Today was the beginning of our first long project, the topic or word is illuminate. On the weekend I began the research process of the project and collected some information about the word. I firstly looked at the different types of lighting and how it moves through the air, i noticed that there were some interesting ways in which light travels through glass and other materials with different opacities. I then researched on different artists, architects and designers which use light as a main element of their work.

Today we followed on from this researched and were given the task to do some quick real life sketches of the area surrounding Kings cross station, emphasising the form, light and movement in each of the sketches. I highly enjoyed this task, as we were given the freedom to draw what we want wherever we wanted to, having this freedom gave me a chance to excel in the use of line and tonal drawings using just a fine liner. This is a medium which can show the depth with just a few thick lines and also the tone which is why its my favourite medium to use. However there were times in which I struggled to convey the tone in some of the drawings as using just a black pen is not always the best to use when showing light and dark. In the future I would have used not only a fine liner but also a yellow pen to emphasise the lighting and maybe some other colours to convey the atmosphere the light is creating.

After this we were able to reflect upon our sketches in a big group discussion where we brainstormed different ideas and words which we could relate to the word illuminate. This was a useful task as we were then able to describe our work with these certain words which for me suggested what my main strengths were and also what emotion is being evoked in the sketches. The main word for me was energetic, I felt that when drawing I felt a sense of energy with the hustle and bustle so i wanted to show that in my sketch without drawing the people. The strong, bold lines somewhat show this and also the tone used shows that there was an energetic atmosphere. We can see the difference in atmosphere as the first drawing I did was of the canal which was pretty peaceful so i decided to keep a subtle tone throughout the drawing. 

Tomorrow is the development process where we start looking at different ideas, we also were told to bring a light source in so I'm bringing in my torch. However for my main project I want to use natural lighting as i want to try design something for outside use.

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