KREOD / Chun Qing Li of Pavilion Architecture

Designed by Chung Qing Li, KREOD is located next to Peninsula Square, between Emirates Air Line and the O2. KREOD is an innovative architectural structure with an organic form. Inspired by nature it resembles three seeds, they combine through a series of interlocking hexagons to create a closed structure that is secure and weatherproof. The designs have the practical considerations for transportation, storage, disassembly and reassembly. The wooden structure of KREOD is durable, resistant, sustainable, environmentally-friendly and has easy maintenance. The overall ethos of this project is to be sustainable and environmentally-friendly therefore the choice of material is sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly timber.

The use of eco-friendly timber is effective as its not only sustainable but also means that it won't look out of place. For instance if they had used metal framework to create the hexagons it would look industrial and wouldn't look environmentally-friendly. This is where I got my inspiration to use wood rather than metal, the location that I want my structure is similar to this project and so should be similar. However I don't want to include the tensile fabric as it will block out the sunlight. It will also block out the shadows which will form throughout the day inside the pavilion which I feel can be effective.  

The way in which they've bonded each hexagon is effective as they've created a structure which is temporary and can be taken down which means that each joint can easily be taken apart and joined together. I'd use this similar joint system to create the idea of a never ending structure where builders are able to add and remove hexagons. 

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