Today i printed out the images for my portfolio sheets, and mounted them onto card. Unfortunately a lot off the images were reduced in quality once printed out, as they were enlarged to A3. But this was surprising as when enlarged on the screen they were in high definiton. I think it may have been something to do with the resizing when making sheets with text on Photoshop, but rather than re-doing it all over again, i decided to print out the original images individually of Lucy, and stick them on card, as these were the most important, and most refined additional outcome of the bunch. 

After looking at Natsuko Hattoris work yesterday, i saw what i needed to do to change my installation, and extended the lower half and widened the upper section a bit. This allowed the look to appear more "complete" than before, so using the formation of other artist's works has proven to be a great success for me. 

below is a before and after picture so you can see the difference:

 18120263_10209257476458735_147725203_o.jpg        18120114_10209257475018699_1505247750_o.jpg.2     


I feel as though the final photo looks less "organised" and more dynamic, as it looks to be spilling across the floor more than the first image, which creates a sense of movement. This is a good thing!

© Sophie Leah Nathan-King, all rights reserved


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