Today was the final day of the project by which we were given the task of creating a group of ideas by which at the day should have a final idea which can be shown to the rest of the class. We were also able to work with the rest of my group which helped me when I was stuck and needed some constructive critisicm.
To begin with I had a few good ideas however after a while I struggled however with the help of group members and my tutor who went through some other strategies of creating an idea use the words I came up with my final idea.
My final idea was to transform the River Thames into a park by which there would be many concepts such as farmland (linking with the word wool) and parks which would be used by the public. The inspiration mainly came from a recent trip to Valencia where they have a park running through the whole city which actually used to be a river aswell but had dried up. I loved the fact that it was open all day everyday for the public and looked extremely natural. The park will have lakes and other natural sources which are good for the enviroment. During the research process I found out that creationism is also about working with nature and making the world a better place which is why I want to do this transformation. There's a lot of pollution being outfitted not only into the atmosphere but also into the water which is why I want to transform it.
I was able to communicate this idea to my fellow group members which I felt was successful as they understood it and also felt that it was a strong idea.
This project has not only made me aware on the the research and reflection concept but has also made me more confident in presenting and also creating ideas and then going on with them to create s final idea. I feel that I need to improve on my sketching skills and also working under pressure to create different worthy ideas in a given time.

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