Dumper by Sam Johnson

"Designed as part of the ten collection 2008. The Dumper is made from 2 pieces of FSC beech with a standard plastic workshop box. The box is available in red, yellow, green, blue, black and grey. Dumper truck available in two sizes, small and large."

I like that such a simple object like this container for nuts and bolts has been reclaimed to be such a crucial design element in this child's toy. The design is simple, straight forward and attractive.

Rocky collection by PearsonLloyd for Spanish brand MO by Martinez Otero

This collection of rocking horses comes in a range of different colours and alternative seat covers for different characters like a seal, what, and dog. Made out of bent ply, these rockers are light weight and easy to transport. I like their new take on a traditional rocking horse. They look fun to play on. I also like that they come in different colours and are easy to change the seats because this makes it more customizable.

Kebnekaise Pouf by Fine Little Day

"Kebnekaise is a knitted pouf and the highest mountain in Sweden at 2100 m and is situated in the north of Sweden. Now every child can climb it in the livingroom! 

Design: Little Red Stuga 
Size: Ø 65 cm, height 50 cm
Weight: 2,7 kg
Color: darkblue and offwhite
Removable cover:
100 % cotton, knitted, bottom zipper.
Inside cover: Polycotton
Filling: Polystyrene balls"

I like that this fun pouf is educational for children based on the history of geography. The knitting is a nice technique, and I like the colours of it as well.

Dermal by Unplug Design

"To the children in The Third World; Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Congo and etc, who can't enjoy football freely because of poverty, war and natural disaster, having a football means a lot and can be a dream and hope to escape from their poor life.

However, the children are so poor that they can not buy a football. So, they play football with the ball made of plastic bag or a coconut palm leaves Therefore, giving them their own footballs which can give them hope, is our aim of this project.

We suggest this Dream Ball made of relief boxes delivered to those poor children by recycling.

A. Creat patterns that can help making a ball on the surface of an aid box.

B. Activities of giving aid boxes to children in The Third World.

C. The used aid boxes will be recycled as a football by children with the patterns on boxes. 

D. By making Dream Ball with the children together, the aid organizations will get the chance to be friendly with them.

Aid box

If children take off the paper from an aid box by following the patterns on it, and assemble those parts with the attached instruction, they can get a football. We can apply those patterns on any type of boxes - a square type, a cyliner type. Now, when children get a cyliner type aid box filled with supply, they can move it by rolling that box.

The football

In the aspect of material, we considered children playing football with bare foot. So, we use paper that can be recycled and its thickness changes the intensity and elasticity of the Dream Ball."

I love how this design incorporates so much thought into giving children the chance to play in a sustainable way. The packaging and development was thought out very nicely and the design is very simple and attractive.

Wooden Triangles Geometric Puzzle Red Oak by TimberGreenWoods

This beautifully laser cut triangle jig saw puzzle is eco-friendly from it's being to the packaging. The wood is sustainably harvested, grown and dried. I like that the bottom of the puzzle has a laser cut cheat sheet, giving this game another thoughtful element to it.

*not for children under the age of 8 due to small pieces.

Baby and Toddler Swing on A Beautiful Mess

I love this homemade swing from babies and toddler's because it is strong enough to hold a toddler, where as the usual baby swing does not. The design is simple and fun, and isn't an eyesore to someone's decor.

-two 1" x 48" oak or poplar dowel rods
-at least 22 ft. of braided 3/16" rope that holds up to 192 lbs.
-one 2" welded steel ring that holds up to 200 lbs.
-one 80mm steel carabiner that holds up to 280 lbs.
-2 yards of duck cloth, upholstery-weight fabric, or canvas. If you use a print that has a specific direction you may need more.
-1/2 yard of batting
-decorative wooden beads found at a chain craft store
-heavy duty ceiling hook (optional)

-sewing machine and thread in coordinating color
-power drill with 3/8" drill bit
-hand saw or circular saw
-canvas weight sewing needle
-sandpaper in 150 and 100 grit
-lighter for melting rope ends
-iron and ironing board
-straight pins

Wooden Spinning Tops on

Handcrafted in Austria, and are made from a variety of woods native to Europe and produced in unique colour combinations. The designs are sleek and simple. I like the use of beautiful woods.

Animal Carnival by Present&Correct

I love this book because it brings me back to my childhood. I had a set of three blocks with animals painted onto them, that were held together on a stick and rotated around to create variations of new animals. This book is neat because it has the same idea but with a different type of interaction--instead of the animals being 2D they are 3D.

Schema series by Ridea

These cute animal's are actually radiators for a child's bedroom or bathroom. The cat has another aspect to the front of it that allows a towel to be hung from it on front. I think the radiators are a fun and precious way to jazz it up.


