The politics of responsibility


MORE on responsibility




What is the purpose of this work?

Dr Alison Clark, TCRU, UCL

What do I leave out of the film?

Dr Alison Clark, TCRU, UCL

What are the responsibilites of the filmmaker?

Deidre Boyle, Associate Professor of Media Studies, at the New School, NY discusses the responsibilities of the filmmaker.

Transcript: Michael Renov and Pratap Rughani in discussion

Michael Renov is Professor of Critical Studies and Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at the University of Southern California, and holds the Haskell Wexler Endowed Chair in Documentary. Dr. Renov co-founded and is one of the editors of Visible Evidence, a series of international and highly interdisciplinary documentary studies conferences held world-wide, and is a widely respected author, curator and jury member of documentary festivals. 

How does an able bodied team work with a differently abled person?

Dr Alison Clark, TCRU, UCL

In what ways do you need to consider the contributor?


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