eternity and the good people would live in peace. There was a lot of talking to the dead and communication with spirits which is wrong to do in the bible. You shouldn't communicate with the dead, it is communication with demons or spirits. There is a fascination with doing this, can be influenced through films and media, advertising. The film had strong energy behind it, although the editing was obviously fake it still had an impact. Films, songs, games can be satanically inspired. Looking at the effects of war, holocaust, actions, it can only be inspired by one thing. There is only good and evil in this world no in-between. The saying two faced, is insightful, it reminds me of the film 'The Dark Knight' Harvey Dents face becomes 'ugly/evil' one side, the whole film he is obsessed with two sides, in the end he finally adopts this and becomes two faced and destructive. It shows how a good person can become evil, by the effects around them.


From going to see Grayson Perry's work I was inspired by the bright colours. To me his work has dark emotion behind it, or pain which I find interesting. I have been doing work in my sketchbook, and drawing from images. This has inspired me to look at humans. I have been inspired by the images of peoples faces and the emotion or pain that is shown in them, the way the body can be manipulated by attire or the skin beneath. I have been researching about the government, exploring ideals that newspapers are controlled and what is printed is controlled. The government want to brainwash us and make us think a certain way, which is how 'stereotypes' could be explained. I thought about using wires, and explore it as a form of communication. People communicate with others, the living and the dead, spirits and demons and ideals can be perverse. I explored sexuality, one side to the agenda. Young children being formed. I watched 'The tenant of wildfell hall' an adaption of Anne Brontë's novel. A young boy was coerced into behaving badly by his father, it was a joke to him, he forced him to drink wine, shoot wild birds, be disrespectful towards women. The young boy didn't know this was wrong, but it gave his father joy so he enjoyed doing it. After watching his father shoot birds, he killed the small pet bird kept in a cage. This shows how something can have an effect on you, and when your young you don't realise what your doing, and can grow up with a mindset that 'bad' is 'good' and 'good' is 'bad'. It shows the effect of what we watch, where we go, who we communicate with can have strong sentiments, unseen to the eye, but eaten up by the brain.


The video below 'KISSY KISSY' explores how sexuality can be seen as a joke. Perverse actions are becoming humorous and addictive, to do and watch. Online 'comedians' doing memes and videos of a sexual nature get highly rated as it has become entertaining. It has become an attraction to be famous online. People are desperate to be liked and admired by many. People are not bothered by the negative comments so long as people know who they are, and have power and money. Used is a fake polystyrene head and a ladies derrière. This behaviour has become normal to wide population 



I created a video of my mother eating cereal sat on the couch. Some would view her as useless she's not doing anything but being a consumerist. Eating the world and taking the resources. I have viewed this idea through many ways, I feel it works best exploring it through a jokey viewpoint how these type of people are taken as a joke and portrayed also. 'Obesity' is now seen as a mental disorder and cannot be helped, it is not the persons fault but an illness. I find this very strange, but people can be offended very easily by the words of others and you have to be careful what you say.



I have been inspired by artists work I have explored. Especially the piece 'Giacometti head on a rod' by Alberto Giacometti. By the title of his work I get the impression straight away that it is a self portrait of himself, which I find strange and an interesting way to view yourself. The head is stuck on the end of a rod as if his head has been cut off or beheaded. I like the dark emotion it carries, there is no colour and appears to carry psychotic elements. This is a type of emotion I want to present in my own work but in a good manner, I don't want to create mine as if its a horror, I don't want my outcome to be scary but I want it to be taken seriously and have truth in it, almost like a strange informative story (clip). I like the texture of the sculpture its rough and looks almost sharp and dangerous but the materials he's used it would be soft, delicate and not hurt you to touch.






In the images below I edited them to make the surface of the skin on the face appear diseased and over exaggerated the realities of the skin condition. I took and edited the pictures I was exploring ideas of depopulation including the quote from the matrix which says human beings are a disease and a cancer to the planet. I had the idea of using synthetic hair which I cut off a wig and got the model to put it in their mouth and eating it with disgust exploring psychotic ideas or emotions of satanism and world population control and the new slaves. I liked how the edits came out I experimented with the colour and quality of the photos, I think individually they are interesting but together it heightens the presence of the images and they compliment each other.



I have experimented in my sketchbook with using different styles or drawing, as I do not have a style I have been experimenting with several aspects and attempting to find new ways that I have not discovered before. I have done some drawings which are more detailed and others which are rough and loosely done. I have found the different styles have given an altered interpretation of emotion and being of existing. I really want my end concept to be exposing and truthful like it will make a difference and be informative. I want it to have a good and useful purpose, I have been exploring these types of actions or scenarios in my work in development and sketchbook so far and will continue to do so. Till I can fully understand the complex ideologies I am venturing into. I am looking at many different viewpoints that I wish to and can think of to explore.


I saw on the horniman museum. I have been to the exhibition when I was younger and remember seeing the manmade mermaid. It is a monkey combined with a fish this made me think of what I looked at in the bible like the days of noah, the flood occurred because of all fallen angels and they were having sex with earth women and having babies. Also being able to genetically modify things and the world was very advanced back then, even more so than today. I found this very fascinating and the manmade mermaid, how advanced the world was, even making pyramids which were supposedly used for electricity connection transfer. These aspects and information I would like to explore further.
















I should have started my final outcome and be at a good stage for completing it. I will continue to construct it and finish it this week. I will continue to do experiments towards the final outcome and continue to experiment with textures and the emotion throughout. I will continue to research and evidencing on workflow and in my sketchbook. Explore the space for the exhibition and decide in what position I would like to display my work. 

I will need to plan how I will transport it to Kings Cross for the Exhibition and think about the space I will be exhibiting it in and think about the piece I am making and make sure I am happy with how it looks and make any amendments needed. I need to make sure I am going to meet the deadline for the final assessment for next week. I need to plan out any last minute changes I need to do or if there is anything I need to finish or catch up on. 

Archway, Kings Cross for taught days and work from home on sketchbook and workflow. Space in Exhibition. 


Today was very productive and worthwhile. I visited several galleries. One of the exhibitions I visited was called 'Voices over the Horizon' the artist was Evan Roth. I really enjoyed the space, it felt personal, the work was widely spaced out and the style of the work was simple but effective and produced in a modern way. From looking at the work I had the idea that it was about communications in some way. The was a sculpture spaced on the floor, it was not a well known object or of appearance, which is what I liked, I am fascinated by things I don't understand and have to research into the subject further conceptually. It was transatlantic telegraph cables which were wrapped round and round and the wires were twisted, the shape of it reminded me of a pyramid or pointing to a higher matter or influence. There were black and white photographs placed around the object and on a TV was a shown a web link of google maps which images of skulls, TVs and eyes on it. There was a sat nav placed in a glass cabinet which spun round continuously on a spinner. His work explores messages being spread across continents and oceans in a matter of seconds for the first time. There was a series of moving images displayed on the wall, there was an iPhone, the screen was broken and there was a hand moving over it tapping it as if trying to get it to work, like it was broken, and they were trying to resurrect it. In the exhibition there was also an old TV placed on the floor which displayed colour moving images, which seemed to be repeating, with a gold Chinese toy placed in front. This was interesting to see a TV displayed with objects, as for my final piece I am going to display my work on a flat screen TV , I thought of displaying objects with it or whether to include a seat for audience members to sit down on, but have decided against this after today, I will explain why later on, my work will be just displayed on a TV. Whilst I was at the Gallery I had the exciting experience of meeting the artist, he was going around the gallery taking pictures of his work before he finished exhibiting. He told me his work took a while to create it all, he asked my name and shook my hand, I asked to take a picture of him for memory sake. It was really interesting, as I had looked around the gallery and at the work, formed my opinions on the aspects I liked and didn't like and then after to meet the artist. It was interesting to see the type of person he was and how the style reflected on him. There were a lot of amazing galleries in the area, I saw such a range of mediums. This was so useful as I am exploring mixed media. I saw photography, installation, sculpture, performance pieces, drawing, painting. I saw so many artists work it was fascinating to see each aspect of their work, even if it was just the concept that excited me. The range of styles I saw were so diverse, I felt inspired, further using materials in my final piece, including development ideas. I went to 'Scream' Gallery but it was closed getting ready for a new exhibition, but I could see into the space and there were a few art pieces and a lady was organising the work and moving it about. This was interesting to see as I will have to present my work  for exhibition, and take into consideration the space I am displaying my work in, and may have to alter how I present it to suit the environment. I saw the work of Kashya Hilderbrand, I only liked a few of her pieces, it wasn't the style I usually like it reminded me of graphics. However her concepts really interesting me as they were diverse and her works looked all very similar but for her to give a range of titles to it was very interesting.The exhibition was called Memory of a city. Titles: 'Ecstasy of City', 'Something deserves to live for a poem', 'Memory of City', 'A little bit of heaven', 'Elevated Spring', 'Mayadeen', 'Inner Journey', 'City from heaven', 'Happy Talk', Time is Life', 'Remains of City', 'Moment of Lightness', 'Dancing City'. The pieces were mixed media, some included using collage. The title 'Something deceives to live for a Poem' Hilderbrand quoted from a Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish. What fascinated me about it was that from a distance, it was one aesthetically, but on nearer approach, you could see all this detail and it turned into something else. I could make out all these separate patterns and see where collage had been used, I could see all the tones of colour in better definition. Another exhibition I went to was called Around Drawing, it was a selection of artists work shown, in particular I liked the work of Lanfranco Quadrio, The drawings were so abstract and so much detail it was amazing. The Art of 'Lu Chao', Black Forest Cake (2015), was a cake made out of people under a cake cover, but with the people it looked trapped. It reminded me of what Im looking at with useless eater, and maybe I could experiment with using cake also. His concept was interesting part the idea was inspired by Dante's 'damned' wallowing in hell. I went to the exhibition Art First. I saw Jack Milroy, his work was called a Natural world, He had used found materials and altered the purpose of the cutting out the tuna from the tuna tins giving the impression that they were swimming, he cut out books and changed their purpose. One of the pieces was cut and constructed print on film with a lightbox, there was a women placed as if she was drowning submerged within the bottomless sea around pieces of rubbish, including shopping plastic bags like sainsburys and coffee cups and cans. It was as if she was drowning with the rubbish. This was interesting as I have explored using various plastic bags, the technique he used was incredibly skilled. There was also the work of Mimei Thompson, including paintings, titles included, 'The other side of Death', 'Binbag Closeup', 'Green Girl eating', 'Vegetable Head'. This reminded me of aspects in food I am exploring. I visited PiArtworks, and saw the work of Paul Schwer. It was painted sculpture using aluminium. He explores postmodern obsessions with materials of the modern city and works that interact with the viewers sphere. The space was light and light from outside sprawled in through the wide windows. I really liked his work it was so colourful, mixed colour, and multi dimensional. Some of his pieces looked like figures to me, but randomly shaped, there wasnt a subject that I could understand what it was without asking or reading into it. The artist used spray paint, fluorescent tubes and aluminium rods. I went to Pilar Corrials, I saw the work of John Skoog, he had a lot of work on show one piece included a candle which was lit and the flame stayed alight. I visited several other galleries also. I went to the exhibition 'Hard Bass' there was shown the artists work, Jodie Carey and Peter Davydtchenko, his work I particularly enjoyed both conceptually and aesthetically. 'Hard Bass is Power... supremacy decryption.... "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children".... 88=H is the 8th letter of the alphabet ergo 88=HH=Heil Hitler. We bring Hard Bass to yourHome 1488. This fascinated we I watched the performance video in a big space, I was the only person their it was a private viewing experience. In his video there were people publicly dancing and some wearing masks including Mickey Mouse head, alien mask, witch, demon mask. One of his pieces included 2 black pig faces on the wall, they looked rubbery and like they were covered in tar. I then went to CSM to buy a sketchbook as I have finished mine but I didn't realise it would be closed early because of holiday, I thought whilst I was there to make most of the time, I would look in my classroom, to see how it had been transformed so far for exhibition. This put everything into perspective, and I could really get a full understanding of how the space would look. The walls were white and the room was sectioned off. For my final Piece I will just exhibit my TV, I may alter the appearance of the TV by adding cardboard to the surrounds of it, but I will just exhibit my TV, I was thinking to present maybe 2 small sculptures next to it or whether I wanted a seat, but as everyones work is going to be closely presented I don't want someone else's piece to obstruct mine by being in the way. I took pictures from this and I also picked up a free art magazine from the college which had really colourful abstract images in it which I could use in the form of a collage and use inspiration from the various galleries I visited today.


