Sprains + Strains:

Ice the sprain or strain for a few minutes. Wrap it with an elastic compression bandage and keep it elevated when possible.


Blisters are swellings that are caused by something rubbing against your skin. Avoid blisters by wearing comfortable footwear and good thick socks. 

Treating a blister

Cushion it with a bandage, don't prick it unless you have a sterilized needle. You will need a lighter, dry grass and some kindling.
Step 1: Put the dry grass on the ground and post the kindling around it making a teepee shape around the dry grass. Leave enough space to get your lighter to the dry grass.
Step 2: Light your lighter and set your dry grass on fire. Once the wood starts burning the flames and the heat will rise.
Step 3: Add small pieces of wood. If the fire looks stable enough add slightly larger wood.

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