Today has involved working with restrictions to what extent did this affect your design process?

Today my tutors gave us a new task to create typography by using only three processes which are cutting, folding and tearing on A4 paper also I need to consider about three-dimensionality, light & shadow, stress, width, legibility. Which means the choices of materials and process are limited. However, I’m so excited to this project because it was challenging me and I can make the alphabet in many different ways.

In the morning I made 16 pieces of ‘A’ and the final one that I like the most is cutting ‘A,' and then use the light shine through the letter, and you will see the shadow. Then in the afternoon, my tutors ask me to name the typeface by using words, name or phrase so, I use the word “Shadow” to separate my ideas.


Finally, I came up with the phrase “Through the light.” However, working with restrictions is quite hard because sometimes I want to draw the outline of letters on the paper, but I can’t or make the alphabet bigger. 

How did you select your location for your photo? Was it the right choice, and did it communicate in the way you intended?

After I came up with the phrase, I cut it into separate letters and then select the location around the Archway campus. At first, I want my typeface located outside on the building wall but today is cloudy so, I changed my mind to find the wall inside the building that has the light shine through. However, the result came out very outstanding because of the letters shadow and texture of the wall. It makes my work unique.

In my opinion, if we can work freely I will make bigger alphabet to place in different place around London because it would be more powerful in my work



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