I have been working on my sketchbook today, I just got it but I feel I will finish it soon and have to get another. I think this is because I have been really inspired and as I am exploring a broad topic in a broad way, trying to show a lot of aspects, scenarios and viewpoints, I have a lot to show and research. Previously I referenced the Satanic Bible and explored the ideas that surrounded it, I have now started to view the ideas in the Bible, particularly exploring Revelations and the story of Noah, possibly Genesis also, and any other quotes related to the topics of my unit subject. It is interesting to see the stark and significant difference in both sources. I have created artwork related to both texts so far, and will be exploring further. I have been taking images today and editing them to put on workflow, and my favourite ones in my sketchbook to evidence what I do.


Today was interesting, one of my neighbours told me that there was a dead fox at the back of my garden and a piece of flesh. She said it looked like the flesh could have been poisoned meat, and was letting me know as I didn't already. I have a few foxes that live around my area. I went and had a look at the fox and I had actually seen this same fox previously and the foxes in my area are brave and roam about openly all the time. The fox was positioned strangely as if it had just curled down to sleep and had died, but the fox was young and small, so I wouldn't think would be the case. It intrigued me to think of the possibilities why and how it had died. I took pictures and videos of both the dead fox and the piece of meat as I have been exploring animals in my work, I found this an interesting first hand experience, and also I had never seen a fox that close up before. I think it will help to develop my ideas and interpretations of emotions further. I had to get very close up to take photos I found that the closer up it was the more interesting and better quality of the photos that turned out, this is a good thing to keep in mind when filming for my final outcome. It will be really exciting for me I think as I haven't done a full performance video before, so it is broadening my skills and understanding of different materials and techniques. I will upload these as well as other development aspects I did today.






make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif










Today I realised that the latex I had left to set was taking ages to dry and wouldn't be try in time for when I wanted to use it. Before it was in my kitchen drying and today was hot weather so I moved most of the latex outside, which dried in no time at all. I also hung up the bubble wrap covered in latex on the clothing line to dry. It dried quickly and the latex turned yellow. I really like how this has come out and it adds to the effect and I like the texture. Its for my diseased figure so I want to create odd shapes, textures and patterns. I watched Newzoids, a new television series, which is about celebries, famous figures or people in power, and it takes the mick out of them. I found it funny and a lot of the statements were harsh but true. It was interesting to watch as they were small art looking figures which were puppets, and controlled by someone else who you couldn't see also a voice was given to each person. This was interesting and entertaining to watch as I have been exploring puppets in the media and deception within the government. 


Today I continued working on the final outcome. I am at a good stage. Today I finished putting the victim together, and made more latex casts with latex and left them to set, I also peeled the ones out of the casts that had already set. I set some in foil and plastic containers, this gave a different effect. I found the foil was most interesting as it imprinted the details from the latex into the foil. On the victim I had to attach the suit to the victim so it wouldn't fall of, I did this by sewing and using a glue gun to be reassured that it wouldn't fall off. Using the illuminati card game that I had bought I glued these cards onto the front of the victim to the surface of the clothes, I found I had to use a glue gun as any other glue wasn't strong enough as the suit I covered in plaster, the material was rough and wouldn't absorb the glue easily. After I had covered the front of the victim in the cards. Aesthetically, the victim appeared very colourful, and the nature of the cards made it look comical and almost like a comic strip. To the back I wanted to create a  block contrast, as the front of the victim I wanted to have as the focus. On the back of the victim I tore up pages from the bible including the satanist bible book I bought from ebay, I scattered these across the body like a collage. I felt the surface, looked too clean and smooth, so I used latex and with hand spread the latex over the surface of the victim, I think this will connect the pieces from the books together, and give a rough but controlled finish. The victim is finished. To display I want to use rope or a type of material to tie around the victims neck as if he has been hung and also tie the hands together behind his back. I used a golly face, to refer to old slaves, and peoples views or opinions that this is something in the past when parts of the world were very corrupt and it is not something that will happen again. I have referenced the old slave, but turned him into a new slave. Something people don't think will happen again, but from research which has shown it will. I am referencing history, and also the bible, satanist bible, illuminati, conspiracy theories, politics,literature. Tomorrow I plan to work on the latex figure in the afternoon. I have finished painting the useless eater figure, all I have to do is attach doughnuts to the face and body, I will either have to use a glue gun or sew it on but this shouldn't take long, and I need to finish the nephilim/alien one. Once I have completed this figures, I will be filming my silent film which I plan to have music/chanting/noise or some kind of sound in the background. I am going to film this in a forest like area inspired by Bohemian Grove, showing the victim, shadow of darkness, suspect 1, suspect 2 and suspect 3.


Last night I started attaching the latex to the costume. I didn't get a chance to finish it so I continued gluing the latex to the costume today. I have now finished this costume, left I have to glue the doughnuts on the fat costume, and start making progress on the last costume which will be the reptilian one. Im not sure whether it will be possible to use sellotape to attach it which will be quicker, but this may not be sturdy enough and I may have to glue it all, I will have to see when I do it. I plan to finish this today so that I can start filming tomorrow morning in a national park space, which has a forrest landscape, so that it will be quiet and there will be plenty of time to films and take images in. Initially I was going to get my sister to model in them but this won't be possible, so I will model them myself, and get my mother to film me, I have told her the type of shots I want and how I want it done, it won't be too complicated as I am going to be doing it as a film and I want all the action to be filmed, I think the acting is more important, to relate my story and message to the audience.


Today I finished all my costumes ready for filming tomorrow. From creating the useless eater costume, I had to glue the doughnuts on the fat suit that I painted. Two of the doughnuts fell off, from doing this I realised I needed to film somewhere close incase some fell off that I needed to glue back on whilst filming, also having all the costumes and including the dummy, would be heavy and time consuming if I filmed somewhere I had to travel to. I decided in the end my garden would be the best place to film, There is a tree at the back to hang the victim, I bought brown rope to tie around the hands and also the neck to create a noose, I watched a video on youtube how to create the knot for the hangman's noose. I will be filming the three suspects in front of where the victim is hanging. In my film at the start I want it to be playing as if it is on tv at the start I will have filmed 3 bears at a 'teddy bears picnic' which is making reference to bohemian grove, and the facts that we don't get told about publicly in the newspapers and there are some facts that the government and media don't want us to know (all puppets). I will then show the victim and the 3 potential suspects. In the film we do not learn who killed 'political correctness' it is a pointless investigation. For sticking the doughnuts on the suit I used uhu glue and spray glue on the base of the doughnuts and around them, to create a texture to glue to the suit, I then glued them to the suit using a glue gun. Because in places the doughnuts were hard to stick and wouldn't stay, I used string and threaded the doughnuts through and tied them in various places around the body. The lighting was good and the brightness of all the colours worked really well, In some of the images the lighting was too bright also the reflection of the sun, so I had to work around this. At first I acted in the outfits and I got my mother to film me, but she used the camera badly and a lot of it was out of focus, I used this as practise with the lighting, positioning and acting, I got my sister to then act in the costumes for me, I filmed her in the nephilim costume, I preferred doing this as I could direct her and control the camera and the positioning and it was in focus.



