week 23 - 23/02/15

After talking to Kathleen today I feel very relieved on my progression of research thus far. Still earlier today I was really stressed out about getting all my areas of interest and categories fully researched before starting any initial ideas and experimentations. I expressed my concerns to Kathleen on not knowing how far along I should be in my research, and if I am taking on too much, as my areas of research are quite broad. She reassured me that not all of my research has to be done before starting my initial ideas and model making, and that it can continue to happen as I go along with these developments. I really need to remember this advice and not be anxious about not having all of my research done overnight. 

The group exercise today was interesting to me. At first I felt a little confused when it came to actually presenting with our group in front of the class. As a group, I think we needed more time to understand each others projects so we could identify our common areas of research. It was good to get together afterwards as a group, because I think we really made progress in understanding what we all wanted to get out of working together and our common areas of research. 

We have scheduled some field trips to the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Highgate Cemetery, and design shops like Forest London, Folklore and Scandium. 

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