The Vessel - Thomas Heatherwick

Thomas Heatherwick designed a structure for an engaging public landmark that will form the centrepiece of New York's Hudson Yard. The Vessel is an interactive lattice with the ability to be climbed, explored and experienced by everyone. Having 154 interconnecting stairs means that the installation will offer a variety of ways to engage with the city's urban landscape.

Each hexagon has a separate stairs all connecting with each other to create a geometric lattice. To begin with I wanted to create something similar to this however the hexagonal shapes would be deeper and the stairs and bridges would be going across the building intersecting with different sections. I like the way how Heatherwick has attempted to work with nature, taking inspiration from the shape of a beehive and then bringing that to life with the tessellated shapes. 

The influence for the stairwells came from the Indian stepwells of Rajasthan, formed from multitudes of stone staircases reaching down into the ground, the studio became interested in the mesmerising visual effect of the repeating steps, flights and landings.

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