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Today is my first day at CSM. I met many people in my class. We have received a task by our tutors which are working with a group of three under the concept “-ism” by researching and compiling information without the internet.


How has working in a small group affected how you gather and analyse information?

By gathering information with a small group help us as researchers to be able to justify the results of data that we’ve collected. Being in a small group allow us to be able to compare, contrast data and analyse whether these results that we’ve collected can be considerate as a “Correct” result, if not then by seeing the data from others it would most likely guide the way we see the problem and understand the basics of what the result is. Understanding the basic knowledge from other’s answer will also guide you into how you would construct the way you research, by understanding the real source you can trust which you can’t.


What are the challenges and benefits of working in a group?

Working in a group challenge me to work with new people, by understanding different personality types could be on of the best teamwork, we may be able to show our strong sides and improve our weakness sides. Further more working in a group helped me to develop stronger communication skills, plan and manage time, share various perspectives and more resources for different people in my team. Besides that, we all have different skills, knowledge and personal characteristic. By using all of these perspectives, more ideas can be generated. Leading to the better quality of outcomes.


How have you found the experience of researching and generating ideas without the internet?

The internet makes our life easier to research information but sometimes the internet can be unreliable resources. Because many inaccurate sources exist on the internet, anyone can post anything. By sharing ideas with many people in class help me to communicate with others on group assignment. Besides that, I receive a wide variety of thought that the internet doesn't have from our self-knowledge, by observing and generating our ideas together.


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