Today I set up my work in the exhibition space. I displayed the tv with the performance and the victim was hung, I liked the contrast of the black TV and colourful victim. I presented it, for assessment tomorrow I am going to finalise last details tonight in my work and get everything ready to take for tomorrow.

Another student had a look at my work and watched it. She commented on my comment I had placed on a card, she thought they were giving 'instructions on watching the film, as I didn't have it playing on repeat. I felt this was interesting as in some way she was deceived into thinking it wasn't relevant or of importance, but it is. The card is a command it is telling you what to do, you read it and then do it, before reading it you probably were doing to do it anyway. But the card is controlling you and your actions and you may not even realise. The fact that she didn't realise it was supposed to be something of control I found very interesting and made the concept even more exciting. The card is controlling every action you make in order to watch it, but you want to obey because you want to see what you will be watching. Initially I wanted the colour of the card to be white, but I didn't have any, but I am happy with the colour it is, because I think the card wouldn't be as noticeable and fade into the background surrounded by the white paint and the atmosphere. I am happy with how my work has been presented, I wanted the body to hang next to the piece, I chose to display the victim as it is the most important one in my video, without a victim you don't have any suspects. The bright colour of the body stands out in the subdued space. The body creates more detail, that you can examine the body and act as almost a 'detective' yourself, analysing it and forming your own conclusions without even realising you are playing a part in the piece and conceptually also.


Evaluating Video Performance 


The teddies video is there to be a main distraction away from the real issue of  the corruption of groups in society.  The video starts straight away to create the impression that the viewer has been watching a programme on TV, half way through and then has turned over.  It’s like a security breach as the connection has been taken over, it is being shown by another ‘who killed political correctness’.  The viewer was watching the subliminal lies but then the programme diverts and the messaging of the truth is revealed .  


The teddies were bought from a charity shop.  I threaded a large needle with string and then sewed it into the top of each teddy’s head.  The three strings were hung over tree branches and they were pulled to make the bears move as if they were puppets.   This pulley system meant that the puppeteer was able to remain hidden while the video was being recorded.  The ground was strewn with doughnuts and beakers to give the appearance of having had a deranged picnic.



This video I have done like a murder mystery, there are several suspects who the corrupt government blame problems on to divert criticism from their organisation. (There is a risk of death for speaking out and in other words ‘free speech’). In the video you are shown three suspects but it is not clear who the culprit is.  It is a pointless account of events. The suspects are messengers of deception, displaying ‘there is too much evidence to make a conclusive association’. The suspects are not the real suspects but who the government chose to set up and blame the murder on. The victim is hung and left for dead from a tree.  I painted the face as a golly doll, referencing the slave trade in the past, opinions that events such as these will not occur again, but has been prophesied and will happen. I used illuminati cards which hold subliminal messaging and reveal past, present and future truths, a game like society thinks new world order is, and corruption as a joke and mocks the wise and are presented as crazy. The cards are colourful and create a contrast to the dark suit, a symbol of someone in power who has rebelled against what organisations control you to do. It is referring to the old and new slave. The hands tied behind the back unable to respond or react, suddenly powerless, and abandoned.   I rubbed the suit in plaster and the shirt and tie in latex to give a rough, deranged, desperate, and .out of place representation


The “useless eater” is about population control and consumerism, greed, selfishness, power and money.  Controlling population under a targeted number is an aim of dominant organisations.  I used acrylic paint to decorate a morph suit.  I spray painted doughnuts and covered them in glue to give them a hard surface.  I glued some doughnuts to the body of the morph suit and also to the face as eyes.  I had to also use sellotape to cover the doughnuts and place round the head to secure them as the surface of the face was not flat enough to keep them aligned.  The video is not supposed to make full sense and to confuse in some aspects mirroring the actions of the elite. The colours of this outfit were very bright and captured very well on camera. I wanted to create contrast throughout the garments and for them each to be different in their own way. The illuminati card game I purchased inspired a lot of the ideas I explored including the ideas of suspects depicting, nephilim, disease and useless eater.


Looking at it from the worldly sense  -  aliens and alien invasion, then from the Satanist, hidden goals and Christianity, of nephilim and fallen angels or demons.


The alien costume was made using aluminium foil that was glued to a black morph suit using UHU and a glue gun.   To create the base of the head, I wrapped aluminium foil around my cat’s body and secured it with sellotape.  I attached a bin bag  under the foil which was to cover the face and then trimmed it to size.  I attached more foil to the head to make it elongated in the shape of a horn  (musical instrument).    I made arms of different length so the figure wouldn’t have normal human characteristics.   I attached several foil limbs to the front of the body and legs as a sign of power and another form of control.   I wanted to create a human like figure that was disembodied.  


The diseased human explores Satanic views of humans  “as twits” who are to be dispensed with by man-made epidemics.  I used latex and bubble wrap and created boils, cysts and other imperfections of the skin.  These were then glued to a skin coloured morph suit.  


The three suspects all represent aspects of population control.  Therefore, although they are portrayed as potential murderers, they are, in fact,  victims who have been misrepresented and denied justice by organisations.


In class I engaged in a group discussion. I was able to talk about my ideas so far relating to the project proposal and received feedback. I explained how I was interested to explore false portrayal in the media but at this stage I need to narrow down which part I wish to portray in my work. I described how I had read an article on Kate Winslet in The Sun, there was an image of her from a photo shoot, she looked beautiful and had her hair and make up done, then another recent image showing her without make up on a day off, the purpose was to try and convey how much editing had been done to the photo. This is just a minor example of false portrayal, I wish to explore bigger allegations in the art that I make. I am interested by the government and the hierarchy and misleading information that we are fed every day. I found this interesting how the same story can be fed to us over and over again that we finally believe it and that higher power can select what we read in newspapers to make us stereotype and be judgemental of certain people.


For this week I will spend most of my time researching artists, and exploring concepts that are related to my chosen subject matter. I will visit current exhibitions that are related to my work by material or concept, or that will be beneficial to inspire further related ideas. Look for artists that have psychotic elements behind their work, or that I find disturbing. Explore work from the Saatchi Gallery. 

Constantly plan out ideas that I am curious about that I wish to research. Establish the materials and themes I will be exploring. I will analyse and collect information surrounding the term ‘free speech’ and explore the impact the government has on the media by reading articles. I will explore the emotion and psychotic elements behind artists including Cady Noland and Richard Prince. I need to make sure I am looking at the style of artists that I really want to depict in my own work. I can refer to previous sketchbooks to refresh myself of the development and if I can use any of the previous ideas to inspire me further. Add further to research file and bibliography.

As the studios will not be open this week, I will work at home and at the Library. I will gather research from books, online searches and taking notes from films related to my chosen subject matter. Galleries. 

16/02/15 (READING WEEK)



I used foil to experiment with as I like the strong, silver colour it has, I thought about using it as part of the body, to become a creation. The texture reminded me of objects I have seen out of sci- fi films or like Star Wars. I wanted to get the idea across of Brainwashing. To create a new species that had joined earth. There is a lot of controversy related to whether aliens exist, and the control of the media, that they feed you stories over and over until they are believable. I used the wire, mesh helmet which I created in a previous unit. I wanted to use this as I felt it was relevant and related to the ideas I wanted to put across. Previously I made the helmet, but didn't give it a featuring purpose but stood it on a mahicans head to present it, I felt I wanted to give it a purpose and use in relation to this unit, to help build other developing ideas and outcomes. The material experiment, I created a crown out of the foil to surround the diameter of the head. I used a comb to make holes in the foil and push sections of the hair through. I wanted the outcome to demonstrate a world of unrealism and that what can be created can be reflected to demonstrate 'normalities' which are not necessarily there.


From doing brief experiments last week I started presenting more involved concepts and planning ideas in my sketchbook. Having displayed my ideas of 'Happy Aliens' which I felt I was starting to explore psychotic emotions behind my work. I think what helped display this emotion was, the effects of the lighting, I took the pictures at night time. I have perceived that lighting can alter dimensions. If these pictures were taken during the day I think it would not have such a strong effect as it does on the viewer. The image would appear more natural. The contrast of the 'alien' against the dark night sky and wall can be suggestive and raise questions or stereotypes would not be pleasing to some. I think this is interesting and I could explore taking pictures at night of towns and situations, and compare to during the day, and to experiment with ideas that I think could create the atmosphere I want to manipulate.

Having explored newspaper in my sketchbook and marked out several ideas I wanted to start to explore other materials so that I can come back to newspaper and possibly combine several ideas. As I like working with mixed media I felt that I should explore what other textures could be created. I used latex. I used small sculptures that I made at Archway using plaster and clay as a mould. I poured latex over the sculptures and used a paintbrush to ensure the surface was covered entirely. As I used a lot of latex it took a while to set. As some of my ideas involved looking at food I thought I could combine this idea within the material. I thought I could use a type of fruit that I could poor the latex into. I was interested to see if the latex would pick up any of the pattern or texture of the food as it set inside. The only food I had available which would achieve the result I wanted was an apple. I used a kitchen tool to remove the whole of the inside of the apple, I rucked up parts of the surface, to see if this would make any difference to how the mould turned out. I poured latex into the apple until it was filled to the top. The latex took ages to set inside the apple, probably because there wasn't a lot of air getting into the apple. I cut parts of the outside of the apple of so the latex wasn't as protected, this sped the process up a lot. 


