Today mainly consisted of creating ideas according to the word illuminate. We used our primary and secondary research as guidance and inspiration to draw out and also add some annotation to each sketch. At first I was able to think of quite a few ideas however after a while I struggled, I spoke to the tutor and she told me to not think so literal about the final idea, this helped me slightly but i still found it hard to create an outcome. By the end of the initial ideas process I felt that I had a set of strong outcomes which I could pursue and start investigating further. My strongest idea consisted of stained glass windows, I wanted to experiment with different colours and observe how light is effected when passed through. 

I created a building which has a coned shape roof so that there's a maximum amount of sunlight which can be used. I cut out shards which spiral from the top down to the bottom to create an aesthetic look. Once produced and ready I then received some advice from my tutor, she said to try it without the main structure and play with the different shapes which could be created with the roof. This was a successful experiment as when I shone a light through the cone it created a tunnel like shape on the wall. It was similar to an illusion as it felt like a journey through the shape. 

I'm currently still thinking about how I'm going to overcome the problems faced and also how I can show the different colours so that other people can see it, I want to experiment with the different forms and shapes which can be created. I'll be doing some more research this evening to see if there's any modern day artists or designers who use stained glass.

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