These spinning tops are clever in the sense that they can be spun, or flipped upright to create a play forest. I like how they have a double use for them, and the variety of colours in a set is also a nice touch.


"Working alongside the Egersund team, I used the same materials and techniques but on much smaller scale to create the Skip Ahoy collection. The collection has a theme of ‘playtime’ and features skipping ropes, hula hoops, bags and key-chains made from the hard wearing net material in a variety of colours. Some pieces in the collection include reindeer antlers and bones as handles, bringing together elements from the land and sea in East Iceland. The collection is produced by Egersund in collaboration with local craftsmen."

I love the playfulness of this skipping rope, and how it incorporates natural materials like bone and antlers. The colours and technique of the rope is unique and fun.

Mon Petit Art Eames House of Cards: Medium

"32 doubled sided slotted cardboard cards allow children and families to create inventive towers and structures. 32 designs and photos of household items produce a wall of colour and imagery. On their reverse is a patterned side for an alternative approach. Each card interconnects via the slots so the cards can join at right angles and in different locations."

*4 years and up.

I love the activity of this toy because it becomes like a game and is easy for many people to join in. The graphics are stunning and it's neat how it adds a new decor element to any room.

Both by Big-Game for Materia

I love this interchangeable series of floating boats in cork and plastic. The top mast or cabin can be removed and replaced with a different insert. They float and must be a lot of fun for children.

Balancing Blocks by Fort Standard for Areaware

I love the simplicity of these balancing blocks. The design is simple and attractive, and the concept is similar to others we have seen before like an inukshuk. I like how interactive and fun this can be for people of any age.

Balancing Blocks from Part & Parcel on Vimeo.





Object 21-1 by Matija Cop

"A series of tabs and slots are lasercut from rectangular sections of soft, water- and UV-resistant foam, which link together without the use of stitches or glue.

Different sized elements can be assembled to create sculptural shapes that reference the arches and domes of gothic buildings, then taken apart and rearranged."

I really love how the interlocking foam shapes can be deconstructed and reconstructed into a completely different garment. The concept is interactive for the wearer and has been done in an innovated way.

Stripes and Peignes by Philippe Nigro for Ligne Roset

Materials: laser-cut shades, transparent cable, brushed stainless steel base.

The simple interlocking rings and metal stripes are attractive and mesh together easily. I like that they look effortless.

Flat Zoo wooden toys by London design studio Yang:Ripon

"Flat Zoo comprises five pieces of thin ply, printed on both sides, that combine to make an elephant, monkey, penguin, owl, duck, whale and mouse."

I like that it is easy to make different combinations, and the simplicity of the blue rubber band to hold them in place is very clean and easy. This toy would be easy for children to use.

Mr. Cube by Hector Serrano

This toy is very cute, easy to play with and create with, as well as easy to clean up and transport. The legs, arms and head have hidden magnets that are easily attached to a wooden square, or they are easily puzzled together to create a cute. It's fun because the combinations are endless.

Oak Owl by Matt Pugh

These signature owls are handmade in the UK. Made from solid oak, they come in red, blue, green, white, pink, gold and natural. The craftsmanship is very well done and I like that the product is available in multiple colours.


Bamboo tricycle by a21studio

This tricycle is made from a solid and sustainable bamboo frame with rope finishes. The materials are raw, yet beautiful. The bolts that hold the bike in place are also made from bamboo, which are then covered by rope that can be easily removed and modified by children. I like how this makes the design interactive for the child using the tricycle.

Forest of Woods by Pen Pencil Stencil

This wooden forest was created from pieces of scrap wood. I like how all of the grains are headed in different directions and that the natural colouring of the wood differs from piece to piece. The designs are simple and whimsical. 

Flock of Swallows Mobile from Anthropologie

I love how beautiful this mobile is, as it can be an accent piece or work of art displayed long after a baby needs it above their crib. It would also be a great accessory above a baby;s tub and can be relocated to many different locations. One of my favourite aspects behind this mobile is that the birds are hanging from a branch with ties them in nicely with their habitat.

Naef Rainbow Wooden Musical Toy & Puzzle by Naef toys

I love how the wooden semi-circles are easily moved around, balanced on each other, and piled to create new shapes and sounds. It's a great interactive musical instrument and is almost like a game as well.

Bunny Mobile by Patricija

This bunny mobile appears delicate in nature, but the bunnies are strung and hung from a strong wood cross. I like the way the wood curves to give the overall aesthetic a more attractive appeal, as well as that the bunnies are knit.

