Firstly, these images depict beauty standards of that time. Nowadays this looks considered as something authentic and retro. But it was a pop culture at in the past.

 " Secondly, this is advertisement of  «Wills’s» cigarettes. Nowadays the image of smoking woman is quite common.  But when i saw these feminine portraits, that looks like an oil painting, and mention cigarette in their hards i was shocked. A great example of the way how advertising posters shapes the attitude of public. "

That how I thought when I saw this poster at first. But after research in this area,  I realised that in the time when these poster were produced, people were absolutely unaware of the dangers of smoking. Moreover they thought that it was good for health. The smoking woman started to appear on television since approximately 60s, this image was presented as something normal  and elegant. Then alongside with scientific researches in this area, smoking gradually became socially unacceptable. Thus social advertising against smoking emerged.  So that could be an example of the flexibility of advertising industry, that is changing with society and reflects the present condition of it.


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