Today was our final day of the project where we going to have a group crit at the end of the day which I wasn't looking forward too as I'm still not as confident in speaking in front of big groups. We began with a group discussion and got an idea of how the crit will run, it was very different to the previous presentation for illuminate so it put my worries to ease slightly.

We were then given the task to go through our project and finish off anything which was incomplete or needed more work. I wanted to get some feedback on my sketchbook work as I felt that I was repeating myself in some of the pages so I asked my tutor if she could have a look. She liked my quick sketches and also my research page, she felt that I had too many images of my final outcome on one page which I also agreed with. I need to start practising different ways in which I can present my work, coming straight out of A-levels means that I'm still kind of used to the ways in which we got taught to present and I need to get out of that habit. She also gave me a tip to improve my drawings even more, she liked the way in which I sketch and said it was very technical however she said to use a thicker pen to outline the shape I'm drawing to create a cleaner overall shape. I've already started practising this technique with my previous sketches to attempt to make them look cleaner. I then wanted some criticism about the overall idea and final model. She liked the idea of having a never ending structure which means that hexagons can be taken away or added. However the purpose was boring, she suggested to think about what else it could be used for, the idea of having an outside theatre, galleries, interactive entertainment was the strongest idea as it also linked with the location which would be in a green space like a popular park. The feedback helped me so much as I was then able to do some more drawings to show what I would include, I also started researching into the different inter-locking systems which would be appropriate for the structure.

The crit consisted of us presenting in small groups which were randomly selected and the one person from each group presented their work to the whole class. I felt my presentation went quite well, the group said I presented my idea well and that all my sketchbook work was up to a standard which evokes the idea. They felt that I needed to put the research in the different inter-locking systems into my sketchbook and also do a bit more secondary research about it. The only reason there wasn't a lot was due to the fact that I only thought of the idea of the locking systems in the morning which meant that I didn't have enough time to finish it. However I'll do it when I'm at home. I was quite impressed in the people's ideas, there were some very strong aspects of their work including their sketchbooks, research and also model making. I was fascinated with one project where a student had created a piece of jewellery which folds away very technically and was very clever. It's inspired me to do more research before the next project to see what else I can produce and create something which is as fascinating as others.

Overall I feel that this was another good project, I was able to go into the workshop for the first time and use the equipment confidently with ease. I was also able to ask for help when needed which was a big factor in making this project the best it could have been, if I didn't ask for advice I wouldn't have the idea at all. The one thing I do need to improve on is the use of different materials, for my next project I want to start using other materials which are out of my comfort zone such as metals and plastics which I have never used before.

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