The latex moulds that I had left finally set. The cast for the apple I managed to remove. The whole of the cast had not set and the bottom of where it was supposed to set there was a layer of liquid latex. Strangely I thought the latex cast turned out to look like a cast from the inside of a very large bum hole like an elephant. I found this most bizarre, it is something that I could explore ideas around. It reminded me of the art piece that I saw at Saatchi Gallery of a cows behind that you could see into and there was a weird, little alien inside. Having started exploring using food within my work I can explore this further on a larger scale.


Looking at research I found images of various material ideas. I looked at Claude Wampler her work is perculiar which is why it caught my attention. Her images are humorous and simple. There are women dressed in fat suits and one alien looking suit with all the weight hanging around the belly. I've been using apps to find work, I found 'Artsy' and 'ArtStack' most helpful. I've found lots of new artists and works that I had no knowledge of previously. I found images of 'World of Wearable Art' exploring from the exhibition in New Zealand including online sources. It turns garments into extraordinary art pieces. I was thinking of exploring several ideas to find what I liked best to use continually.


This week will be Progress tutorials, I will make any last minute changes and have my sketchbook and workflow up to date to ensure I get the best feedback I can. By listening to feedback I will be able to get advice and if I should do anything differently. From the physical experimental pieces created the previous week, I will see if I can challenge these outcomes further or if there is an element I want to explore to develop further ideas. Collect and objects to inspire outcomes, and continue to take pictures of what I see around to draw inspiration from every day life. Depending on what I make and the size it is I will need to think how I will decide to store it. I will need to evaluate what I have made and make critical judgements of my outcomes.I will need to document these outcomes in my book and refer to workflow and moodle to make sure I am achieving the aim that I set out to do. I can refer to the brief to check there is anything I am missing from my work or need to explore further. Form conclusions on work, respond to the feedback from the progress tutorials and work accordingly. I will be at Kings Cross, I can use the Library and explore books around any new related ideas that I have. Archway and work from home. 


Seeing the Fire Station and the trucks, made me think about how much responsibility can be put on one person to perform, and live up to high expectations. This could be explored in many scenarios, the government, puppets, Obama, celebrities. Hitler said anyone will believe a big lie if you tell it over and over, it will convince small minded people. People can be controlled so that nothing is a surprise anymore, or its the way the world is or works, but that is not the case. Celebrities die, but its ok because everyone dies, people in power die but its life, get over it, theres nothing that can be done. Use of cover ups and hoaxes. The newspaper prints articles every day. No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, there are going to be bad people in the world, but no one will be ready or ever admit it. When anything small happens it becomes a big scandal to distract from the main atrocity. The government are viewed in 'newspapers' a lot of the time as perfect and angelic like. But the government is hated by many people, tax payers. The people in power live off the rich. I thought these are very interesting dilemmas.  I explored the lightness and the darkness in the two images below and the different effects they have, which can be explored when I do development work of developed pieces. Exploring what image is atheistically pleasing and why. Whether the colour can alter the emotion and make us entranced by one and not the other.


After making several development pieces and outcomes I can research deeper into manipulating styles, to create something within my work that is original and highly contentious that will accomplish my aim. I can amend parts of my work if the tutor has suggesting in the progress tutorial. Plan out any changes I need to make, and keep a record of what I have done each week, to ensure I am happy with my development of the process and that I’m managing my time effectively. I will need to think of places to document my work, I can make the most of the photography space at Archway, to take good photos of my outcomes. Explore the work of exhibitions and how this will influence the work I do and what aspects of the pieces I particularly like. Archway, Kings Cross for taught days and work from home on sketchbook and workflow. 


I did sketchbook work. I stuck in pictures that I found doing research at the library. I drew from images, also quick sketches from the work I had seen at gallery visits from last week. Doing the sketches inspired me and I felt I should do a painting or bigger sketches on separate paper to further draw influences from. I have been exploring the term 'useless eater' as I think food articles are covered a lot and there has been a lot of reports in the newspapers and made me think whether the government or another source is wanting to print certain stories over and over or just show certain articles to control peoples mind by what they read to pick up stereotypes and discrimination in some way. I have taken research from this and drawn from printed images I found from books. 


In college I received really good advise from tutors, I felt encouraged in my work and in future prospects. I worked in my sketchbook, I drew images and a few annotations. I'm enjoying working on a project that I have more time to explore and thoroughly investigate. There was a fire drill today, it was very busy trying to get out of the building, many people were taking pictures and videos. It was interesting to see how many people were in the building, people that you never see as everyone is spaced out, so it was fairly humorous. It made me think how many people can be in one place and the 'issue' of overpopulation which I have been exploring in my work.


I explored games through my research, looking at the illuminati board game. It has powerful messages about, New world Order, control, violent groups, destroying peaceful groups, girlie magazines, porn, control on what we can read or watch. I made my own online game exploring 'useless eaters'. All this information is so open in media, we are told in music song lyrics about the world order and the illuminati, it is so open because they are so confident they will not be stopped. I used an image from google, and drew my own adaptation from it of a woman in a pink nightie with rollers in her hair like she's at home. I downloaded a free trial to do this and managed to figure out what to do. The free trial has come to an end so if I wish to explore this further I will have to find another software of see if there is a game making software that you can get on macs. The woman moves left, right, up and down. She doesn't do anything, she holds a doughnut in her hand and is useless. She is all by herself trapped in a space, not affecting anyone, no one knowing about her. I think to explore this idea further looking at food and the useless eaters concept can lead me to discover other notions or fabrications of the truth.


I have been doing a lot of work in my sketchbook, I feel doing this has really developed myself, and I am understanding the importance for doing it. As I want my final piece to be complex, complicated and hard to understand to make views inquisitive about the displayed piece, I need to gather a lot of ideas and try things out. I have had a few dead end ideas or ideas that I didn't like as much as others, this has greatly helped me see what my outcome will be like and helped me invasion it in detail.







This creates defence biblically, and the sin of man to want power, also in the end times in revelation in sleeks of the anti- christ and how he will come to deceive many, and they will be many who will follow him. He will promise great things and achieve great miracles but this is a lie of deception, many will think he is God. Here I have created my own 'miracle' Kanye West lately in media has been making him appear like God, he created his own bible replacing Gods name with his own, and posing in magazines like christ with the crown of thorns on his head. I used photoshop and edited it in a way that was obvious and not real, relating to deception and truth.



For this piece I was inspired by research that I found on the internet. I explored blood baths, masonic rituals, and blood initiations. In particular I watched a video on youtube of a radio talk show discussing whether the CIA had killed someones daughter as a warning who they felt threatened by. The radio show opened up a public discussion allowing callers to phone in and give their own opinions. One lady who phoned up was very open on her views speaking continuously about the corruption that is in society. She was stating that the radio show needed to reveal more of the truth, she felt that they were keeping some facts back, that they needed to be more open in what they were saying as they were holding back, they were worried about the danger they would cause to themselves and others. She was talking about contentious issues including blood baths and the host of the radio show did not want to hear it and became short tempered and made out that the woman was rude as she wouldn't stop talking of these views she had, they cut her off the show. This is what inspired me mostly. For the outcome I produced I used a rams head that I found on the moors, wire for the body, also tools I found in my shed at home including a small rake and metal pole. I wanted to create a hybrid figure in this bath to explore these views of such rituals existing but being avoided by media and presidents/people in power when they are confronted. I wanted to show and expose what happens around us by public figures we all know but are oblivious of all their actions. I created a hostile and disturbed environment. I drew visual inspiration for imagery of music videos including Eminem where they are part of such things, Eminem sits in a bath of blood, the video is disturbing as well as the lyrics. I wanted to show the sacrificial procedure as well as ideas that you cannot trust anyone, and people can turn on you in an instant. In the bible references to wealth, including speaking of how it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, encouraging people to give their wealth to the poor and they will have riches in heaven, also including how a man took all his inheritance, left his home, his family, because he was rich many people wanted to be his friend and he unwisely spent it all away aimlessly, when he was left poor, all these people didn't want to be his friend anymore. The world is a cruel place, and I wanted to show this type of thing happening but referring to the elite. People who appear to be respected, if they do not cooperate with what the higher power want they are threatened or silenced. I wanted to show and explore these issues in something that was valued by the illuminati, exploring bohemian grove. I took several videos including before the initiation, during, after and the aftermath. To illustrate in form of a story. I took a lot of pictures also experimenting with the angle, placing and lighting. I found as I was taking pictures with the figure in the bath, the bath was often an obstruction, I had to work around this, in some photos I had to stand on the surface of the bath or when I wanted to take pictures low down I would lower the camera but wouldn't be able to see what I was taking so a few pictures came out blurry or not angled correctly. I liked how the images appeared when I took them from behind the reptilian human that I created, I could see the back of the head, the body and the water running and turning into blood, which reminded me of biblical references. To create the blood water and by turning the clear water into blood I used tomato ketchup, tin of chopped tomatoes and red food colouring. I videoed this procedure also. When I released the water pieces of chopped tomato was left in the bath I really liked this effect and it looked strange.


















make animated gifs like this at MakeAGif




I finished editing the video, I like the emotion behind the video, its colour and contrast, and it feels like it flows like a story, a mystery which is what my goal was to achieve in the first place. I had selected and edited and distorted a lot of the audio also which gave it a serene effect. I will be burning the performance onto the disc tomorrow. I am happy with my outcome, it also relates for me to the issue that there is so much perverse artwork made in todays society even more than in previous years and no one as far as I have seen or heard has a good message or biblical prophesy message, this is what I wanted to have in my work, show the evil, but that the good is better.


