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"Since helping to make the animated GIF a legitimate photographic editorial medium, Pamela and Matthew have continued to imagine the digital possibilities in video, virtual worlds, and both internet based and physical interactive installations. Regardless of medium, Pamela and Matthew's work is about the playful connectedness of the internet where everyone wears a mask and can be anyone, anything, and anywhere they can imagine in their digital dreams.”

W Magazine

This gif series contain actions of the model being sporty. I think the concept is really cool because animated gif allows the impossible to be possible in its unique way. The stopping motion image can be digitally manipulated and create actions that move more awkwardly than short film or video. In the upper image, the model is standing perfectly still, and the only thing moving on her finger is the turning ball. The on in the bottom, the model just dunked the ball in the basket and is hanging onto the basket. These gif make the model looks like a pro basketball player in the fashionable and fantasy way with the use of childish background, motion, and sporty styling. 

The motion in these gifs are quite simple as the models just have to stand still and moving some parts of their body or just simple posing, but the technique used make the animations interesting. Reed and Rader have planned the storyboard really well. I love how the models move correspond to one another, whether it’s the similar pose or the timing for the model to move after one another (making it seems like an automaton animation). The way Reed and Rader works reminds me that this is always a possibility of how I can present fashion. Animated gif is playful and is as representative for the clothing as well as normal fashion editorial.

Jack James, V Magazine



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