week 22 - 22/02/15

I am really proud of my progress today, as I have established a good amount of information on some of my category pages on Workflow. Some of the pages feel complete, while the still blank or incomplete pages are making me anxious. Even though I have made a huge dent in the research that I proposed to explore, I still feel like research can go on forever, so in a sense the complete categories still feel undone to me. 

The thought of the amount of work I need to get done this week really stresses me out, but I am confident that I can achieve it. By making a list of the areas I didn't complete from my timetable this past week, I think it will help me check them off for next week. 


  • write up interview questions
  • send interview questions to participants
  • analyze this information
  • research insects 
  • research conservation vs. deforestation
  • visit FOREST shop
  • continue research on activities, aboriginal tools and techniques

Because I'm adding this to an already full list of things to do for week 23, I'm wondering now if my scheduling of tasks is unrealistic. It would have been really nice to find out from tutors before hand, where in our process we should be each week. Knowing this information would make me a little less stressed since I seem to be behind.

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