Where you should build a fire:

  • close to fuel source 
  • located on a non-burnable surface (bare rock is best) 
  • located away from burnable materials (such as very dry branches -close overhead, or dry grasses nearby) 
  • convenience of the location (for example, close to your camp) 
  • but not in the way, either -- you don't want to have to navigate
  • carefully around a fire that is squarely in everyone's way
  • wind direction and speed (wind can blow the fire onto neighboring burnable materials, such as dry brush) 
  • proximity to a means of extinguishing the fire (such as water)

How to start a fire:

You will need a lighter, dry grass and some kindling.
Step 1: Put the dry grass on the ground and post the kindling around it making a teepee shape around the dry grass. Leave enough space to get your lighter to the grass.
Step 2: Light your lighter and set the dry grass on fire. Once the wood starts burning the flames and the heat will rise.
Step 3: Add small pieces of wood. If the fire looks stable enough, add slightly larger wood.

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