Today was a long day of making and problem solving in the workshop. I was still contemplating in what material to use for the base of the corridor so I got some advice from the assistants in the workshop.In the end I used wood for the bass of the structure and then used transparent acrylic for the corridors. After waiting a while for support and availability for the jigsaw I began with cutting the main shape of the corridor with the jigsaw. It was very difficult as the surface area was quite small so it was hard to control. I then started moulding the acrylic to create the shapes which would fit into the shapes for the rooms. This was also very difficult as it was hard to bond each piece together, I thought it would’ve been easier but it wasn’t. I didn’t get enough time to finish the whole thing, I wanted to line the whole outside of the shape to create that enclosed feel, I should be able to do it next week as We have the week off.

Overall it was a productive session in the workshop, I was hoping to finish the model however I didn’t leave myself enough time to finish. I think for the next big project I'll leave myself around a week to produce a final model because I know myself that I can produce some very good work if I spend some more time on it. Also as it was that final day of the project it did get very busy in the workshop so that's another reason to go in earlier. But I will come in next week to finish the whole model and also change the base of it as it wasn't as tidy as I hoped it to be.

Tomorrow I’m going to get my presentation sheets done and also photograph my model using architectural figure to create a sense of scale. I’m hoping to do a bit of photoshop work aswell to put the model into context but I don’t think I’ll get everything done by Thursday

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