What to wear:

• wool socks or liner socks ( Winter and Summer)
• Roomy pants that can become shorts if needed (Summer)
• synthetic or silk underwear (Summer and Winter)
• nylon or man made t-shirt (Summer and Winter)
• light, fleece sweater (Summer)
• shell parka or windbreaker (Winter)
• mittens (Winter)
• wool or man made knitted cap or hat or beanie (Winter)
• Shorts (Summer)
• Running Shoes (Summer)
• Thermal (Winter)
• Warm and strong winter boots (Winter)
• Scarf (Winter)
• Warm gloves (Winter)
• Sunglasses (Summer, optional)

What not to wear:

• Shorts
• Flip Flops
• Skinny Jeans
• Uncomfortable Clothes
• Baggy Clothes

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