I had problems with burning the video onto the dvd, the players I had wouldn't connect to the dvd on my laptop to burn it, after much deliberation and confusion I went to an internet shop and managed to get help and they were able to burn it properly onto the dvd for me I also burned an extra one as a back up in case anything happened to it. I had to take the TV along so they could make it compatible for the tv. In the end I succeeded to get everything done in good time.






After thinking about what I wanted to achieve in this unit I wrote all my ideas down on word as a draft, and started to ammend the text. I described my aims and that I wanted to confront 'contentious issues involving communication barriers within the media.' To do this I want to analyse and evaluate the feelings of others as well as my own. Exploring government control and deception in the media - looking at subliminal messages, hidden agendas and dishonesty. The documentary: The most hated woman in Britain, how she wants media attention (for money) so she and her team make up stories and stage actions to gain publicity.  Through the development stages I will explore the term 'free speech' this could involve approaching it in the past and present and the effect it has had on civilians. Does it really exist? I want to demonstrate that as a community we believe we are entitled to say what we think, of all ages. As individuals, we have to be cautious of the opinions we voice, otherwise it may lead to prosecution or can strongly offend people and make enemies of them. I wanted to explore materials like newspaper and similar textures that I can create movement with. I want the material to be prominent and add depth to a heinous concept.  

I spoke of my initial research plans which I will begin to execute during reading week. To start by exploring newspaper articles, what can be believed, and should we trust the sources of the texts? To explore Gary Webb's articles, controversy surrounding his work and death as well as other voiced opinions of historic actions. I want to create a serious tone as well as hidden humour to show both sides to a story, two contrasting opinions. Exploring plaster, I also thought to use latex, as it has a rubbery texture that can be seen as smooth and glossy, or rough and messy depending on the way you manipulate the material. I know that for this unit I will explore mixed media, I don't like to limit myself with materials, and like to combine disciplines and explore the ways I can challenge a space or function with the textures and movement I can create. I thought it would be exciting to venture into performance art, as it is an area I have not yet conducted in the foundation course so far, I feel it will challenge me and my mind.

To create feelings and emotions behind my work, I am going to explore serene artists. I planned to start by exploring the art of Cady Noland and Richard Prince, as their practise has been likened and touched on as psychotic. I need to create derangement, unsettlement, misplacement and demonstrate psychotic elements. Using film, photos, written text, books, articles, online web to gather these ideas and portray indifference. 



Inspired by the work of David Bailey, I created my own performance. A sheet, plastic bag and shopping bag was covered over the head at different intervals. This made me think about the ideas I am exploring within this unit relating to 'boundaries of communication.' I created a dysfunctional atmosphere, by choosing a relaxed atmosphere and making it generic. By taking multiple altered stills it created a sense of hostility and almost a silent film displaying psychotic elements. I also conducted a short film, it was about movement, being able to control your body existing loose connections. There was a force, stopping the body from moving, like friction pulling against another force, but one being of higher existence than another. 





This week I will plan out experimental pieces using inspiration from research that I have gathered. I start by exploring plaster and newspaper and collage and the rough textures they create and experiment with the touch and emotion I can create with it. I will visit various galleries, take notes, pictures and draw inspiration from art I particularly find of interest. Next week is progress tutorials, towards the end of the week I will need to gather my information and make sure I have evidenced it in my sketchbook and on workflow. Use drawings taken from exhibitions to explore further, the texture and style. Depending on what I make and the size it is I will need to think how I will decide to store it. I will need to evaluate what I have made and make critical judgements of my outcomes.I will need to document these outcomes in my book and refer to workflow and moodle to make sure I am achieving the aim that I set out to do. I can refer to the brief to check there is anything I am missing from my work or need to explore further. Form conclusions on work, respond to the feedback from the progress tutorials and work accordingly. I will be at Kings Cross, I can use the Library and explore books around any new related ideas that I have. Archway and work from home. 




For my tutorial sadly I was unable to make it. I was looking forward to getting feedback. Although I managed to go to the National Portrait Gallery. I wanted to go there as Grayson Perry was exhibiting his work. His work was spread out around the gallery and you had to find it. His work stood out from the other pieces in the gallery. His work is fairly modern, whereas all the other pieces displayed where traditional so it was easy to spot his work. This could be a factor why he wanted to display his work in this setting so it would stand out amongst the duller pieces. One of his pieces, was the biggest it was a tapestry on the wall, it used bright colours, it dominated the whole of the space with its size and colour. There was an image on it which looked humorous and very cartoon like. I preferred his work to the other pieces as they are some what modern, but personally it didn't grab my attention, it wasn't something I could stare at for ages, I felt once I had seen it that was it, I didn't particularly care to examine the detail. I feel that his work seemed flat, it didn't excite me, the subject areas didn't greatly interest me. You can tell often from looking at something that the concept is complex and makes you excited, for some reason I didn't feel this looking at his work, I felt it was dull. I found aspects of the pieces interesting and the detail.


I did research and drew images in my sketchbook. I explored hypersexualisation and watched a video on it which was eye opening. I have enjoyed and been surprised how much I have learnt through this unit and being able to explore related concepts for a further amount of time, it has been enjoyable. I am really starting to venture into contentious issues, and its getting really existing, all the possibilities that I am exploring. I have put all my ideas down in my sketchbook and drawings of plans, I have also been evidencing and evaluating in my book as I often find some things easier to say if I write them down rather than typing on a computer. I have projected my concepts also and I want to use a lot of what Ive learnt and the ideas and combine them into an inspired video performance.


Continue to do primary research and challenge my mind to come up with good concepts to complement my choice of materials, continue to experiment with sculpture and collage, and start to explore other random materials that can be used in conjunction. Explore interviews, reporters and videos on YouTube. If I have any issues with the making of my ideas, I will need to evidence them and what went wrong to fix the problem. Continue to plan and record issues. If I am having problems, with a certain material then try out another one and explore other options. Take notes of aspects that are most beneficial to my practice in y sketchbook. Continue to evidence on workflow. Archway, Kings Cross for taught days and work from home on sketchbook and workflow. 


As in my PPP I stated I would be exploring mixed media I have been using any materials and ideas that have come to mind, this has also broadened my understanding of Fine Art also I feel. I have used materials in a way I had never even thought of. I know everything and anything can be classed as Fine Art but I have only started to fully understand this design in this unit. For example so far I have been exploring using makeup and styling hair, also creating prosthetic like faces and exploring ideas of theatre and performance in depth. I have enjoyed using these traditional or deemed more normal everyday materials and then giving new life and meaning to them it has developed me mind and I feel challenged my understanding. I wish to continue doing this and I think it will be interesting to use any materials I can find and display them in a unique way.



I have been making connections with my Information file and my Reflective journal, as well as my sketchbook. I feel like they all connect and I now am understanding the process, of what I have to do. I have been evidencing all my work outcomes, the research I am doing and showing the inspirations for the pieces. I want to discover what other materials I can use which I haven't thought of yet, and use them in a diverse and weird way. In my PPP I stated that I wanted to explore sinister and dark emotions like a few of the artists work I discovered. I think I have achieved this in some of my outcomes, I want to challenge myself further with developing even more complex emotions and collected ideas. I have got to an interesting stage now where I can really let myself loose and experiment extensively. 





I have chosen to explore sinister and serious matters within my work. I do not want to present my work to appear happy or as a comedy but have messages to them, I want my work to feel exposing in some way and like its something you should not be seeing somehow. I was wondering if this was something I could explore in how I took photos or videos. For example if it was taken far away or from the angle on the ground up on high up taken down low. This is something I want to look at in future experiments and see the type of effect I get. I was looking at research and on the internet and I was amazed to see how much I could find out and how much factual evidence there was. It just shows all these people in denial about aspects or confused by society or asking whether god even exists if they really wanted to know or were curious enough by doing research on the internet they would be able to find out for themselves, rather than going through life or the rest of their life short sighted or blind to what exists or what is there so to speak.




I think the ideas I have been exploring so far and the context of my development outcomes are exciting. I have wanted to make things interesting and had the view point that if I find something interesting and be inquisitive about an aspect then so will the audience be. I have enjoyed editing the images that I have taken from outcomes, I have explored performance a lot in my work and taking photographs of human beings, as they are related topics that will be projected in my final outcome. I am happy with my mindset currently, I know what I have to do, and what I have to do to succeed and meet the deadlines. I am on track and hope to stay on track. It is exciting to be exhibiting my work at the end. I am hoping to show my performance video which would be burned onto a dvd and played on a dvd player on a TV. I was thinking also to attach headphones to the TV so the viewing experience would be personal, which is the concept that I am after. A lot of the aspects and ideas from development will be continued throughout the unit and into my end piece. 


I am happy with the progress I have made this week. I have done a good amount of development. Although some of the development I have created I feel is not of a high standard I feel it has further developed my ideas, and all the small ideas I have had and developed the bigger and more interesting ideas I have developed later. I am enjoying exploring different mediums and textures which will be very valuable when it comes to producing and planning of the final outcome, I have continually made notes in my sketchbook and diagrams including a storyboard of my ideas for the final outcome. Some of my ideas have turned out well, others have not but I feel both have been equally useful in forming decisions and understanding what works well for this subject and what doesn't. 


As studios will not be open over Easter Weeks, I will need to finish making any development outcomes this week, or do any quick experiments using the studios. I can plan what I will do over the Easter holidays to make sure I make most of the time and do work that I need to and prepare any work that I will do at studios when I get back. I will need to make sure I have everything I need and can ask tutors for advice. Read texts given on moodle and any advise provided. Add to my research and bibliography. I am not able to leave any work at Archway, so will have to decide on what I will do with outcomes depending on the size, how I will transport them home or store them safely. I must have the idea of my final outcome plan how long it will take to make I may have to start making the final outcome early on if I am needing to use the studios at Archway as they will not be open over Easter I will have to plan what I do around this. Improve on work with the materials I have access to, amend, distort and experiment with the materials. Archway, Kings Cross for taught days and work from home on sketchbook and workflow. 


