10/10/2017 - 11/10/2017

Today is my first time to use Indesign program. I feel absorbing because I usually use Adobe Illustration for layouts and this programme challenge me a lot. My tutor teaches me the primary use for Indesign and it very helpful to adopt with my layout design.

In my opinion, Indesign session is excellent, but there are too many people in one class, so we don't have enough time to ask the question for developing our booklet design.

I went back home in the afternoon and starting my eight pages booklet project. I use my old layout from yesterday class, but I distort and develop it into different triangle shapes. I decided to use black and white pictures with a red triangle in my booklet because it shows the contrast of the images. Overall,  the booklet looks very outstanding when I printed out and I am delighted with this work.



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