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The Elytra Filament Pavilion comprises of 40 unique hexagonal components that have been robotically fabricated from a combination of transparent glass fibre and black carbon fibre. The web-like design of each component is based on the fibrous structure of beetle's forewings – named elytra. The pavilion was designed and produced by architect and researcher Achim Menges. Each piece of the 200-square-metre structure, which is supported by funnel-shaped legs, is formed by a single length of resin-coated fibre and weighs just 45 kilograms. The glass and carbon fibre is wound around metal framework by a robotic arm, before being cured to form the rigid hexagonal elements.

I like the way in which they have used both hexagonal shapes and also the use of the woven process which creates different shapes through the use of layering. The web likes structure reminds me of a spiders web which is the main reason I like it, the use of juxtaposition through the natural fibre and then the metal framework as you can see the big contrast between the two. This inspired me to create a pavilion with hexagons however I don't want there to be legs coming down to create a support as it will take away the idea of there being just hexagons.

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