At college I took my laptop in to do my work on as there is not a lot of space to work and its hard to transport my work in also. I thought I would concentrate on workflow and continue to gather information that I found useful to what I was exploring. I have been looking at free speech involving government and media. Looking at free speech within media I have wanted to look at what is printed, has been or is allowed, then researching on the internet and finding types of topics that are not often discussed which should be more, or subjects that are not reported on at all. Events that have had evidence but have been devalued and the witnesses discredited.  These are intriguing ideologies that I can use to surround my work. Using newspaper, cards, 'shown to be a game', plaster possibly modroc. I would have to see about how I would attach the plaster to material, I was thinking or submersing the material in the plaster, but I am not sure whether the paster will just flake and fall off. It will be a good idea to see if theres any information on this process or technique on the internet or on youtube. 


At college we were told further information on the exhibition dates. It was crazy to think that after the Easter holidays there would be only 2 weeks left till everyone would be exhibiting. I think this made everything more realistic to me as I'm entering the last stages. I need to stick to my plan and continue to plan my time efficiently. I continued to do research on workflow and I edited the photos of development pieces to upload to workflow. It was interesting to play about the the lighting, contrast and quality of the photos and see how this effected the emotion surrounding the art pieces. Some of my pieces were very colourful, whilst others were dull and had few tones. I liked the effect of both and the contrast by putting the two together. I could use this idea in my final outcome. I have these thoughts towards the outcome, but then saying this my views may well change when I actually come to do it as an aspect may look good in my head but not when its brought to life and put in front of myself.


Today I was doing further research and found the artist Nick Cave. He uses fabrics. I'm not sure yet if I will be using fabrics in my final outcome but I am enjoying using it in development ideas. In one of his pieces it looks like two massive colourful fabric pillows with a black toy sticking out of the top which reminds me of a gollywog. These were deemed racist by people. The colourfulness of it creates a hysteria atmosphere, and strangely has a lot of effect. I have been exploring this in my own work and lots of meanings and concepts and I have brushed upon looking at slavery. It reminded me of the new world order and the new slaves that would exist. Slave to the power that projects over them. I have been putting ideas down also in my sketchbook and also putting materials I have used for development pieces in as evidence which is another concept relating to the subject topic surround my unit. I am pleased with the topic I have chosen as it is percific but broad to some extent at the same time, it allows me to explore many different viewpoints, facts, evidence, theories and ideologies. I have wanted to explore a range of topics and have small concepts and information to make up a bigger picture, so there is a concept within a concept, a meaning for anything, drawing from inspiration of films I have watched that I have discovered contained a lot of subliminal messages that I would not have noticed or been as well aware of had I not chosen to study this topic. It has opened up my mind to think that nothing is impossible be quicker to believe the truth and not doubt it. Many people are told the truth, given evidence but still believe it to be false, due to the media, governments, newspapers deception and brainwashing, slaves of the state. 


I was told about the exhibition and some information on how it would work it was suggested that there would be a newspaper made of everyone who was exhibiting in it showing their final outcome and a brief explanation of it and the concept. I thought this was a really good idea and would be a nice sentiment and memory. I have to fill out a health and safety form to show that I have thought about the safety of others as they will be viewing my work. Also stating what I will be showing and how much space I need. I am going to be presenting my mixed media performance video on a small TV screen. It would be good to exhibit it on a stand or in the space somehow so the TV would be eye level or easy to view and not a strain to look at. (Not too high or too low down) so that the audience members feel comfortable viewing it.


I've done experimenting with textures, I really liked using latex and finding different ways to use the material. Including using it on the face, I thought this was the most exciting and intriguing way to use it. I like the encounter with other humans the viewer experiences, it makes it seem more personal, I also like the use of colour, I want my outcome in work to have aspects of pop art in it or similar use. I have started purchasing materials to use for final outcomes. I have been working equally on all aspects of my work continuously at the same time so as not to get behind on anything, and will find it easier finishing up and meeting the deadline. I am starting to get a clear understanding and vision of how my piece will appear, turn out, and be presented. I'm happy with the progress I am making.





Looking at ideas from the satanist bible as well as the christian bible and beliefs there is a significant contrast. The satanist bible contradicts the christian bible and takes quotes from it. For example in the satanist bible it speaks how satan is the alpha and omega and the beginning and the end. It was interesting to see how satan called himself master but not creator as he cannot because the christian bible shows how God created the world. It was interesting to see two different viewpoints of the same scenario and thinking which one is right. I felt this is like the newspapers and then the information on the internet of what conspirator theorists say and thinking which one is right and what the differences are. It made me think of the saying there is no fire without smoke. I have been trying to analyse these texts and viewpoints to form my own opinion on the information or facts given.



This week studios will not be open. I will be working on workflow, making sure I have evidenced everything I do and show my progression in my sketchbook. I can research online to see if there are any new exhibitions worth going to, to help me with my ideas, to take away elements that I can use to inspire or influence. Make final amendments to ideas of what I am going to be displaying in the exhibition and form final judgements. 

Plan out at the start of the week, what I wish to achieve and also next week. Reflect daily to ensure I am getting all my ideas out and evidenced. If I am in need of more ideas, I can explore the outside world, and draw inspiration from government or political stories and continue to collect newspapers and take notes from them. 

Studios are not open. I will work from home, and can use the library at Kings Cross, and explore whether there are any books that will be beneficial at other libraries at UAL sites. Galleries. 


It is the first official day of the holidays, travelling up to London and especially to St Pancreas international, where there is often a lot of people travelling to go on holiday or come back from holiday. It made me think realistically, just how many people are in the world. It made me remember conspiracy theorists speaking of population control. There was a comment which Chris Brown wrote on twitter stating that he thought ebola was a form of population control. Many people after this said he was stupid and dumb and what did he know in order to devalue the comment. In the illuminati card game I looked into and researched the was a card on disease, looking at the game made me think about subjects and topics which I had never even thought that could relate back to the unit topic I am exploring. This was really helpful. The colours are bright and look modern and show events past and present, they have been a big part of my inspiration for this unit.


Today I was doing research and found the designer Martin Mariela. The face on one of the images I put on my Information File reminded me of the ideas I had for the useless eater as part of my idea for one of the outcomes in my work. It looked like a pair of tights was over the head and the bones on the face weren't realistic this had me thinking about a reptilian being. This holiday is a good chance to concentrate fully on my work and ideas. I will be able to control when and how I work, I like having freedom and plan my time efficiently. So far I have done a lot of research on artists work and drawing inspiration from looking materials, it'll be good over these weeks to gather more information extensively which will allow me to form conclusions




Today I went to the Alexander McQueen show. It was incredibly set out. So much thought had gone into the layout of the exhibition, including the detail on the walls and the lighting. The lighting was set low and the garments were in the spotlight. There was a lot more to see than I initially thought. There was information on his concepts, it was very insightful. I felt like McQueen really wanted to understand what he was thinking, his ideas seemed to be shoved down you. Words mentioned in the subject of inspiration were ' sadomasochist' and 'melancholy'. For an artist to explore these areas there must have been involved research. To be looking at dark topics constantly can't be very uplifting. Before going to the exhibition I didn't know a lot about the artist. By learning about his concept areas and ideas I started to feel he can't have been happy, I feel art is a way into looking at who a person is, through the art they do they reveal the type of person they are or their interests. I wasn't then surprised about him committing suicide. One selection of his work was inspired by 'photography' by 'Joel-Peter Witkin'. In particular 'Sanatarium 1983'. It was interesting to see how all his work was inspired by 'art' and avante- garde. Quotes: 'Asylum' , 'To do with the politics of the world- the way life is and what beauty is'.

'McQueens second collection for Givenchy, Eclect Dissect told the story of a fictional surgeon who dismembered women in his laboratory and reassembled them as macabre hybrids using bird parts such as skulls, feathers and claws, McQueen took his bow with a live falcon tethered to his wrist.'

I was surprised to see how darkly inspired his work was. Aspects of it reminded me of demons and demonic spirits. Colours were dark, red, black.  


After visiting McQueens show mainly his dark ideas is what I found most intriguing. His work was very sinister and strangely related to what I have been exploring in some aspects of my work. I have looked at giants, hybrids, nephilim, aliens and creatures that are not human. The figures he created wore masks or didn't have a human face, instead had horns or strangely shaped heads.  I researched the nephilim and how they are created from fallen angels having sex with women. It is strange to think you are living in a world currently with these creatures. There seems to be a perversion and enticement of reptilian humans. All these things I found hard at first to get an understanding of but the more research I did it gave me a better understanding and also seeing all angles and witnessing the evidence, I really feel like this unit has revealed a lot to me.


I watched The Matrix, I found it was very intellectual and contained a lot of messages behind it which I researched into further. I took lots of notes from the film which I will put into my sketchbook. It involved ideas which related to the bible and probably Satanism. There is a 2nd Matrix which appeared to have subliminal messages in it also. I also found the film 'teddy bears picnic) from 2000, the person who wrote it said it was inspired by Bohemian Grove, the satanic place of worship in america which lasts a few weeks in the summer each year, it includes people in power, George Bush included has been photographed being there and having involvement. At some point I want to watch this as it will be very useful to establish my own ideas towards my final outcome. I hope to watch both films if I can find a source to view them. Looking at youtube clips, films, books, quotes of speakers, has influenced a lot of my ideas, I have found the more research I have done, the more knowledge I have gathered and understood, the better my work and ideas has become. I plan to keep this up so my final outcome is very developed and highly intellectual in exposing 'boundaries within communication- government, media or otherwise related. Explore any subjects that we are not told openly, thinking about how society would feel about this act of deception.


