Development of ideas was the main outcome of today, going into uni today I didn't feel confident in my idea as I didn't really have one yet. We started with a reflective session, where we were told to answer a set of questions which would hopefully help strengthen our main ideas. This was a successful process for me as I was able to identify the context of my proposal, the function and also the user. 

We were then given the task of collecting materials in which I wouldn't normally use, I bought some laminate tiles hoping to be able to construct a structure using them. This was unsuccessful as the laminate kept on bending and wasn't sticking to the other pieces. I then decided to just use cardboard as it's easier to bond and create rigid structures. My idea was to create some sort of pavilion out of just hexagons taking inspiration from HEX-SYS and also the Elytra Filament Pavilion where they have primarily just used hexagons to create a structure. I didn't want to create something too similar so I decided to create a dome like structure which begins on the floor but never reaches the floor on the other side.

I began constructing by creating a straight plane of hexagons, my tutor liked the way in which I did this however he then spoke about how it would be interesting to make it more 3D from other viewpoints. I then created different angles whilst bonding each hexagon, this then created a structure which was never ending where my idea then developed even more.

Today in my opinion was pretty helpful where I was given the opportunity to experiment with different materials understanding what wouldn't work and what actually did. I also was able to finalise my idea making it stronger and more realistic receiving help from peers and tutors along the way. Tonight I'll be doing some research into materials which I could use and see some other designs which use hexagons to see whether I could amend my idea in any way. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get in the workshop for the first time and make my final model. 


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