Working with Vulnerable Contributors

BBC Guidance on working with vulnerable contributors.


Introduction to Ethics

BBC Ethics Guide (archived pages)

University of the Arts Code of Practice on Research Ethics

UAL is committed to supporting good practice in research and scholarly activity; it considers it to be fundamental that research should be conducted in accordance with ethical principles.

Code of ethics?

Is it possible to create a code of ethics for the arts? Art Practical.

Project Artworks

Project Art Works explores and promotes new practical and philosophical approaches to the meaningful involvement of people who have complex impairments in visual art activity that finds its way into mainstream programming and is of exceptional quality in its concept, aesthetic and production.



British Educational Research Association

BERA’s ethics and guidance documents are used by educational researchers and those active in many other disciplines.


Filmmaker and subject

A Question of Ethics: The Relationship between Filmmaker and Subject. Wanda Bershen writes for the International Documentary Association.


'Creating Affective Social Design: An ethical and ontological discussion.' by Jamie Brassett

The Equality and Human Rights Commission

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is Great Britain’s national equality body and has been awarded an ‘A’ status as a National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) by the United Nations.


Gordon Quinn on Ethics in Documentary

Pioneer documentarian and Kartemquin Films cofounder Gordon Quinn.

Film and Ethics: What Would You Have Done?

Miller, J. (ed.) (2013) Film and Ethics: What Would You Have Done? Vol 11 Studies in Ethics Series Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 

Series editor: Dr David Torevell Series deputy editor: Dr Jacqui Miller

Liverpool Hope University Research Ethics 

Developing practice in Participatory Settings

Art Works Alliance Code of Practice

The Ethics Of Photojournalism

Ethics and Arts Practice Event

The Ethics of Participatory Research and Arts Practice Monday 14 March 2-16  10.00-16.00, East Room, Tate Modern, London


Five Principles for Ethical Practice

American Psychological Association: Here are five recommendations APA's Science Directorate gives to help researchers steer clear of ethical quandaries.

National Union of Journalists

NUJ code of conduct The NUJ's code of conduct has set out the main principles of UK and Irish journalism since 1936. 

Real Virtuality: A Code of Ethical Conduct

 Madary, M. and Metizinger, T. K. (2016) Real Virtuality: A Code of Ethical Conduct. Recommendations for Good Scientific Practice and the Consumers of VR-Technology

Ethics and Filmmaking

Filmmaking is an excellent way to raise awareness and draw attention to a certain topic or issue. However, before creating a film, there are many ethical issues which must be considered. Unite for Sight


Ethics for Artists

Karen Atkinson of GYST writes: "The discussion of ethics in the art world has come up numerous times recently. Since all participants have a stake, I am going to start with my suggestions for artists. In another post, I will discuss ethics for other participants". 

Royal College of Arts

The RCA's Research Ethics Policy and processes are intended to support research activities undertaken by RCA staff and students. 


Ethics for Social Science researchers

On Ethics and Art

From an article on Big Think, James Abruzzo the co-founder of the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School speaks on ethics and art.



Key concepts in medical thinking

The British Medical Association (BMA) is the trade union and professional body for doctors in the UK.



Nichols, B. (2016). Speaking Truths with Film: Evidence, Ethics, Politics in Documentary. Oakland, California: University of California Press. Retrieved from

Paproski, D. L. and Haverkamp, B. E. (2000) Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Ethical Issues and Recommendations Canadian Journal of Counselling Vol . 34:2 85 University of British Columbia

The Ethics Centre: (2017) What is Ethics?, and The Ethics Explainer: Free Speech.  

Williams, P.J. (2018). ‘White Voice,’ Blackface, and the Ethics of Representation When is it fair to speak with someone else’s voice?


Beshty, W. (2015) Ethics (Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art). Longman Nigeria Ltd.

Furman, L. R. (2019) Ethics in Art Therapy: Challenging Topics for a Complex Modality. Palgrave Macmillan. 

Maccarone, E. M.  (2010) Ethical Responsibilities to Subjects and Documentary Filmmaking, Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 25:3, 192-206,DOI: 10.1080/08900523.2010.497025

Sanders, W. (2012) The ethics of documentary filmmaking: an empirical turn, New Review of Film and Television Studies.

Van den Hoven, J., Vermaas, P. E. & Van de Poel, I. (2015) Handbook of Ethics, Values, and Technological Design: Sources, Theory, Values and Application Domains, Springer Netherlands.

Winston, B. (2000) Lies, Damn Lies and Documentaries. British Film Institute


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