I got a words “Philosophical” and “Environment,” so I think about mindfulness, and I use the crane as a symbol of the word philosophical and put the crane in the different environment. To be mindfulness, we don’t have to stay in calm place it can be anywhere.

What potential role or function our work have outside this project?

We can function this video outside this project. Maybe we can use the process of thinking and adapt to work in real life.

How might we evaluate the success of our work?

I evaluate my work by asking people what do they feel after they saw it or how do they think what we want to communicate with them.

However, my outcomes are not satisfactory for me because of the limited time that we have. We got a comment from our classmate said that our music is outstanding it makes people who watch this video feel calming. If we have more time, I would think about the storyboard more deeply so we can communicate with others by watching this video more easily. 


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