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Description: Silvia Petretti- Sustiva Tenofovir, 3TC (HIV) wax cast,Marc Quinn,2005 A growing number of people keep chronic illness at bay with drugs. To make this sculpture, Marc Quinn cast the body of Silvia Petretti in wax mixed with the drugs, Sustiva, Tenofovir and 3TC. Silvia is HIV postive and depends upon on these drugs to support her life. "when I look at the sculpture, I see a woman peacefully asleep,delicate light and mysterious. I see my body question assumptions of what someone diseased should look like. I hope it will be a reminder to a wider audience that people with HIV are just as human and therefore as complex, as anybody. We are fully entitled to the right to be treated with love and justice , without shame or guilt." -- Silvia Petretti
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