I watched an episode from The Simpsons which included a 'stonecutter song'  it appeared to be based on the illuminati and Homer was trying to join it, and he was able to because he was related to a freemason, which was his father. He had to have a ceremony to welcome him into it. The members thought Homer was the 'chosen one' and he had instant power, he could have whatever he wanted and was given different rights to normal people, treated better and differently. They ended up abandoning Homer when he tried to make changes which were good and had good benefits for citizens and on society. They did not like this they wanted to be evil and they changed the location of the meeting and the name of the organisation so people wouldn't know about it, to keep it secret. I thought this had so much subliminal messaging and this is what young children watch, it is not setting a good example for them. Also how TV and the things you watch can have such an effect on you. I read that a man watched eminems song '3am' which has a lot of hidden meaning and involves him being seated in a blood bath, this man killed his wife after listening to it, the same type of way that was being projected in the video and lyrics. The lyrics are quite sinister, also a lot of lyrics very openly worship the devil, which a lot of young people don't realise they just listen to it without understanding the words or the meaning behind it. (a song called killuminati) Doing Conceptual art has made me realise that really everything in the world has a concept or idea behind it, whether strong or weak. 


I have found writing my ideas and thoughts down on workflow has developed my mind and by talking often conceptually discovering new notions, which I am able to explore. I have had a lot of ideas, which I will need to draw them all down in my sketchbook and do some annotations. In my ideas so far I have been exploring the sexualisation of media, useless eater(population control), and alien hybrids. Things that people know about but don't fully understand. I thought of how in my geography lessons at gcse I was taught about population control by the government, for example when the population was low, citizens were payed extra money if they had more children, when the population rate was high they were only allowed to have one child, many people if they had girl babies would kill them because they wanted a boy and were only allowed one child.  


I found the work of Tommy Hartung. I really like his mixed media performance videos, they were very weird conceptually and aesthetically I found this inspired me towards my own outcome. I liked how it didn't really make entire sense and how he'd used voice overs and music in the videos. It didn't all seem to fully connect, it was a bit deranged in materials also. One video I liked in particular was called 'The Bible', it appeared to play strange hebrew or jewish music it was repetitive and fast moving, edited. I found his work on vimeo, which have a lot of really good art videos on there and conceptual films, which is the effect I am after in my own work. I want my final outcome to be a like a conceptual film, have a story line with lots of hidden meanings and messages.


I have been exploring deep ideologies in my work, which I feel has heightened the quality and context of the development outcomes I have created so far. I have noticed the style of my work has become more sinister and serious, the more I've gone into it. I am happy with the types of emotion I have been producing. I think art is an instant way of seeing into the mind of the person who created it and what inspired it. It is a spiritual communicator that can make you understand to some extent the content of the piece or the energy that surround it. I want my piece to have deep meanings, messages, exposure but without making the piece aesthetically or spiritual perverted or demonic. I want to produce good concepts, that illustrate truths for a good purpose. Researching into the illuminati, I have learnt a lot, many people deny it, make it out to be a joke, or simply don't want to talk about it or permit that it exists. By doing extensive research I have come to conclusions. Drawing on research and quotes that state 'Ignorance is bliss' and want to brainwash people into not believing the truth or wanting to know it. There is a wide source of resources now and the world is highly developed that people could know the truth by searching for it. Even looking at Satanism which backs up these ideas. "slavery is freedom" and "madness is sanity" , "murders sell more newspapers than garden club meetings" "The fact is throughout history a bad guy has been needed so that those who are right can flourish" These statements seemed to speak such truth as Earth is controlled by Satan, I watched videos of president figures and people in power saying they went to Bohemian Grove which is a place of Satanic worship and masonic ritual. I think this is shocking to think these people run our countries. Many people know the government and media is corrupt but do not understand the true meaning of why it is or the information surrounding these people that do it. I want to explore topics like this which are not projected in newspapers, and when it is reporters are being silenced and killed. Through the boundaries of communication I want to explore how we are sometimes told related subjects but not given the full picture or distorted facts. This is my aim which I am continuing to decipher and exposing ideas and free speech I have looked at protesting also there has been protesting on reporters being killed.


In this week from the information I have gathered the previous week from research I can plan out ideas and continue to experiment with ideas, to see which ones work and which ones don't. Continue to experiment with materials I have access of. Visit further exhibitions. 

If some of my ideas go wrong or I’m not happy with the outcome, I will have to critically analyse why and what the issues were. Take notes on issues and what needs to be done to resolve them. 

Studios are not open I will work from home, Kings Cross Library. Galleries. 



These are the cards I bought off ebay. They are illuminati playing cards. These are the new pack, but the old pack produced in 1995 has been shown to prophesy future events, they speak truth and the plan of the illuminati and the nature of whats happening. You cannot go against the illuminati. I am going to use these in my final piece attached to the body of the victim who said to much and """""political correctness was killed""""""" Some of the cards I found surprising, they included ideas surrounding, useless eater and aliens, and diseases. It showed how everything was corrupt, aspects in the world you never even thought of, including media and newspapers.


This idea was inspired by the biblical quote. The bible speaks how we were made from dust and to it we return. A lot of what is spoken is true, I find this so interesting. From doing extensive research from all angles I have had revelations and built up so much knowledge that """we are not supposed to know"""" Also exploring the spiritualness of Satanism. I used matched and lit the page up which burned and the fire flame glowed and created smoke. The flames got so big the only way of putting them out was to continuously bang my book closed hectically. This created a lot of ash to fall off the pages. I didn't intend for the flame to get so big but it was hard to put out, it ended up burning quite a few pages. I found the texture afterwards interesting, and it appeared to me to have created several figure like faces on the page with eyes, a head and mouth, some reminding me of The Joker from Batman. There was a lot of ash left which I used to draw with and create a rough surface. I liked this effect and it made me think what other materials I could use out of context in a different way.


For this development outcome its about the new slaves drawing from research about people being under control by the government. There will be new slaves in the future but a number of sources I looked at depicted that we are slaves already, we are given the illusion of choice and freedom, but we don't have it. This makes reference subliminally to the population being governed below a certain number, and makes reference to the useless eater, and the aim to kill off these consumers. As people we are controlled and tempted to buy food and consume even things we dont want or need. In this the person is a slave to the egg. They may be oblivious to this but they are all the same. The person is trapped, the eggs tied around them and the strings representing the puppets in the government and media controlling your thoughts and actions, also making reference to the chip that will be implanted under the skin in the future that will do this. I have evidenced this using quotes from the bible.





Today I am currently developing on my workflow. I am uploading images from the galleries I visited yesterday and evaluating the pieces. I was deliberating whether to go into CSM to get a sketchbook as I failed to get one yesterday. Instead I have decided to work at home on my evaluating and develop my concepts and ideas further, and it will give me time to concentrate on exploring further with materials drawing from inspiration I have collected the past few days. Today I did two development outcomes. For the first I was inspired from the research I have done lately on hybrids, aliens, nephilim. I created my own 'human' that I wanted to create 'in my own image'. Exploring concepts I researched into Satanism, Christianity and the media. Sporty, quirky, eyes bigger than your stomach. The second development idea was inspired by a clip I watched on YouTube today:


There was a discussion, in it where listeners phone up. The lady who phoned up talked very openly and the people on the radio disregarded to some extent what she was saying and cut her off from it as they thought she was talking too much. She said 'RELIGIONS WERE REPTILIAN', 'DRACO CREATED', and spoke of ''BLOOD BATH''. I found this part the most interesting of the clip, which funnily what was spoke wasn't anything to do with the title of the clip. I was inspired by the "BLOOD BATH" which was the foundations of my idea. From it I googled 'blood bath sacrifice/ ritual'. The images and information was shocking, it appeared horrific and demonic. I was shocked to see that there were celebrities imaged in a blood bath also, including Eminem in one of his videos. (Possessed Ritual Killing) I thought about how so many films show these type of ideas, and the future plans of the illuminati, there seems to be a barrier with media and the government yet they meet.


I have been doing a lot of research as I suddenly feel very excited by the areas I am exploring relating to 'boundaries of communication' I referred today to the PPP that I wrote to check I am on track in conjunction with the goals I set myself at the start of the unit. I made a few notes on the sheet I had printed out to get a full understanding of what I had written. I wrote I wanted to explore communication barriers within media(including music, film,tv,newspapers) and also looking at the relation of the government and control. I expressed how I wanted to explore the views of others as well as my own, which I have been doing, I have researched and watched videos on conspiracy and all these related topics. I didn't want to be biased and just look at the issue from one point of view but explore it from all angles. I said I wanted to use newspaper and plaster as a material experiment, I have used newspaper in my book so far but I wish to further use this material and explore original ways I can use this. I haven't had a chance to use plaster yet as the studios have been closed over Easter, so I will have to set time aside to do this at the studios at Archway when I get back. There isn't a lot of time left on this course, so I will need to work continuously and continue to plan what I need to do and when to do it. For this unit subject I have chosen to explore I have wanted to back up the ideas I will be projecting in my final piece, I will present the piece as my own interpretation of events and situations, but I will have evidence to back up these opinions, so they are not empty words, and I will also have the presence of this research displayed in my outcome.