Poisson Mobile by Dame Belette

This hanging fish mobile is really neat in the sense that it is not copying the exact body of a fish, but has broken it up into strips. To me this makes it a long more visually interesting because it is far from average.



assortment of wooden spinning tops from the

I like the different colours and shapes of these spinning tops. The execution of their design and materials is very well done, as well as the outcome. I like that the natural grain of the wood is still visible in these designs, and that in many of them the colourful details are in a circular motion which compliments the movement of the tops in action.

Striped Spinning Top Turnip by Davidturnsbowls

"Made on Vashon Island, WA, from locally grown, salvaged hardwoods. Slow air-drying & skillful turning results in an exceptionally well balanced top. (You can also spin them upside-down)."

I love the sleekness and colourful tones of this spinning top. It is simple and chic with a beautiful silhouette.

The Dollhouse Book by Rock & Pebble

Shaped like a dollhouse, this drawing book combines the two elements to make a fun and exciting dollhouse book for kids. I like that it has a duo purpose which makes it fun for children to draw in and decorate.

Sheep Mobile by Pingviny

"This baby mobile was designed and handmade by me to bring a cosy image into a baby's surrounding. 

The colors of the sheep are especially suitable for small babies, who prefer contrasting black and white images which help develop their vision. 

The sheep hang by a delicate thread and will gently bounce and spin in the air at the slightest touch. The sheep are very soft and a baby can be allowed to briefly feel their texture or try how they taste, although I would recommend this is done under careful supervision as the threads are not safe for a baby to play with. 

The materials to make the mobile are all organic. My reasons for using organic materials relate to the environment and the health of workers just as well as the safety of the user of the final creation. Hence I go organic even when I make decorative items. 

The sheep are made of organic cotton fabric and are filled with natural, wild growing kapok (a plant fiber). The ring is made of natural cane and the twisted threads - of organic wool yarn 

Materials sourced as follows: 

white fabric:
brown baby corduroy:
kapok fill and cotton thread:
wool thread:

Size of the ring: 19cm / 7.5inch in diameter.

You can adjust the length yourself by untying the thread connections on the ring. 

Easy to hang: the mobile comes complete with 3m / 120inch extra twisted thread and self adhesive, rental safe ceiling hook - removable without a trace."

I love how whimsical this baby mobile is. The sheep give it a dreamy feel, and it is extremely well though out and crafted. I also really like that the length of the strings can be adapted by the user.

Aircraft Toy by Hassan Mohamed

This model airplane is beautifully done. I love the quality of the wood with the clean design.

WATER DRUMS by Amy Chua + Syed Atif Husain

"WATER DRUMS is a drum set that floats on water. The unique sounds produced by trapping different amount of air in each drum create endless fun, as children taps playful beats and rhythms spontaneously in their own bathtubs or in swimming pools."

I love the concept behind these musical instruments and that the children can incorporate them during their time in the water. It is useful that they float so that they can be used properly, and the materials are very attractive.



Interlocking Street Furniture by Izabela Boloz

"The frames are stacked horizontally and attached together, leaving a space between each one equal to its depth. This construction means that modules can be slotted together like comb teeth, with the individual frames of one module sliding into the spaces between frames in the next.

"The elements are light and portable. I used painted wood to make a flexible, temporary installation, which can be transported and arranged in multiple ways," Bołoz told Dezeen.

The system's flexible nature means that the modules can be arranged differently to suit the location."

*Ranging from 45 centimetres to 180 centimetres in height, each piece is made from a series of identical geometric wooden frames.

This structure is so playful in colours and shapes. I like that each piece is a different colour and that the pieces slot into each other so perfectly.

Cuma and Cross by Takehiro Ando

With two different shapes of felt, Ando interlocks numerous pieces to form wall hangings, lighting installations, table cloths, rugs and furniture covers.

I like the geometrics of the shapes and that they can be created into numerous versions of decor. It looks like the links are easy to assemble.

Daikanyama T-Site by Klein Lytham Architecture

This Tokyo bookstore is comprised by hundreds of interlocking T-shapes, and these small T's help to make up larger T's throughout the building. 

"The T idea for the project came to us during the initial briefing session with the CEO of Tsutaya," architect Mark Dytham told Dezeen. "He was hoping for an iconic building, branded in a non-branded way, without having to rely on signage."

Architecture and interior design: Klein Dytham architecture
Art Direction: Tomoko Ikegai
Architectural Consultant: RIA
Structural Engineer: Structured Environment
Main Contractor: Kajima Construction

The most interesting part to me is that the small T's make up a larger picture and structure. I like that on their own the T's are simple, but they become something so much greater in multiples.


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