I am happy with the progress I am making currently. I have established my goals from now till I finish. I have decided my final outcome will be a mixed media performance which be projected from a modern day TV screen. I have bought several items to use for it off the internet and ebay. I have purchased morph suits for the suspects (messengers of deception) and also for the murdered culprit. My plan for the murdered person is to stuff a morph suit using material, stuffing or anything I can get my hand on. On the surface of the material my thoughts were to have a layer or rough, tacky plaster as a surrounding base. Then I would attach anything related to the body as 'clues' or any vital evidence the victim left behind as to why they were killed. The body is dead because they spoke their mind, facts, and the truth, and has had a serious consequence. I'm exploring using the title 'Who killed political correctness' for my work (without question as it is well know who did) to be used cynically and ironically. (Exploring the politically correct becoming politically incorrect) An action within the public eye which can put you at danger. I was inspired by exploring conspiracy theories, facts not adding up and famous celebrities or presidents(people in power) being killed because they said too much. My suspects will be types of people that are blamed within media for being the problem, needing to stay away from or killed. Suspect 1: Useless eater. - consumerist that doesn't do any good, fat, lazy and a possible excuse to reduce global population. (materials include, doughnuts, possibly food rubbish/packaging, pink/purple paint. paint.Suspect 2: Happy aliens - world is deceived to believe in aliens, they are hybrids/nephilim which are the product of fallen angels and an human woman. The government will use aliens to create the new world order and say there is an invasion- but will be demons. (materials: foil, bin bags). Suspect 3: Humans as a disease, a cancer of the planet. (types of people taking the blame, blamed for issues in the world) - (this made me think of how Hitler blamed Jews for the economic break down and convinced the citizens this was the case, and they had to find a solution to the problem- The Final Solution), it made me think of how world events were repeating themselves and how it would be like the days of Noah again. I want to research this story further in the bible to use as inspiration for forming ideas on my piece. (materials-latex). 

Doing all these research has amazed me to how much I have found out including about Presidents, (JFK), Princess Diana's death, Satanic rituals, blood baths, Bohemian Grove, Government involvement of the things of Satan, the people that control countries, bankers, how the media and newspapers play a big role. Newspapers printing similar stories over and over, mostly negative, looking at people as puppets, with people controlling them, spirits of control. I have wanted to explore every possible angle surrounding boundaries of communication - government control and deception within the media, that we are not being told the full story, all the facts not adding up. In my performance the real murderer will not be found because 'there was too much evidence to form a conclusive finding' (irony, truth, coverups). (thinking of previous examples). I have been able to use this knowledge to start forming intellectual and developed concepts and producing outcomes.

I have now finished my first sketchbook, which is full of drawings, plans, notes, experimentation of materials, failed ideas and research which I found of particular interest. Tomorrow is the first day back from Easter holiday, I will be able to buy a new sketchbook and start filling it with information and outcomes, which I have printed out ready to stick in. It will be valuable to hear from tutors and refer to the work of other students to what what they are doing and if there are any areas within my work I need to improve on or expand further. Also I am intrigued to see how we will be working as the studios have been altered to become a gallery space.


Today I am going to be working at csm. I am going to take in my laptop and work on my workflow, documenting and evaluating work, and uploading videos. I tried to upload videos previously to workflow but the files weren’t compatible so I have exported them and saved them as a file that is compatible. I will be uploading them to youtube and then sharing them on my reflective journal page. I have done a lot of videos so far, as experimental pieces. A few of the pieces I forgot to evaluate on workflow, so I will go back to this today and evaluate them.

I went to college, I couldn't see anyone in and the studios were empty. I wasn't sure whether we were being registered somewhere else. I saw someone in foundation who said we didn't have to register for these two weeks and we were either working at archway or kings cross. However it wasn't a waisted journey, I managed to buy a sketchbook and I bought modelling clay I thought it would be interesting to model out the figures and the ideas I had for my final piece, that it would give me a better understanding. On the journey on the train I wrote evaluations of art development that I could transfer to workflow later when I had access to the internet. I also read through an art critique magazine. I was reading one of the artists concepts which was about the sexualisation in society, and spoke about this relatively. I read this concept and thought... yes but what is your outcome? The artist hadn't stated any beliefs towards this idea, I thought what is the point of coming up with this art piece, all it tells me is that their is sexualisation surrounding us, many people already know this, you don't have to be clever to know this. I thought but what have I learnt, what have they told me that I didn't already know. I didn't think the concept was valuable. I have been sticking in work pictures, research and ideas in my sketchbook, I have got all my materials I need to start developing them further ready for videoing.


I wanted to play about with music and looking at the advertising of the card and the subliminal messages. I wanted to cook the vinyl in the oven, I was intrigued to see what would happen to it. As I was doing it it melted, at one stage I held it up to the fire in the oven and it created sparks, I did this again and it set on fire. I freaked out and placed down the camera without realising it was still recording and filming aspects of it, you could hear me and only see my feet rushing about. I saw it after and thought this was an interesting angle to place the camera at, when watching it it felt like I was spying or that I was watching something I shouldn't be because of the angle. I think filming at a low angle will be interesting in my final piece, I can play about with the angle and the shots and close ups, and also filming from far away.






I went into college today and I was able to choose the space I wanted to exhibit my work in. I am showing a performance video on a tv so i thought I wanted it to be shown at eye level. I talked to the tutor and she suggested that I exhibit one of the figures also, this is something I thought about but wasn't sure if it would be possible due to possible space restrictions or if it was a bit messy as it was covered in plaster, but she assured me this would be ok. I decided then that I would and I am going to show the victim as it is the figure most important in my story. I am going to have it hanging from rope which will be attached to the wall shown as a piece of evidence from my film. I downloaded the software I will need to make the video and edit images from the adobe website. Originally I planned to video tomorrow, but I will end up videoing on wednesday I think as I haven't finished the figures yet completely. I am happy with the way the materials are working, and will photograph well as I have used various colours and tones including bright colours.


Today I finished the rest of the filming, as it started to get dark yesterday I filmed the diseased human today. I also started to edit the videos and images, the setting and colours worked really well. Some of the pictures were out of focus, it was hard to get good pictures at times because I was taking pictures directed into the sky and it was very bright. I also took images on a polaroid camera, I liked this effect it gave a different style to the images and gave a vintage look. Some images came out blurry, because the lighting was not great and the camera didn't like it as it is sensitive. Thursday initially was my very final deadline to finish filming and taking pictures, which gives me tomorrow, saturday and sunday to edit if I need to, I still need to write the evaluation and put development images in my sketchbook. I still have a fair amount of work to do, but I am on track for getting everything completed.


Today I will be further editing the videos and turning it into a dysfunctional film, I want to create it so it feels out of place, mismatched and altered. So far I have edited the first section of the teddy bears picnic, in the crime scene with the devoured doughnuts and cups filled of doughnuts. I have the rest of the video to edit. Initially I thought I would have a lot of editing, but from starting it I don't think I will change it a lot, I want to keep it organic and I don't want to ruin the hard work I've done and the authenticity of it but ruining it with edits, I want to keep it so its obvious what it is. 

I have been working on the video editing throughout the day. I have completely finished editing the victim section in the video. I placed audio tracks in the video, which I altered the sound and speed of, I tried to make it dysfunctional. I used Kanye West music, new slaves, and BLKKK SKKKN, this included sounds of animals noises which I distorted. I wanted it to seem mismatched, and not controlled.  The Useless eater clips came next, I finished editing this part of the video also. I used songs: metallic, master of puppets, iron maiden, the number of the beast, also a song from the film I watched called 'phantom of the paradise', the hell of it. I used parts of the songs which were relevant to the concept I was exploring and trying to achieve. I edited the vibrancy and tone of the videos also. I have been print screening as I have been going along, it has been exciting to see the progress I have made, and starting to see the film form and come together. I am over half way through the video now. I have to add the nephilim section and the diseased human section next. I was thinking of having a type of radio talk show going on in the audio or some type of conspiracy conversation, and for the diseased human have biblical quotes relating to leprosy or possibly from the matrix about humans being a cancer, disease on this planet, I will have to see what works best when I come to do it. My plans are to finish the video tomorrow, then I will burn it to a DVD which I will be able to play from the TV I have got. On Monday I will be taking my finished pieces in to hang up and exhibit, then on Tuesday is the final deadline so I will have Monday afternoon to double check I have everything finished and completed to submit work. If I had more time I think I could have explored some areas in more depth like, I had a lot of ideas for development and there wasn't enough time for me to explore them all. I think I have stuck to the subject area I specified in the beginning in my PPP, and I have done a mixed media outcome, in this unit I have used a lot of materials, including newspaper, plaster, clay, paint, food, latex etc. I think my outcome is like a theatrical performance/film, as I have made costumes, then used people to act in them and have directed them and told them how to behave, I have also acted in some of the outfits also. 


I used lots of little aspects from the clips I took, I took a few seconds here and there, and in other parts took longer, the whole film is about 2 minutes 30 seconds. I didn't want to have the film too long I wanted to keep it short to create excitement and to feel like there was a lot more you could have seen, like it is not giving you all the details, and leaving you feeling like you could have watched more. I edited it on Premier Pro CC, I edited the colour of the videos, the sound of the audios I brought in from YouTube which were relevant. I also used a Christian hym song which I used part way through, unless you know the song you would not notice, it makes reference to the bible for christians how Satan is a God of this world, set out to kill, steal and destroy, but God is the creator of the earth and he has a presence, but people are drawn to the evil, and many forget about God. I used the audios to break up each video, but also I wanted the whole video to flow like a film, a murder mystery, but one you don't understand. The suspects I used are not the real suspects, they are puppets and the fall back guys. The prince of darkness, shadow of light is the true culprit, or influence, and the elite, government are his puppets, and they have puppets, and those puppets have puppets, everyone being in control, under the master of the universe. I am happy with my outcomes for now, but in future projects, I want to find ways that are more openly glorifying for good, that is educational and has a good message. For this unit I wanted to have an aspect to create it to be educational.


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